Physician Sign Out Software

What Is Physician Sign Out Software? 


Physician Sign Out software helps safely manage patient lists and ensure continuity of care during hand-off. It is an easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant platform that helps practices give updated information to on-call doctors. Since it is a cloud-based software, physicians can access patient records from anywhere on any device. It also helps reduce the risk of medical errors by providing real-time updates and ensuring that patient information is up to date. 

What Is Physician Sign Out Known For?  

Physician Sign Out is best known for its clean interface and ability to help you effortlessly organize patient lists. It also has an intuitive dashboard that gives you all the necessary information to aid in the patient hand-off. 

Physician Sign Out Pricing  

Physician Sign Out is free for medical practitioners going through their residency/fellowship or if they are from developing nations. Its pricing plans start from $15/month and go up to $95/month.  

For more pricing information and a customized quote, click the Get Pricing button. 

Physician Sign Out Integrations  

Physician Sign Out supports integration using FHIR standards. It can be integrated with the following EHRs: 

  • Epic 
  • Cerner 
  • Allscripts  
  • Athena Health 

How Does Physician Sign Out Software Work?   

Here’s how you can get started with Physician Sign Out: 

  • Access your Physician Sign Out portal by logging in with your credentials. 
  • Go to the 'Patient List' tab and add new patient profiles. 
  • You can use the 'Search' option to look for existing patients. 
  • Create a new hand-off document for the patient and assign it to an on-call physician (the assigned doctor will get notifications regarding the hand-off). 
  • You can also use Physician Sign Out to monitor patient progress and share updates with relevant people. 

A Physician Sign Out demo can help you understand the entire process more thoroughly. You can watch it by clicking the Watch Demo button. 

Who Is Physician Sign Out Software For?  

Physician Sign Out supports medical and specialty healthcare facilities. It is also designed for academic programs like residents and fellowships, clinicians, and healthcare professionals who need to manage patient lists easily and efficiently.  

Physician Sign Out Software Features  

  • Patient Lists 

Easily organize patient lists depending on their provider, hospital, team, or other criteria. You can effortlessly sort, filter, and print these lists to get what you need with minimal effort.  

  • Data Auditing 

Take control of your group by auditing data for research, quality assurance, and improvement. Store the information you need to track what is happening and when with no time limit on how long it will stay accessible. Protect yourself from unexpected losses because of data loss or deletion. 

  • Create Teams 

Easily build, control, and categorize teams with multiple healthcare providers per team. Assign a specific team to any new patient for faster sign-out processes or group organization purposes. With highly customizable capabilities, you can add and remove providers whenever necessary. 

  • Make Fishbone Diagrams For Labs 

Use easy-to-use fishbone diagrams to quickly and visually track patient lab results. The fill-in slots make it incredibly simple to update the information as needed. The current library includes Basic Metabolic Panels, Complete Blood Counts, Renal Tests, Liver Profiles, and Coagulation Assays. 

Is Physician Sign Out Software Right for You?  

Physician Sign Out provides an efficient and secure way to manage patient lists and hand-off information. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use, and its features enable you to securely store patient information.  

Whether you are a resident starting in the medical field or a specialty clinic dealing with numerous patients at once, Physician Sign Out might fit your needs. Still not sure if Physician Sign Out is right for you? Get in touch with our customer support team, who will help you make the best decision. 

Pricing Plans  

  • Starter
  • Regular
  • Unlimited
  • Enterprise
15 / month
45 / month
95 / month
What’s included
(11% savings)
What’s included
(11% savings)
What’s included
(12% savings)
What’s included
  • Up to 5 providers
  • Unlimited patients
  • All features included
  • Up to 20 providers
  • Unlimited patients
  • All features included
  • Unlimited providers
  • Unlimited patients
  • All features included
  • Features and services of the highest caliber designed for even the largest hospitals and groups.


  • Intuitive dashboard for easy patient hand-off.
  • Cloud-based software for easy access from any device.
  • Automated patient lists with organized sorting options.
  • Real-time updates to reduce the risk of medical errors.


  • Lacks advanced features such as data analytics or AI integration.
  • EHR integration is limited.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Physician Sign Out Software cost?

Physician Sign Out is free for those in residency or fellowship and medical professionals from emerging nations. For everyone else, its plans start from $15/month and go up to $95/month.

Is Physician Sign Out Software cloud-based?

Yes, Physician Sign Out is cloud-based. This means you can access patient records, lists, and updates anywhere on any device. As long as you have an internet connection and valid login credentials, you can easily access Physician Sign Out.

What are the main features of Physician Sign Out Software?

The software offers an extensive range of features such as custom fields, task assigning, revision history and data archiving capabilities, along with patient lists, data auditing, creating teams, making fishbone lab visuals and more.

What level of support does Physician Sign Out Software have?

Physician Sign Out works hand in hand with your IT department to ensure you meet all compliance and approval obligations, providing support throughout the process. You can also reach the customer support representatives via live chat or email.

Who are the main users of Physician Sign Out Software?

Physician Sign Out is a solution for clinicians, medical students, healthcare professionals, and residents looking for an efficient tool to manage patient lists.

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