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Designed specifically for orthopedic practitioners Phoenix Ortho caters to facilities of all sizes. Offering a wide variety of functionalities namely; e-prescribing, image integration, patient messaging, and records. Practitioners can purchase the software independently as well as with integration RIS and PACS. Data can be logged into the system with ease as it usually does not need manual data entry and could be simply logged into the system by using the software’s efficient Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) along with its OMR the software also provides the users with various features like point and click, voice dictation and transcription. Templates are usually not required for orthopedic practices hence the software does not have built-in templates; however it does provide integration with digital x-rays and MRIs.

Phoenix Ortho provides orthopedic professionals with a complete solution by streamlining their daily office functions. The software includes a built-in smart system which shows you the frequent options the users select while dealing with their patients. Patients visit documentation is completed by the software which allows work to be fast, simple and also gives an opportunity to the practitioners to focus on their own work better. Phoenix also caters to the needs of clinics willing to upgrade their EHR systems. It also comes with third party practice management, imaging centers, and labs compatibility.  

Price: Pricing is not public, interested users can inquire for a quote from the vendor.

Free Trial: Not stated by the company. Phoenix however offers a free online demo.

Support: The platform offers support through a knowledge base.

USP: Phoenix Kiosk is a tablet-based application that carries out all the work digitally, eliminating paper that benefits the users financially and saves their time.

Product Advantages: The company makes sure that the users have staff on-hand for deployment. Customer care is highly efficient. Phoenix software enables users to complete a task simply with fewer clicks increasing the speed and flow of work, all this makes the software easy to implement and use. The platform comes with a variety of facilities such as automatic charge capture; E & M coding engine, drug-drug interaction, and much more.

Product Limitations: Some reviews suggest that the software’s fax system could be improved and more optimized and the patient portal has a steep learning curve so according to some reviews it is not so easy to use.

Phoenix Ortho reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews



Crysral Clear


October 2020


Streamlined workflows streamlined interface. simple and minimalistic software. the software is cloud-based hence there is also no issue or concern for the data to be corrupted.

The automatic refresh the software does for syncing is annoying but important.


San Diego Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center

11-50 employees

February 2019


There is plenty of features you get in this tool. There is a ton of features incorporated with the product that doesn't expect us to make changes to it. Also, a significant number of features can be altered to our particular needs.

Getting response for help or an issue is practically impossible. The patient portal is additionally very hard to use. It would be better if the desk work was all the more effortlessly changed to accommodate our particular needs.


San Diego Sports Medicine & Ortho Center

11-50 employees

August 2018

Phoenix review

They have a ton of cool features, for example, drag and dropping which works incredible for a bustling timetable. Ortho office neighborly, front office staff friendly. Efficient and simple to explore to discover things for patients.

It is somewhat hard to make sense of things initially and have had a few issues at the rate of two times every week with some technical troubles. The fax system is not set up well.


San Diego Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center

11-50 employees

July 2018

Good for our practice

The scheduling OPS in the system is incredible. Also, scanning is extremely simple. The record documenting can be altered and subsequently is well disposed of. Phoenix works well for us.

The clinical side can be bulky. The clicking of buttons isn't simple for our providers, thus we use dictation into the appropriate field. The MA's have more work to do. There are a couple of things that could be digitalized to improve the product.

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