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PCC Healthcare software is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant Pediatric EHR solution that maximizes patient time for pediatric doctors. This intuitive medical billing software is specifically made for individual practitioners, small clinics, or groups of doctors. It offers exclusive pediatric online resources and tools for guidance in the industry. You can easily streamline day-to-day operations with Scheduling features like Appointment Scheduling, Task Scheduling, Payment Scheduling, and more. PCC Therapy offers e-prescription and vaccine management for children. It provides more insights and includes connections.

This SaaS software is compatible with Desktop Mac, Windows, On-Premise Linux, iOS, Android, and all web-based devices. It has an integrated PCC Comprehensive Care Plan for Interoperability connections. You can avail E-lab results, Electronic Claims Submission (ECS), ERA, Billing Data, SUI Scheduling, ADT Demographics, and Regular claims with this software.

Key Features

Clinical Workflow Management

PCC EHR offers Automated Patient Recall tools for regular patients and improved client feedback. AAP Pediatric Tools offer AAP Red Book, Pediatric Care Online, Pediatric, Coding Newsletter, Pediatric Protocol Templates, and Bright Futures Protocols. Integrated PCMH Tools provide easy pre-validation through NCQA’s PCMH recognition.  

Complete Financial Management

It manages your Insurance and Billing with Insurance Eligibility Verifications, Real-time Check-ins, easy Patient Verification, and Electronic Data Interchange. You can get Free Claims Clearinghouse with Expedited reimbursements. Auto Payment Posting and Practice Vitals Dashboard help streamline payment processes. You can get a single-screen view of Dashboard Financial Pulse Details and Dashboard Clinical Pulse Details for ADD/ADHD Patient Follow-Ups through PCC Healthcare. 

Customized Performance Dashboards 

It reduces your A/R days with Revenue Cycle Tools that improve performance. You can get EPCS Support for controlled substance usage. PCC Software improves both your financial and clinical score through Sick-to-well-visit ratios, follow-ups, Data-Based Growth Charts, and Flexible Pediatric Visit Templates.

PCC Software Pricing 

PCC pricing is based on a flat monthly fee model with no extra costs for additional features. You can view the complete details by clicking on the “Get Pricing” button.


The free version of the software is unavailable. PCC Pediatric EHR provides a free trial of the paid version. Click on the “Watch Demo” button to get complete insights into the software. It provides one-on-one and groups remote training, web labs, and 24/7 phone support for training healthcare professionals.

PCC Healthcare Reviews

It has been rated 5 stars for Charting, Security, and personalized children's healthcare plans. It offers personalized support for all patients through voice recognition, CPD codes, go-live tools, one-on-one consultation, customized templates for prescriptions, files, case management, and patient history. You can access more PCC Reviews by going through the Reviews Section below. 

Our Thoughts

PCC EMR Software is a web-based pediatrics healthcare management system that streamlines Immunization Coverage, Clean Claim Rate, Revenue Per Visit, and A/R days. This performance management software has an integrated Cost Impact Calculator so that you stay ahead of your risk mitigation. PocketPCC mobile application allows remote communication that shares documents through the secure online My Kid’s Chart Patient Portal.

Today's most popular FAQs

What is the implementation process of PCC Software?

You can contact the support team to get to know about the implementation process.

Which medical departments use PCC Software?

Physician's Computer Company (PCC) provides web-based electronic health record (EHR) solutions for pediatric practices. PCC's EHR is ideal for private and multi-provider pediatric practices looking for comprehensive clinical documentation, billing, and practice management solution specifically for pediatric use.

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PCC Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Olivia W.

Medical Practitioner

50-70 Employees

November 2022

A great choice for pediatric-centered practices

We've been using the PCC EMR software for a while now, and our team is really happy with the outcomes. The software is an excellent tool for our healthcare facility since it is pediatric-specific and easy to use. The app offers incredible user-friendly and accurate immunization prediction functionality. The dashboard is incredibly customizable and user-friendly. It is also beneficial for quality business improvement and income tracking. The customer support representatives are really helpful and kind. The reaction time is fast and effective.

PCC software provides incredibly useful practice management and EMR tools that help us manage our daily activities more efficiently. The only issue we have with the software is its charging function. The billing feature is extremely flawed and inefficient. The reason for this is that its billing processes are still based on something straight out of DOS, which is rather outdated. This is a problem that the seller should address because it makes working with the software difficult at times. We sometimes need different software to manage our billing operations, which is rather frustrating.

Robin W.

Hospital and Health Care

1-10 employees

November 2022

PCC does everything better!

I never really needed a software solution as I operate a very small clinic, but that all changed when COVID hit, and my practice was basically closed. That’s when I looked for alternatives that would allow me to run the clinic remotely, and as a pediatrician, I love that PCC is focused on children because it allows me to provide the level of care, I normally provide face-to-face. I also like how easily I can adjust it to meet my workflow and mental processes. You can see the results of PCC working around the clock to develop capabilities that allow its clients to provide excellent care to patients.

It has some bugs that totally crash the system, occasionally. For example, hitting the back button would sometimes shut me out of the system entirely. The problem is repeated often enough that I reached out to the customer support team for help. The scheduling screen needs to be improved so that patient appointments that are upcoming or missed are easier to see and distinguish. It is no doubt more expensive than some other popular EHRs out there, but if you truly value your peace of mind, you will not regret getting PPC.

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