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MyClientPlus is a Practice management software which is a specially designed platform for Mental Health and Behavioral practitioners. It is easy to use, cloud-based software that enables users to take therapy notes, manage reporting, create templates, EMR templates, and carry out billing procedures. It also comes with a patient portal that allows users to send and receive messages with the compatibility of attaching files, process credit card payments, complete clinical intake forms online, and also carry out HIPPA compliant video meetings.

My client plus can be easily tailored to the specific requirements of the users enabling them to track revenue and bill clients and insurance easily.

Pricing: Basic plan for $19.95/month, unlimited billing option is available for an additional $10 a month. For further pricing details, users can contact the vendors.

USP: MyClientsPlus comes with Wiley Practice Planners which enables practitioners to complete clinical documentation with ease.

Support: Support is provided through email and phone.

Product Advantages: The users can use the To-Do tool granting them the freedom to easily follow up their clients.

Product Limitations: Some of the forms and processes cannot be changed once they have been created.

MyClientsPlus EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews



Medical Practice

2-10 employees

October 2020


Simple to use and great customer service.

The recent version is a little difficult to use on the iPad.


Nest Counseling and Wellness

1 employee

November 2019


It is good if you are searching for a low-cost EHR, otherwise, you have many options.

The system seems to be outdated to me. It looks like it doesn’t belong from this time. It is neither modern nor clean like any other expensive programs.


Darby Creek Counseling

2-10 employees

May 2019

The integration is not that great.

As compared to many other software, this one was inexpensive. It was also easy to gradually add more users to it.

The system is not well integrated. The templates that the system provides do not meet the legal requirements here in Ohio and they have refused to add the templates that we require. They are not reliable in any matter. The quality seems to have taken a hit, it's just going backward. They have also increased the price of it.


Alan Sumwalt Psychotherapies, LLC

1 employee

November 2018

Incredible customer support

The credit card billing is very efficient. It is not only easy for me, but it is easy for my customers as well. Billing insurance companies are equally easy and efficient. Their customer service is incredible. I don’t really know much about the software, and I don’t really need to as whenever I call my support, they walk me through things.

I have no problems with this product.

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