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Patagonia Health is an ONC-ATCB certified, cloud, and application-based solution for medical organizations across behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse treatment services. Known as one of the largest software solution vendors, comprised of federally certifying practice management, electronic health record, and billing software. 

Patagonia Health EHR guarantees advanced patient care by offering customer-driven and cost-effective products. The EHR solution aims to smooth out day to day operations, increase efficiency, and improve work processes to enhance the customer experience.

Patagonia Health consists of features like treatment plans, clinical quality measures, e-prescribing, group notes, case management, progress notes, and assessments. The data entry is impressive as data, once entered by a user, is then passed on to the whole system.

Patagonia Health plans to handle two significant hindrances to EHR adoption, cost, and usability. It also helps clients with billing. The product helps in improving workflows, streamlining operations, and boosts efficiency to give a better customer experience. Furthermore, the system has a wide variety of EHR templates that can be customized according to the users' requirements.

Patagonia Health Price:

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Patagonia Health Advantages:

The vendor underpins added features such as directing tools and screening to help clinicians ensure top-notch patient care.

Patagonia Health Limitations:

The vendor doesn't offer a free demo.

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Patagonia EHR easy-to-use software?

Patagonia software is incredibly simple to use and highly user-friendly. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and supportive. Thus, the software is very easy to use, even by people who are not good with technology. Patagonia Health features a wide library of demonstration movies to teach or refresh users on certain issues. The EHR offers 2–30-minute videos that are of high pedagogic value.

What are the pricing plans for Patagonia Health EHR software?

The pricing plans of the software are not directly mentioned on the website. A pricing quotation, however, can be requested from the company by filling out the "Get Pricing" form.

What is Patagonia Health EHR Software used for?

Patagonia Health EHR software is used by the majority of healthcare organizations for integrated practice management, an electronic health records (EHR) system, and a billing system. Patagonia Health EHR software is mostly used by clinics focusing on substance use disorders and psychological rehabilitation.

Who are the main users of Patagonia Health EHR software?

The software was made for public and behavioral health clinics that treat substance use disorder, help people get better mentally, and do psychiatric evaluations.

Patagonia Health EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews



Mental health care

11-50 Employees

December 2022

Best Cloud Solution and ideal for practice of any nature

Patagonia is probably aimed at the behavioural health sector since it has integrated extremely well with our mental health practice. I have used it extensively for drug abusers and paid a fraction of the cost to use the EHR as compared to the competition. Its cloud connection is very strong, and the mobile app is very solid as well. It is so simple to use that it actually enhances the way we work at the practice. Billing, electronic records, and basically the entire practise management have been taken care of by Patagonia. They really heard the biggest complaint people had in the EHR industry and went above and beyond the competition to make the software adaptable and cheap.

E-prescribing is a helpful feature that eliminates paper waste and saves a lot of time. But it only does so when it works as intended. Often times it freezes out of the blue and then resets only to the last "saved" instance, which means a lot of my work just disappears. However, in their defence, I might be the only user who has experienced this issue. Same goes for data entry, though; it is great and really makes the experience better, but it just doesn't work as well for me. And I wish there were more detailed tips or a manual section for keeping medical records.

Sadie S.

Medical Practice

11-50 Employees

December 2022

High-quality health care solution

In the past 5 years, Patagonia Health has helped us provide the best care possible by effectively managing case treatment plans, progress notes, group notes, e-prescribing, and clinical quality measurements. Our physicians are also given the opportunity to spend more time delivering high-quality care thanks to additional features, including screening tests and counselling tools.

There are obvious scenarios in which we have to see the calendar to schedule a patient’s treatment. However, while filling up the form, there is no way to quickly glance at the calendar, and you have to close the form to do that. Oftentimes, the forms end up empty, and we have to fill them all over again.

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