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OpenEMR is an open-source cloud-based Health IT solution that provides integrated electronic medical records, patient scheduling, and medical billing services to healthcare facilities of all types and sizes. In 2014, the platform was certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). It is completely customizable and interoperable, allowing users to set up the solution according to the requirements of their practice. 

The platform offers multiple traditional and advanced features, such as digital document management, customizable forms, internationalization, patient reports based on demographics, free support, note-taking capabilities, a helpful community, and many more. OpenEMR additionally comes with voice recognition and medical image viewer (DICOM) capabilities on Windows OS. Its billing modules include support for electronic medical billing and traditional paper claims. On top of this, the vendor supports a flexible system of coding, including HCPCS, ICD9, CPT, ICD10, SNOMED codes, and others. 

Their smartphone application provides a fully functional calendar, enabling staff and physicians to manage schedules and appointments anytime, anywhere.

OpenEMR Starting Price: Free

Free Trial: No. Users can access the demo upon request.

CEHRT: 2015

USP: Template-driven forms. Freedom to set up the system in any way. Free support and documentation with no hidden charges.

Technical Specifications: Compatible with web browsers, Mac X and Windows, LINUX, and more.

OpenEMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews



Regenerate Med

51-200 employees

September 2019

Very decent

Great customizability and flexibility in the software.

If it sent email reminders automatically it would have been great.


Remapping minds

2-10 employees

December 2018

New customer

This software is open source, which gives me a lot of control to code it my way and I can easily customize it according to my requirements. I have the system stored on my servers, so whenever I face a database issue, I can easily work through it my own self. The best part is the ability to code and customize according to what you need.

There isn’t anything that I can yet say about this software, and I also believe that the more you learn and use the software, the easier it becomes for you.


Quantice Tech

2-10 employees

November 2018

Easy to use

This system is freely available as it is an open source software. The interface of this system is quite beautiful, and anyone would love it. The system is very easy to use, but if you are new to it you can use some orientation and then you’re good to go. This system is the way to go. It is amazing.

The need to give out more videos or guides to the users so that they have a better idea of configuring the system and customizing as well.



10,000+ employees

May 2018


This system is pretty great and is easy to use as well. The system being open source is big plus point for the company and it brings a lot of opportunities. If they keep on working hard like this, they can easily take hold of the entire EMR market.

They need to improve their security as it is an open source product, so I think they should invest more in cybersecurity.


Regenerative Medical Group

11-50 employees

June 2017

Great system.

This system is a keeper. Amazing system and you would definitely love it. You can easily verify the insurances through this system, which I know is something that everyone needs. Manoeuvring through the system is so easy, that you can never get lost in it. The representatives of this system are pretty good as they always come through whenever you need their help.

There are a few times that we were unable to verify the insurances, and the reason for that has yet to be identified. Sometimes the system also goes down and you cannot do anything about it. The patient demographics have some unnecessary categories, which I would suggest that they remove.



2-10 employees

September 2016


The system had some really great features that it offered, and they are as follows: Demographics, Code Diagnostics, ICD9, ICD10, Billing, Import/Export, HIPPA Compliant, ONC certification. The EMR was pretty simple to use, and it wasn’t hard to understand it. Billing patients, making notes, scheduling, uploading charts and x-rays, keeping track of conditions and prescriptions, insurance tracking etc, was the main plus points of this system. It is simple and easy to use. The system is very convenient as well.

All that I mentioned above feels like ancient history now, as things have stopped working the way it used to work. The product is open sourced so that’s a con for me. It’s calendar appointments and vitals aren’t that great either. They need to improve to get back in the game.

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