NextGen Healthcare EHR

NextGen Office by NextGen Healthcare is an all-in-one medical software solution designed for specialty practices of all sizes. The cloud-based application combines specialty-specific EHR content, a medical billing system, and a user-friendly patient portal - all within an intuitive interface. It efficiently streamlines the day-to-day clinical and administrative tasks of a practice while enabling physicians to stay on top of patient needs and deliver quality healthcare. 

NextGen EHR offers a HIPAA-compliant interface that offers extensive patient engagement and practice management features. The EHR platform is designed to adapt to a practice’s workflows with an easy-to-use, intuitive tech backdrop that seamlessly adjusts itself to be exactly what clinicians need to optimize efficiency.  Moreover, it automates insurance eligibility verification, provides MIPS reporting, and enables patients to request prescription refills, schedule visits, and book remote care sessions.

Care teams can quickly enter patient encounter notes into the system to streamline the entire clinical documentation process. The vendor also supports ‘national interoperability’ that lets physicians share patient health data across various systems, personalize patient communications, and access medical information regardless of where patients are treated.

Salient Features

Efficient Communication

The software allows doctors to talk over instant messages and also exchange fax information electronically. Moreover, they can commit to video calls with their patients. Patients can also receive follow-up notifications through the software’s patient portal feature. 

Remote Healthcare

NextGen EHR reviews attest that the software allows patients to be connected to their physicians regardless of their location. Physicians, further, can view patient test results, lab results, prescribe medicines, and even set up online appointments.

Powerful Analytics

The software comes with powerful business tools and insightful financial analytics which allow the organization to keep track of the revenue/cashflow, as well as improve patient healthcare outcomes. It also helps with the diagnosis of health patterns which further helps with deciding the best treatment options.  

NextGen EHR Software Reviews

After taking a close look at the reviews submitted on multiple online platforms by users, it is safe to say that NextGen is a straightforward EHR tool that offers features like medical templates, document management, and WebEx. Further, the program provides phone support, which makes it easier for the user to get in touch with the deploying clinics’ customer care representatives.

NextGen EHR Software Demo

A demo proves to be helpful in answering all queries pertaining to a given software product. The NextGen EHR demo will help you check out the platform and its features in a more detailed manner - so you’re strongly recommended to sign up.

NextGen EHR Software Pricing

The NextGen EHR pricing structure has not been publicly disclosed by the company. In order to obtain a custom quote, you can send a request to the vendor through this platform.

Our Thoughts

NextGen EHR is a top-tier EHR software that makes it easier for patients to connect with their providers. Doctors can also provide the best possible patient care and access a patient’s information electronically. This not only facilitates quick patient-provider collaboration, but also allows healthcare practitioners to maintain secure, easily accessible health records of their patients. Overall, it is an all-inclusive medical software solution that offers a plethora of benefits for both patients and providers.

Today's most popular FAQs

Is NextGen EHR user-friendly?

Yes, NextGen EHR is extremely user-friendly.

What is NextGen EHR software used for?

NextGen EHR software is used to streamline clinical, administrative, and, financial workflow at medical setups.

Who uses NextGen EHR?

Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, and Large enterprises use NextGen EHR.

NextGen Healthcare EHR reviews

Overall Rating

70 Reviews


David O.

Health Center

50-100 employees

October 2022

nextgen review

This software has been the answer to many of my issues pertaining to communication, working in an organized manner, and handling my finances. It enables doctors to communicate via instant messages as well as exchange fax information electronically. They can also correspond with their patients via video calls. The program, further, allows patients to interact with their doctors regardless of their location, while the former can access their patients’ information with the same accessibility. They can view test and lab results, prescribe medications, and even schedule appointments online.

As I’ve come to use it, the software includes excellent business tools as well as detailed, insightful financial analytics, allowing the organization to keep track of money and finances while also improving patient outcomes.

With so much good comes some really confusing ‘bad’ that leaves us scratching our heads on occasion. In some of the things I wish they would fix soon, instead of dumping them all into the appeal bucket, I'd like a better way to weed out the non-paid lines with an auto post. I'd like to be able to attach a claim to the billing comments and send them to another employee for approval. Also, I wish I could upload our own forms to save in the system - I dislike the forms library, which is pretty much useless for us.


Georgia eye partners


September 2022


Note taking is a breeze. Demos and notes are easy to locate.

Updating the software is a headache.


Behavioural institute


May 2022


The company's IT staff is capable at resolving the technical errors in performing the clinical daily tasks.

No drawbacks.


Hospital and health associates


June 2021

Good experience

Patient's feedback is appreciated.

Extra charges for some features that is not appealing aspect.


Healthy living


June 2021

Trustworthy tool

Training modules are comprehensive and informative in understanding the mechanism of this software.

The customer support staff is rude.


Health council


June 2021

Good market image

The software allows the integration with other health practitioner's for prompt care plan.

Login and Logout takes time, that is frustrating.


Urgent care


June 2021


It has an adequate billing system.

Fixing a mistake is difficult, it deletes the entire post.


Healthcare institute


June 2021

Needs improvement

The system is proficient. The customer support team is skillful in resolving queries on time.

Less efficient in scanning the insurance cards.


San Antonio eye center


May 2021

Great service for long term use

One can add features to it according to his work preference and fast advancing health care system.

Some of the new updates have errors, that is frustrating.

Dr. Allen

Georgia Pain Associates


May 2021

Great improvements

The e-prescription of controlled medicine is a great feature of this software.

They should offer offline read only database, so data can be accessed easily anytime.

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