Pimsy EHR Software

Pimsy is the best mental health EHR software for inpatient and outpatient facilities. The software is designed with a user-friendly interface to make work-life easier for psychiatrists and therapeutics. In addition, this potent solution comes with stellar customer service.  

Besides that, it features all behavioral health-specific tools to ease the diagnostic process. Pimsy EHR even assists psychiatrists with ordering tests and getting lab reports electronically. This comprehensive solution even allows practices to run their setups remotely, leaving no loose ends.  

Pimsy EHR Features: 

Client Tracking: 

One thing mental health practitioners need is constant monitoring of patients. Understanding the dire need for this, Pimsy EHR offers client tracking services. This way it becomes easier for physicians to keep tabs on their patient's health.  

The vendor allows for tracking client vitals, medication, and substance usage. All these services play a crucial role in conducting a thorough diagnosis. In addition, it helps physicians progress the treatment accordingly.  

HR Management: 

This best of all mental health EHR solutions even allows for employee management. It is a rare to-be-found feature in specialty-specific solutions, but Pimsy aces it. The vendor offers a wholesome HR management module to please and retain employees.  

Keeping tabs on employees has never been too easy. This software helps calculate the payrolls, manage staff profiles, and helps with task renewal. On top of that, there's an HR Q&A module to assist clinical staff.  

Billing Module: 

Pimsy mental health EHR offers a dynamic billing module of electronic bill management. The software makes bill management a hassle-free task for clinical administrators. They can simply take payments and generate receipts.  

There’s even an automated billing statement generation tool for their ease. Moreover, this impressive software comes with a residential billing facility. Finally, in addition to all these intuitive services, there is an electronic eligibility verification tool to prevent financial losses.  

Pimsy EHR Pricing: 

Pimsy EHR offers three pricing bundles named Prime, Professional, and Platinum. All the pricing packages of Pimsy EHR differ in terms of the features provided. To learn the details of Pimsy EHR pricing structure, visit its website.  

Pimsy EHR Demo 

Schedule a demo with Pimsy EMR if you want to see it in action. You have to send a request for a Pimsy EMR demo with your desired requirements. It is because Pimsy EMR offers customized demo tutorials so clients can see how it can be of assistance to them.  

Pimsy EHR Reviews: 

The reviews of Pimsy mental health EHR serve a great deal. In the reviews, therapeutics have left satisfactory comments about Pimsy mental health EHR. Clients portray Pimsy as the best EHR for mental health care facilities. The way this software handles specialty-specific workflow is simply out of the world. Refer to the reviews section below for more details.  

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Pimsy EHR Software reviews

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