What Is Procentive?


Procentive is a cloud-based EHR and practice management software for behavioral health and human services providers. It offers scheduling, billing, documentation, and telehealth features. The software's key features include a patient portal, billing module, progress notes, and more.

What Is Procentive Best Known For?

Procentive stands out with its care coordination and collaboration. It enables healthcare providers to communicate and share information with other professionals involved in a patient's care, fostering a multidisciplinary approach. Additionally, Procentive offers robust reporting and analytics tools, empowering healthcare organizations to gain valuable insights into operations.

Procentive Pricing

Procentive EHR offers flexible and customizable pricing options. Click Get Pricing for a personalized quote.

Procentive Integrations

The software offers third-party integrations, including:

  • Dr. First
  • HDI Connect™
  • Practice Planners
  • thera-LINK

How Does Procentive Work?

Here's how you can navigate Procentive EHR and make use of the software's features:

  • Log in and access the dashboard
  • Create new patient files
  • Enter demographic information, medical history, and insurance details
  • Schedule appointments with calendar feature
  • Document patient encounters and progress notes directly within the system
  • Generate accurate billing statements and submit claims electronically
  • Access robust reporting and analytics tools

Click Watch Demo for a free Procentive EHR demo and learn more about its functionalities.

Who Is Procentive For? 

Procentive is used by the following sectors:

  • Mental Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Substance abuse treatment centers
  • Medical Practice

Procentive Features

  • Patient Portal

Patients can securely access their personal health information through the portal, including lab results, medication lists, track outcomes and upcoming appointments. They can also update their demographic details and necessary forms and securely communicate with their healthcare providers.

  • Scheduling

This feature allows you to manage and optimize your practice's calendar. You can view availability, book appointments, and even send automated patient reminders to reduce no-show rates. Moreover, you can streamline your appointment management process, view clinical documents and improve overall practice efficiency.

  • Telehealth

The software offers integrated telehealth capabilities within its EHR platform. Through secure video conferencing and communication tools, healthcare providers can conduct virtual appointments and provide remote care to their patients. It enables convenient access to healthcare services, particularly for patients facing challenges with in-person visits.

  • Billing And RCM

Procentive simplifies billing and RCM by enabling users to generate accurate billing statements, submit claims electronically to insurance providers, and track reimbursement status. With automated claim scrubbing and validation, the intuitive system helps minimize errors and denials, leading to faster payments.

  • Clinical Notes

This feature allows healthcare providers to document patient encounters within the EHR system. The software provides customizable templates, enabling providers to capture relevant information about their practice and specialty. Furthermore, you can efficiently record diagnoses, treatment plans, and progress updates.

Is Procentive Right For You?

If you are a healthcare organization looking for an EHR and practice management solution to automate everyday tasks and streamline billing processes, Procentive is a suitable choice. It has a wide range of solutions to address the challenges faced by healthcare providers.

From appointment scheduling to documentation and reporting, Procentive has you covered. The ONC-certified, HIPAA-compliant software ensures data security and privacy. Moreover, it is scalable and can be used by small to mid-size practices.

Take a look at Procentive reviews to see what users think about the software.

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Procentive Pricing Plans

Pricing depends on your organization's size and requirements.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Emphasis on care coordination and collaboration
  • Extensive reporting and analytics
  • Patient Portal


  • Scheduling needs improvement

Procentive Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Procentive cost?

Procentive EHR offers flexible and customizable pricing options. You can click Get Pricing for a personalized quote.

Is Procentive cloud-based?

Yes, Procentive is cloud-based.

What are the main features of Procentive?

Procentive offers a patient portal, billing module, progress notes, reports, analytics, and scheduling.

What level of support does Procentive offer?

The software offers a knowledge base and phone support.

Who are the main users of Procentive?

Procentive software has been specifically designed for the mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse sector.

Procentive Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Procentive reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews




2-10 employees

August 2019

My Experience with Procentive

August 2019

My Experience with Procentive



2-10 employees


I found it beneficial that Procentive offers training resources within the platform itself. This feature allowed me to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to use the system effectively. Additionally, the ability to personalize forms according to my requirements proved to be advantageous in streamlining my workflow.


One aspect that could be improved is the scheduling functionality. Whenever I accessed the schedule, it consistently redirected me to a single day view, which was a bit inconvenient. To view all the notes, I had to individually click on each one instead of having the option to scroll through them collectively. A more user-friendly approach in this regard would have been preferable.

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