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Practice EHR is a cloud-based system, serving more than 1,000 physicians and 23 different specialties. The software can be accessed through desktop or mobile from anywhere with an internet connection. Doctors can conduct virtual visits with their patients with the help of Practice EHR's telemedicine solution. The new physician fee schedule for 2019 allows these visits to bring generous remuneration for the doctors.

The vendor offers an electronic health records solution with their practice management solution. Moreover, they offer a standalone electronic health records system as well. Many medical billing companies are also using Practice EHR as it is an easy to use electronic health records system with a robust billing module. They have their medical billing services.

The solution consists of features like e-prescribing, appointment reminders, patient portal, and integration with all the main labs. Their medical billing application features include claim scrubbing, workers' compensation claims, automated eligibility inquiries, etc.

Practice EHR Price: The cost for the EHR module and PM module individually is $149 per month per provider, billed annually, whereas the EHR+PM of PracticeEHR is for $248 per month per provider, billed annually.

Today's most popular FAQs

Do they bill monthly or annually?

PracticeEHR doesn’t offer a monthly subscription they only do annual billing.

Does PracticeEHR charge for implantation or training?

Yes, PracticeEHR charges a separate fee for implementation and training.

How much does PracticeEHR’s module EHR+PM cost?

The EHR+PM of PracticeEHR costs $248 per month per provider which is billed annually.

How much does their EHR module cost?

The EHR module of PracticeEHR costs $149 per month per provider which is billed annually.

Is PracticeEHR certified?

Yes, PracticeEHR is 2015 CEHRT.

Practice EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

26 Reviews



Behavior health

11-50 employees

February 2020

Practice EHR Review

Reports, Patient Records, Notes.

The software tends to lag sometimes.


Premier Psychiatric Services LLC

2-10 employees

November 2019


The system is user-friendly. It streamlines the billing process. They offer great support whenever required. My overall experience with the software has been great.

There are times when the system gets a bit slow, but generally, it works well.



2-10 employees

October 2019

Great EHR

I wish I would have known about Practice EHR before I engaged with my earlier EHR. They always gave me an answer each time I had an inquiry, their client support is extraordinary thus accommodating, one of their tech support people always gets in touch with me even when I face an issue or difficulty late. I truly suggest this tool if you have a small practice and need an EHR that is straightforward and proficient. The effortlessness and the effectiveness to explore the framework. It is a generally excellent system for a small practice, the superbill with all CPT code is extremely useful.

It would be great if they have procedure template for my forte that is pain management however, I am certain they will get it later on.


Westside Podiatric Associates

2-10 employees

October 2019


Due to it being cloud-based I’m able to access it from anywhere and I can customize it the way I want it to be.

The system often takes more time starting up, and there are times I am unable to find the right diagnoses.


Baptist Dental Center, Inc.

2-10 employee

May 2019

Love the e-RX functionality

The software is so easy to use. No extensive training or programming experience required to operate it. I especially love their e-prescriptions. This has made our practice significantly easier. Pain management for patients is so much more efficient with this feature. No extra hassle or time wastage. Communication with pharmacies and patients is on our fingertips. And what makes it even better is how cost-effective it is.

Setting up and implementation takes a while but once done, the system works seamlessly.


Lightning Mobility Evaluations

1 employee

May 2019

Good value for money

Practice EHR is a great service. It is extremely user-friendly and flexible to a great degree. There is an abundant opportunity for customization. The people behind it do not disappoint either. Top notch customer service. The sales executive that initially dealt with me was a highly knowledgeable specialist. Their tech support is always available and is very efficient in fixing any issues we encounter.

There are some areas of the software that aren’t relevant to my practice needs. But that isn’t a major issue.



201-500 employees

May 2019

Too slow. Not worth it

Editing data is considerably easy. Their coding system is up-to-date.

The software is so not suited for an eye clinic. The working is cumbersome. Too many workarounds. Every little task requires too many steps to completion. You cannot overview older information from within a record instead you have to close the window and open the older records to see them, which makes for a very inefficient service.


Romana Zvereva MD

1 employee

May 2019

great support

The company staff is one of the most amazing I have come across throughout my medical health career. The sales reps, the tech support crew, and customer service are all very polite and actively helpful. They always find you the right and timely answers for your issues and never disappoint.

I do not find this software particularly user-friendly. It may be because I do not have a lot of experience with computations and tech devices, this system has been a little challenging for me to use. You are required to customize in a lot of the areas for it to work properly.


Empowering Integrated Care Solutions, LLC

11-50 employees

May 2019

A robust and adaptive product

Super easy to navigate this system. The customizability is great. It has been very helpful in creating personalized templates and report formats that fit our needs. This has significantly increased our efficiency on an organizational level. Their support reps have been a huge help throughout. Practice EHR has enabled us to cater to our patient’s changing needs more effectively without costing us an arm and leg. I highly recommend this software to more organizations in the medical healthcare professions.

the system can sometimes be a little cumbersome. The screen freezes on the application sometimes. You need to sign out and the re-sign in to make it run properly again which I suppose could be because they are still relatively new. I hope they fix these glitches in the future upgrades.



11-50 employees

April 2019

Great EHR for specialty practice

I have been extremely pleased with this service. They tailor the system to your specialty needs, Practice EHR has made my work very easy and efficient, seeing a lot of patients in a day and all their documentation needs get fulfilled very effectively with so much time to spare. The software is robust and light, there is never any difficulty navigating the system. The system meets all my podiatry practice needs, the documentation is very manageable now. I would highly recommend this to other specialty practices. The company personalizes the system for you and your practice. Value for money is so much greater compared to other competitors in the field. I am very glad I chose Practice EHR.

There have been a few times when connectivity was a challenge because of a weak internet connection. It works great with good internet. Other than that, I have no complaints with them.

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