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PatientClick EMR is a medical software for internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, physical therapy, psychiatry, OB/GYN, and long-term care clinics and practitioners. It functions as an integrated EMR/EHR, telemedicine, practice management, patient engagement, and billing solution. There are built-in mobile apps for iOS and Android patients and doctors to access video-based telemedicine, scheduling, note changes, document reading, and more from anywhere. 

Key Features 

Electronic Health Records 

The PatientClick EMR helps you manage EHR through its intuitive calendar and makes it simple to manage your schedule when you are working with different offices and providers. It integrates the ability to drag & drop so you can modify user-defined rules, timetables, and appointments with color coding. Practices have the option to examine only the information required for their workflow with customized information presentation. 

Moreover, ‘Progress Notes’ user interface is basic and intuitive. Practitioners can customize this PatientClick module to meet their own needs and produce encounter notes in a variety of ways. You can also save your time by using the effective progress notes module's one-click reproduction of the patient's most recent prescription and notes. 

Scheduling & ePrescription 

No matter the size or specialty of the healthcare facility, scheduling is always a significant concern. By providing patients with greater control, the PatientClick ‘Online Scheduler’ application decreases patient no-shows and shortens the time required for administrative tasks.  

The PatientClick software also provides eRx (electronic prescribing) features. With the help of eRx service, doctors can electronically submit prescriptions, making it easier for patients to acquire prescription drugs. Moreover, it reduces the chances of getting the wrong prescription because of poor handwriting.  

Practice Management  

PatientClick integrates the latest technological developments to help private practices and clinics manage their daily operations. The built-in automation tool of the medical billing software handles eligibility checks individually or in batches, secure patient interactions, and offers the option to automate claim filing. The automatic posting of EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) for clinics is another benefit of this software.  

PatientClick EMR Pricing  

In order to access the PatientClick EMR pricing, you can contact the sales team through the website who will offer you a quote based on your practice size.  

PatientClick EMR Demo  

There is a Patientclick EHR demo available on the official website that helps you understand its functionality in under a minute.  

PatientClick EMR Reviews 

Many of the PatientClick EMR reviews show that it is an average software for medical practice management. It also has customer service that has helped several users to get started with the system.  

Our Thoughts 

It can be concluded that the PatientClick software is a useful tool that can be used to manage medical health practices. Since it covers a wide range of functions such as customizable workflows, patient care, and billing, you may find it helpful to integrate it with your system.

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