OfficeEMR Software

OfficeEMR is an integrated suite of EHR and practice management services created by iSalus Software. It is 2015 ONC-ACB certified and provides valuable support to small and mid-sized practices. OfficeEMR software is equipped with medication and allergy lists, ensuring improved healthcare outcomes. In addition, it helps draft to-the-point care plans and prescribe effective medications.  

Key Features


OfficeEMR is a robust solution and provides a computerized order entry service. Using it, practitioners can electronically access, record, and change patients' laboratory, medication, and diagnostic imaging orders. Practitioners can also place orders faster this way, which relieves a lot of their burden. 

This service by OfficeEMR software includes cross-checks for drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions. It prevents harmful contradictions based on patients' allergies and medication lists while placing orders. Simply put, this CPOE service keeps the severity level of drug interactions to a minimum.  

Patient-specific Education Resources 

Unlike other vendors that offer general educational resources, OfficeEMR invests dedication to case management by running algorithms and setting resources based on patient specifications. Looking into the medication and problem lists of the patients, it drafts educational resources to help add value to care treatment. As a result, patients get to know how they are supposed to take care of themselves. This is one reason why this EHR is a must-have in a clinician’s office. 

Mobile App 

Sometimes patients need immediate consultancy even after business hours. That’s why OfficeEHR comes with an integrated mobile app. Patients can use it to have instant access to their critical medical records in case of an emergency. All one needs is a stable Wi-Fi connection to use OfficeEMR mobile.  

It's a free add-on, leaving no room for clients not to avail this advantageous feature. This mobile application comprises voice dictation, charge capture, imaging, secured communications,  MIPS, and a billing dashboard. Furthermore, providers can use it to access patient records and view their schedules.  

OfficeEMR Pricing 

The pricing plans of OfficeEMR are not publicly available. However, you can click the “Get Pricing” button above to get customized quotes, tailored according the unique needs of your organization.  

OfficeEMR Demo 

Take a test drive with OfficeEMR healthcare to explore its functionalities and see what it can do for your organization. Schedule a quick demo by clicking the “Watch Demo” button above.  

OfficeEMR Reviews 

According to the user feedback, the data export service of OfficeEMR is exceptional. Additionally, its end-user data encryption and emergency data access are two highly effective services. Providers think of it as a reliable care partner as it adapts the personalized clinical workflows. OfficeEMR healthcare is also beneficial for establishing solid patient-physician bonds. Want more insights? Read the Reviews Section below.  

Our Thoughts 

OfficeEMR software is by far one of the best EHR in terms of easy access and healthcare coordination. It nurtures effective patient experiences, featuring patient-centered services. OfficeEMR is a trusted software since millions adore it for its user-friendliness and accessibility. Most importantly, it provides efficient clinical support, ensuring patients are taken care of.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does OfficeEMR software have a mobile app?

No, the software does not have a mobile app.

How does OfficeEMR software work in real-time?

The software has numerous tools that allow the consumer to work in real time. It stores updated patient information in order to provide real-time vaccine information. Moreover, it provides real-time integration as well.

Which languages does OfficeEMR support?

The software supports the English language.

Which medical departments prefer OfficeEMR software?

OfficeEMR is primarily used by emergency departments, general practitioners, dermatology departments, and small practices.

OfficeEMR Software Pricing

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