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The NOSH (New Open Source Health) EHR is created primarily for day-patient medical facilities. The software makes it easier for medical professionals to access an electronic health record that is user-friendly, cutting-edge, quick, and reasonably priced. It offers functions including secure messaging, a patient portal, appointment reminders, and appointment booking. Users can select from a vast array of templates. Other features include electronic order input, electronic forms, practice administration tools, graphing and patient-learning document alerts, and cutting-edge tagging features. 

The NOSH Charting System employs only the best quality software elements utilized by the biggest and most reputable ISPs including Facebook, Google, Adobe, and Amazon. You can install NOSH on any server platform. You can set up the tool as a stand-alone system or on the cloud. Both online, as well as telephone support, are available. 

Key Features 

Medical Charts 

The NOSH EHR solution thoroughly covers demographics, active health problems, prescriptions, dietary supplements, and details of previous medical check-ups. Along with an automatic notice and reminder system, the software also has a built-in document generation and management system that can link with the patient portal. 

Patient Login system 

This feature enables users to get in touch with their doctor, make appointments, finish paperwork, keep track of their medical history, and set up SMS and email reminders. Different portals such as providers, billers, and assistants offer special access features and security. 


As a free and open-source software, all features of NOSH EHR are fully customizable. You can configure everything from dashboard modules to patient-specific records according to your needs. Expansion of functionalities is also possible by integrating with third-party software. 


Practitioners can now handle multiple tasks related to scheduling, patient data, inventory, and finances from a single platform. Thanks to its connectivity features, everyone including physicians, assistants, billers, and patients can stay organized. Additionally, users can collaborate with programmers to improve the solution through the software GitHub repository. 

NOSH EHR Pricing 

The starting price of NOSH is $50 per month. Get in touch with the vendor to get a personalized plan. 


Potential buyers can request a live demo of the product. Simply click on the ‘watch demo’ button to learn more about its features and functionalities. A free trial is also available so buyers can test-run the software before making a purchase. 

NOSH EHR Reviews 

The software has received many favorable reviews from its clients. You can find more authentic reviews in the reviews section. 

Our Thoughts 

Nosh EHR is the most practical EHR software for documentation purposes. It is an excellent tool for healthcare practitioners and is available at a minimal cost. The software gives medical professionals access to a top-notch, user-friendly electronic health record system that can seamlessly handle all organization tasks. 

NOSH EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Nosh EMR costs?

With the starting price of $50 per month, it varies according to users' preferences and needs. To get the complete pricing plans, you have to contact the vendor.

Which nosh EHR software is best?

Nosh EMR charting system is the best.

Who are the main users of Nosh EMR?

Nosh EMR is mostly used to cater outpatient healthcare practices.

NOSH EHR Software Pricing

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NOSH EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


Jermey L. Knight

Health Care Specialist

Employees: 100-499

February 2023

I have all the tools that I need in one place with NOSH EHR

I've been using this software for a few months now, and I truly adore it. Our practice can save money by not purchasing practice management software and by joining a community of like-minded practitioners for support and collaboration. The system's GitHub repository allows users to collaborate with coders and colleagues to improve the product. The platform also generates reports automatically, keeping our practitioners up to date. These reports contain current medical difficulties, supply reports, and so on. Custom tags and default search criteria can also be used to modify the reports.

Nosh has caused no problems in the short time that we have been suing it. Technically, it is flawless, and the only feature that I would like to have improved is that I'm hoping to see an integration with my internet supplement shop soon, only because I deal with integrative practitioners. They informed me that it is under consideration for inclusion in the roadmap. From my point of view, the software providers always kept their promises, so I'm confident that this will be followed through on as well. strongly advised for small clinics.

Nancy bakers

Emergency Healthcare Facility, Mississippi

50-99 employees

December 2022

Amazingly customizable and free-to-use software

The Nosh EMR software is detailed and easy to use. It allows for excellent customization to meet the needs of our healthcare facility. Also, the software is free to use, making it one of the best options for small healthcare facilities on a budget.

A great advantage of employing Nosh EMR software for medical charting is that you can change anything you don't like about how things are set up or displayed; everything is adjustable.

Another advantage is the way NOSH EMR displays a care timeline to demonstrate patients' health processes in chronological order.

NosH EHR also provides third-party integrations, and evaluations indicate that these are reasonably priced.

I wish there was an employee management feature so that Nosh could become our sole source of daily labor. Also, speech recognition isn't as accurate as I'd want. There are moments when I need to work hands-free, and speech recognition (which is now in use) would have come in handy. Also, the software does not have a Meaningful Use certification. It doesn’t provide clinical decision rules, and no SAAS deployment is provided by the makers. The biggest drawback that we face is that the software does not provide any mobile apps; we can only access the app via computers.

Chris P.

Medical Practice

1-10 Employees

September 2022

One of the best medical charting software

I love how all the resources are in one place in Nosh, which helps with medical charting and guarantees to solve all of your problems. Another benefit of using Nosh EMR for medical charting is that everything is adjustable. As a result, you can modify anything you don't like about the way anything is set up or displayed.

I wish there was some way to manage employees as well, so that Nosh could become our only go-to for daily work. Also, voice recognition is not as efficient as I’d like it to be. There are times when I need to work hands-free, and voice recognition (if I had any) would have helped.

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