Practice Velocity EHR Software

Practice Velocity is a specialty-specific Health IT solution that provides urgent care electronic medical record software, urgent care start-up consulting services, and urgent care billing services. The solution is designed to meet the requirements of small to midsize medical clinics as well as individual practitioners.

Velocity Doc EMR has been designed to cater to the needs of urgent care clinics. For example, it allows users to access the software anytime, anywhere as it is cloud-based. The software includes point and clicks functionality for data entry to help clinicians save time. Once a complaint is registered, the system automatically generates diagnostic procedures, relevant questions, and exit care discharge instructions.

Apart from the clinical side, their practice management system is used by hundreds of business managers and owners on a daily basis in the practice of urgent care medicine. The training is conducted in the PV headquarters for local clients while for others the company makes use of an extended list of pre-recorded tutorials.  Practice velocity additionally provides urgent care credentialing and contracting services.

Practice Velocity EHR Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can request a direct quote by clicking on the ‘get pricing’ button. 

Practice Velocity EHR Support: The software offers support via phone and email.

Practice Velocity EHR Pros: It is easy to use and enables staff members to complete clinical operations efficiently.

Practice Velocity EHR Cons: The software crashes often.

Practice Velocity EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

6 Reviews



Care Spec

11-50 employees

October 2019


The billing system is well integrated.

The customer support needs improvement.


NEW Health

51-200 employees

September 2019

Urgent Care Specific

Convenience with operational staff after IT tweaked UIs to boost efficiencies. Different EMRs can be excessively troublesome. It is a very good software for urgent care specialty.

The absence of significant worth-based measurements for quality reporting for Medicare and different models’ payers are trying to move. Similarly, reporting was constrained.


Lake Scranton Urgent Care

11-50 employees

January 2019

Great EMR

Overall this is a pretty great EMR. It is easy to use and helps do things quickly. It is best suited for urgent care, especially for fast paced ones.

The framework in general freezes more than I might want, making it a more drawn out time span to get patients discharged and out of the center.


PrimeCare Urgent Care

2-10 employees

January 2019

Practice Velocity

Amazing for reporting an Urgent Care patient visit in a compact and convenient way. It is an urgent care specific EMR, and for occupational medicine too.

The screen size is restricted on the PC screen.


Xpress Medical Billing and Coding Services LLC

201-500 employees

September 2018

Billing system needs massive improvements

Works very smooth. Easy to learn and teach staff to use. Good for scheduling and managing appointments. I like how they show a small red flag at the top corner of the screen whenever there is maintenance going on to let you know what they are doing and why.

The billing system in this software is no good. There is no protocol or security for notes and who is or isn’t authorized to make changes on them. If you have an electronic claim that's been billed to the primary payer and needs to be routed to the secondary payer, the system deletes your primary payment information before sending the claim to the secondary payer. The entire billing section is full of glitches that cause so many errors in our billings., making every little task needlessly harder.


Urgent Care

5,001-10,000 employees

February 2018

not conducive to busy urgent care practice

Quite intuitive. You don’t need to input too much text to get the needed results. Neat and comprehensive layout, easy to navigate. Access screens are quite convenient. I like the dashboard too. not too complicated.

E-scribe is inefficient and inconceivable. There is no arrangement of saved medications, scrolling through to locate a med takes ages. Prescribing takes too many unnecessary clicks. The system only allows one person at a time to make changes in the system rendering it unfit to be used in a busy urgent care facility. You cannot even perform simple actions like discharging a patient without being asked to enter the password which is a waste of time when I'm logged into the system after entering my password. Again, not fit for a busy urgent care setting.

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