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Physicians seeking a solution that will satisfy patients and improve health outcomes may learn that Optum Physician EMR is the appropriate software. This HIPPA-compliant, CCHIT-certified electronic medical record solution prepares and uses medical practices in order to develop and strengthen ACOs or Accountable Care Organizations. It is accessible through a cloud-based gateway and is compatible with practice management software. It is a robust and adaptable medical office management package that allows for enhanced efficiency, quality, and revenue regardless of the size of the practice. 

Optum Physician EMR emphasizes analytics, reliable quality metrics, advanced clinical recording, and a streamlined workflow as essential features. This program's practice management capabilities, customized chart summaries, analytics, templates with included guidelines, analytics, and user-friendly dashboard allow physicians easy access to medical records. 

Key Features 


The dashboard that comes with Optum Physician EMR allows physicians to monitor their progress in meeting Meaningful Use requirements, such as protecting health information, recording demographics, sharing information digitally, maintaining an active problem list and an active medical allergy list, CPOE for medication orders, clinical summaries, electronic copies of health information, generating and transcribing scripts, recording smoking status, and drug interaction checks. 

Pharmacy Care 

OptumRx assists physicians in enhancing their prescribing practices and assists patients in obtaining the most effective medication at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, physicians can review and authorize drugs in real time. 

Review Claim 

Using the claims management feature of the Optum Physician EMR, claims may be verified and approved prior to being forwarded to payers. Automatic pre-screening identifies clinical errors and clinical coding, reducing the likelihood of denials and uncovered and unbilled income. Since claims are not resubmitted or reworked, administrative costs associated with payer and provider feedback cycles are minimized. 

Optum Physician EMR Pricing 

The pricing plan for the software has not been shared on any website but the vendor can be contacted in order to gather information related to the cost. It does offer a free trial.  

Optum Physician EMR Demo 

A demo is always helpful in aiding the users with the background of the software. It helps one to get familiarized with the features and choose whether the tool is worth investing in or not. A demo can be scheduled for Optum Physician EMR as well. 

Optum Physician EMR Reviews 

Online reviews posted by users have shown quite positive responses. Users have mentioned that it is quite simple to use, and the overall quality of the healthcare organization has increased as a result. Because the payments are also more streamlined and expedient, there is one less issue for you to be concerned about going forward. Moreover, users have been given the ability to track patients throughout the entirety of their care. 

Our Thoughts 

The above-mentioned information delineates all the important features of the software required for one to figure out whether to invest in it or not.

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Optum EHR Software free?

The software is not entirely free but it does offer a free trial.

What are the technologies used in Optum?

From artificial intelligence (AI) to blockchain and the internet of things (IoT), their teams are at the forefront of developing and implementing these technologies to advance health care in a manner that is more beneficial to all.

Which medical departments prefer Optum EHR Software?

The departments that use this software are physical therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation etc.

Who are the main users of Optum EHR software?

It is mainly used by clinicians and physicians.

Optum Physician EMR Software Pricing

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Optum Physician EMR Software reviews

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