patientNOW Practice Management Software

What Is PatientNow? 


PatientNow is a medical practice management software designed to help healthcare providers streamline their workflow and improve patient care. It suits the elective medical industry, medical spas, dermatology practices, and plastic surgery centers. It is a cloud-based software that provides features such as patient scheduling, electronic health records (EHR), medical billing, and lab integration. 

PatientNow EMR also provides tools to manage patient appointments, document patient encounters, and track patient progress. It also provides various medical billing and claims management tools, including electronic claim submission and payment processing. 

What is PatientNow Best For? 

One unique feature offered by PatientNow is RxPhoto, which allows clinicians to securely share images with patients and partners electronically. This tool helps increase efficiency, reduce redundant tasks, and decrease the risks associated with paper-based sharing. With its seamless integration into the EMR system and its advanced security protocols, RxPhoto ensures that any images shared remain secure and confidential. 

PatientNow Pricing 

PatientNow features customizable pricing, allowing practices of different sizes to scale the software. Click Get Pricing and our sales team will contact you with PatientNow pricing details for your practice. 

PatientNow Integrations 

PatientNow practice management software integrates with RxPhoto, RxMarketing, Fullscript, TouchMD, Cherry Financial, Aspire, CareCredit, and Nextech. It also offers integration with the following software: 

  • Greenway Health 
  • Swell 
  • Canva 
  • Canfield Imaging, and several others 

How Does PatientNow Work? 

Here is how you can get started with PatientNow once you are logged in: 

  1. Go to the main dashboard, which provides an overview of all available features. 
  2. You can access your patient database and enter new patient information here. 
  3. You can also schedule appointments and view upcoming visits. 
  4. Additionally, you can review lab results and send messages to a patient's doctor or other healthcare professionals. 

For better navigation, click Watch Demo for a free session with our team—see PatientNow in live action. 

Who Is PatientNow For? 

PatientNow practice management software suits healthcare providers engaged in the elective medical industry. It is a comprehensive EMR that offers automated workflows to physicians, allowing them to track patient treatment, retain patients, and increase revenue. 

PatientNow EMR software is designed for the following specialties: 

  • Medical spas 
  • Health and wellness 
  • Cosmetic dermatology 
  • Plastic surgery 

PatientNow Features 

  • Appointment Scheduling 
    The scheduling feature in PatientNow allows you to easily manage appointments with an intuitive calendar interface. You can add new appointments, view upcoming visits, and easily reschedule or cancel existing ones. You can also manage patient recalls for follow-up visits and other tasks with just a few clicks. You can also set automated appointment reminders for patients. 
  • Patient Portal 
    PatientNow offers a real-time patient portal that lets patients access medical information. From the portal, they can view upcoming appointments and previous visit summaries, securely message their healthcare team, view lab results, and pay bills online. This powerful yet easy-to-use feature allows you to ensure your patients get the care they need while providing a convenient way to communicate with them. 
  • Medical Billing 
    PatientNow also provides medical billing features that can be used to process insurance claims, manage collections, and manage denials. You can streamline patient collection processes with automated tasks such as payment reminders, electronic statements, and secure online payments. The medical billing feature lets you track practice revenue and manage business growth. 
  • Photography Management 
    PatientNow's photography feature allows you to capture high-quality images of your patients during their visits. The integrated camera takes clear and precise digital photographs, which can be securely stored in the patient’s chart. You can easily access these photos from anywhere and share them with other clinicians for collaborative care. The picture archiving system is fully HIPAA-compliant and ensures that pictures are encrypted. 
  • Practice Marketing 
    PatientNow allows users to create custom campaigns and track their performance with comprehensive marketing features. You can also measure results to determine the effectiveness of your efforts. You can quickly and easily craft promotional materials tailored to your target audience, from email campaigns to social media posts. You can also solicit reviews from your users for reputation management. 

Is PatientNow Right For You? 

PatientNow is a practice management software that can streamline medical practices with features like medical billing, automated follow-up messages, and appointment reminders. It is used in the elective medical field for workflows, lab integration, and managing photos. 

It also offers marketing tools that can drive revenue and increase retention for your practice. PatientNow practice management software can also customize treatment support for every patient. 

Before investing, you can read PatientNow reviews to see how other users rate it. Ultimately, it is up to the users to decide if the PatientNow ERM software is suitable for their clinic. 

PatientNow Pricing 

PatientNow pricing differs depending on your organization's type and needs. Please click the Get Pricing button for a customized pricing guide. 

patientNOW Practice Management Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Offers customizable templates for documentation
  • User interface is intuitive and user-friendly


  • Steep learning curve for staff unfamiliar with practice management software
  • Some users have reported issues with customer support and slow response times

patientNOW Practice Management Software Pricing

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patientNOW Practice Management Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


Joseph L.

Health Care Marketing Management

1-10 Employees

March 2023

Customer support is very understanding and ready to accept constructive criticism.

The application is a great practice management tool for our cosmetic clinic. The developers and helpdesk ensure they are always available to help the customers. What I liked most about the software’s customer support was its ability to be receptive to criticism. From a marketing standpoint, the program is strong. It includes a drip marketing element that corresponds to the patient's desired procedure & chosen pathway of treatment. One of the best features of the application is its incredible ability to send automated email notification. As soon as you make an appointment, an email is sent for each treatment and each phase of treatment as well.

The problem is that the application is not HTML-friendly. Thus, providing branded materials with a professional appearance is not an option. You are compelled to construct emails that appear to be put together, or you can send generic emails, which is not ideal for a luxury service or good. The reports are satisfactory, but I have to do some comparing and juggling to get things organized. Thus, all-in-all, the application is not as easy to use as it should be. There is a high possibility of human errors in the process. Such a sensitive application should not have such possibilities.

Annie T.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

11-50 Employees

February 2023

Great Scalability and User-Interface

The best part about PatientNow software is its scalability. The application is excellent for larger surgical practices like my husband's or smaller businesses like mine. It wasn’t made to cater to a specific size of the healthcare organization, but to all sizes which is something I rarely find in such systems. Adding to that, even our employees were able to quickly learn how to use the software due to its intuitive and approachable interface. We were able to quickly get our feet on the ground all thanks to a friendly interface as normally it takes time to adapt to new software.

Although the software is easy to use we had to wait a little longer than it normally does for the team to implement the software. Moreover, the worst part was when the implementation team provided inaccurate and incomplete information that resulted in more time being consumed just to set up the entire software. This proved to be very costly for us initially as we had to redo several steps while maintaining the patient inflow as well. Besides, once the software is set up, I receive update notifications regularly which frustrates me as these updates are compulsory, time-consuming, and result in poor speed if not done.

Dream K.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

11-50 Employees

November 2022

The system has all the necessary tools that are easy to use

I have been enjoying working with PatientNOW for a while now. It is easy to utilize by anyone in my organization, including front desk staff and medical professionals that have almost zero knowledge about the tech side. The application has all the necessary tools that are required by my health and fitness institute. This includes patient schedules, digital marketing, and other several tools. Moreover, the customization options provide us a chance to personalize the tools as per our needs and the way that is preferred by the majority, thus giving us (the users) the freedom to use the software as per our needs and prioritize it the way we want to.

I think that there could be more custom reporting options accessible, and depending on their other high-priority projects, the responsiveness to custom requests fluctuates. The system's simplest feature should be viewing a patient's schedule history, yet it's sadly not the case. For those who work at the front desk, which is the hardest position in a clinic in my opinion, it is not difficult, but it is not as useful. Inventory is a case of trash in, trash out, which means there is too much room for error. There may be too many chances for potential loss in this location.

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