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Nextech EHR was found in 1997. They are serving more than 11,000 providers and 4000 clinical specialties. The vendor explicitly caters to specialties of Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Medical Spa, and Orthopaedics. Nextech EHR is an entirely inclusive package that integrates practice management and financial management with electronic health records.

Nextech provides a mobile platform as well, which is only accessible through an iPad. Managing payments through the system is easy and secure. The advanced system provides real-time data continuously to keep everyone informed. Nextech's Community portal allows practitioners to support and enhance the use of the system by interfacing with different users.

Nextech EHR is compliant with PQRS, EMV, HIPAA, and ONC Health IT guidelines and is consolidating ICD-10 coding.

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Nextech EHR Advantages: It is a user-friendly system.

Nextech EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

21 Reviews



Fit and Well

11-50 employees

July 2019

Flexible software

The software is flexible as it grants customization and is easy to learn and implement.



Pasadena Eye Center, LLC

11-50 employees

March 2019

Great user-friendly experience

One of the best things about Nextech is that it keeps working to improve user experience by constantly fixing bugs and issuing upgrades that make charting easier than ever. Navigation throughout the system is easy. The staff is kind and always willing to help you. They are efficient in problem-solving and will patiently work with you until you get the desired results. I have had a poor experience with other vendors prior to this which makes Nextech feel like a blessing now. The system is set up brilliantly for our specialty which makes my job easier. The practice management portion is very well rounded. All the details are set up in a way that enhances productivity and saves time.

Financial history reports are summarized in such a way that not only states all provide and services but also allows you to compare to that of the year before. Each report would need to be separate for every provider and every year ending in several different reports.


Franklin Dermatology Group

11-50 employees

March 2019

Great software

Having used Cerner at one point, I can testify that Nextech has stark superiority over it in terms of user interface and ease of use. It allows the charting process to be done in half the time courtesy of its customization feature.

Customer support is rather inconsistent even though the staff is great if you are lucky to get access. Sometimes you get an operator who is able to help you or is kind enough to refer you to someone who can OR you get someone with no clue how to help and doesn't bother directing you to someone either.


Tri-Cities Skin & Cancer

11-50 employees

February 2019

Nextech covers all your specialty needs

One of the most user-friendly systems I have used. Offers ease of use. It is great that there are so many features in this software that I am constantly discovering something new and interesting. It offers niche-specified features which fulfill all that one would need. The ability to customize the pages helps a lot.

There should be a way to send out payments to a category all at once rather than having to drag each line item individually. The reporting has great features; however, the reports can be too complex to navigate at times.


Batra dermatology

2-10 employees

December 2018

Could be better

The billing system is very intuitive and easy to work with. The features are user-friendly. I love that it allows you to create your own EMR notes. Reporting is efficient and offers multiple helpful functions.

I don’t like how they have updates after a year and they pull back some features, without notice. They tell us that no such thing will happen yet they take away the features we use on a regular basis which is very unsettling. And if you want a certain feature back, you have to pay additional charges for it which is unfair since they are already being paid a good amount annually.


Medical Management Consulting

2-10 employees

November 2018

Review for Nextech charting system

Entering and navigating through Charts and schedules is considerably convenient. Making appointments is easy and saves time.

This framework is somewhat bulkier to use compared to a few competitors and somewhat simpler than others. Going back and forth with this one. The partition of the distinctive modules by capacity make this a costly software. The simplified version is unreasonably costly for the parts that you do get and to me don't deem it worth the expense. There is little scope for customization for data that fits our niche which is a problem. Workflow is not as smooth as desired due to several unnecessary tabs.


Cecilia Franco-Webb, MD, PC

2-10 employees

October 2018

Perfect for Aestheticians

They make practice management super manageable. There are rarely ever any programming issues but whenever you have one, the support staff is efficient in solving any problems that I might have. It is a great help how you can customize and then easily access plastic surgery quotes at whatever point. All the necessary forms for the procedures are customized and can be quickly arranged and printed with ease. You can also easily print out medication prescriptions from customized lists which makes this software indispensable for us.

The software has so many functionalities that I am certain I have not yet had the chance to utilize.


Vitreoretinal Specialists

not specified

August 2018

Good software for practices of all sizes

User-friendly application with an interactive community portal where can get free training and learning modules. Customer support responds in a timely manner.

The community portal does not respond quickly. Customer support didnt respond to my last email.


Nava Health & Vitality

51-200 employees

April 2018

A robust all-rounded PM/EHR

The amazing thing that sets Nextech apart from others is how communicative the community is, you can post requests and vote for suggestions and they are heard and taken into consideration. The frequent upgrades offer great improvements in enhancing user experience. The scheduling system in our facility is complicated but Nextech Scheduling tool takes care of it completely with the given template and appointment rules.

Their customer service is great however the queues can be ridiculously long and may take up to an hour. The membership payments are required to be settled every day as they do not allow monthly payments, which is slightly troublesome.


Clarkston Dermatology

11-50 employees

March 2018

Very easy to work with

Different modules of the system such as PM/EMR/Billing are well-integrated and easy to navigate. Claims can easily be tracked and dealt with the help of the billing system. You can categorize and process payments easily. Nextech is so easy to use and can be learned by anyone within days.

Reports are hard to navigate through. Functionality is limited if you use outside services as compared to those in partnership with Nextech

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