OptimisPT EMR

OptimisPT is an EMR software that is cloud-based and helps with therapy documentation, scheduling, billing interfaces, and practice management. The EMR is simple to use and assists in keeping track of all important aspects of therapy. It provides full EHR integration, allowing practices to access and share patient medical records. The OptimisPT EHR integration feature also allows clinicians to electronically prescribe medications.  

The "Clinical Decision Support" feature of OptimisPT assists therapists in making better patient care decisions by providing recommendations based on real-time data collection. The software compliance feature gives clinicians the tools they need to manage Medicare or other third-party payer audits.

These features help rehabilitation centers keep up with the constantly changing rules of the healthcare industry. 

Key Features 

Practice Management 

OptimisPT EHR software includes a practice management feature that assists therapists in better managing their practices. Scheduling, documentation, billing tools, and other features are included in the practice management feature.  

The software includes a patient portal through which patients can securely access their medical records and communicate with their therapists. Patients can use the patient portal to check their progress, schedule appointments, and pay bills online. The EHR software includes a documentation feature that assists clinicians in the creation and management of patient records. In the documentation feature, there are templates for progress notes, discharge summaries, and other types of documents. 

Scheduling Appointments 

The software includes an appointment scheduling feature that makes it simple to schedule and track appointments. It also enables clinicians to send appointment reminders to patients. Email and text message reminders are both options.  

Invoicing and billing: The OptimisPT EHR software includes a billing and payment processing feature that simplifies billing and payment management. The software includes tools for creating invoices, accepting payments, and managing claims that are included in the software. 


The software includes reporting and analytics tools that enable clinicians to monitor patient progress and outcomes. Clinicians can also find ways to improve their practice with the help of the reporting and analytics features. 

OptimisPT Pricing 

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OptimisPT Demo 

To schedule a live demo of OptimisPT, click the "Watch Demo" button. For the time being, the software does not provide any free versions or free trials. 

OptimisPT Reviews 

The software has received four out of five stars on the internet. The best features of OptimisPT Software, according to customers, are software patient management, EHR/EMR features, and customer support. Users also stated that the software is simple to use and saves them time. More software reviews can be found in our reviews section.  

Our Opinion 

OptimisPT EMR is a comprehensive software that provides a variety of features to assist in the management of therapy practices. The software is simple to use and assists clinicians in remaining compliant with healthcare industry regulations. Additionally, the software provides clinicians with up-to-date information about their patients, allowing them to provide the best possible care. So, OptimisPT is a good option if you're looking for software to help manage your therapy practice.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does OptimisPT offer a free trial?

Yes, OptimisPT offers you a free trial.

Is OptimisPT an EMR or EHR?

OptimisPT is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution.

What is the implementation process of OptimisPT Software?

You can conveniently contact Support using the support button located at the top of every OptimisPT screen or by calling our hotline. The support team will guide you through the steps involved in the implementation of OptimisPT Software.

Who are the main users of OptimisPT Software?

The software is ideal for rehab therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology.

OptimisPT EMR reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Joanne C.

Medical Practice

10-15 employees

November 2022

It would have been perfect if it had more customization options.

There are very few practice management software programs that focus on physical therapy, and OptimisPT is one of them. I appreciate that it has all the tools I require to manage my patients. It stays current with evolving PT standards and trends. It is quite expensive when you compare it to other PM software, but it is worth the price considering it is geared towards my practice and not just general software. I am pretty sure I will keep using it for a long time. There are so many features that are constantly added, which is great. It has improved both scheduling modules and practice management over the years.

As much as this software costs, it should have included a plethora of customization options, but that is not the case. Customization is especially useful for a small practice like ours since we require very specific features and would love to tailor the patient appointment reminder emails, for example. I have been using Optimis for almost two years, and our patient appointment reminder emails are still awkward and grammatically incorrect. Also, rather than only having the online chat and email options, we would prefer to be able to speak with customer support.

Julia S.

Medical Practice

1-10 employees

November 2022

It's not perfect, but I love it anyway

OtimisPT has become my go-to assistant when I practice and examine patients. I had prior experience using OptimisPT in a clinic and enjoyed how customizable the software was, which made me implement it in my own clinic. It has helped me run a solo practice for a few months now and requires minimal effort from me. That's partly due to the fact that I have customized all the drop-down menus so that I don't have to type anything.

Optimis gets a lot of stuff right, which makes it hard to believe that it has so many little flaws as well. I hate the fact that there are so many repetitive drop-down menus and dialogue boxes. I had to change a lot of it just to be able to stand it. Every little thing is hidden behind so many options and there's no way to modify everything. And why would I modify everything if I'm paying for it? The only real reason I chose to stay with this software is that it takes care of a major chunk of my workday.

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