Pronto EMR is a mental and behavioral health electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management solution that provides flexible tools to meet the unique needs of a behavioral/mental therapy practice. The software allows users to choose between cloud-based and on-site versions. Key features include medication management, dashboards, patient lists, EFORSCE, billing module, demographics, telemedicine, and patient calendar & forms.

The EMR platform helps practices manage patient records seamlessly by enabling doctors, medical service providers, and administrators to search patients by first, last, or partial name. Pronto’s medication management feature allows providers to keep the inventory in check by managing print receipts and e-prescription. It additionally provides links for retrieving patient demographics, medical records, and documents.

Pronto EMR offers a clinician dashboard that allows users to review medical records, personalized schedules, appointment history, etc. without requiring them to leave the dashboard. Besides, users can view, create, or customize documents to print inside a patient’s medical record.

Its reporting functionality supports a great level of customization at every level. The software additionally comes with a billing module that can be utilized as a standalone function or with EMR integration. Pronto EMR is compatible with SaaS, Windows, and Mac.

Pronto EMR Pricing: Pricing is not shared openly by the vendor. You can click on the ‘get pricing’ button to request a quote.

Pronto EMR Support: It offers support via email and phone during business hours on weekdays. 

Pronto EMR Pros: It is user-friendly and allows users to navigate between multiple tabs. The software comes with an alert system that helps when a physician needs any information, document, or any other request from their patients.

Pronto EMR Cons: Some MSE items need consolidation. It slows down and gets overloaded. Users may find some features hard to understand.

PRONTO EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews



Healthy Living

2-10 employees

August 2019


The software helps me focus on my practice as I don't have to worry about keeping intact all the paperwork and the patient records.

Nothing much.


Coastal Mental Health Care

11-50 employees

March 2019


A simple and easy click to MSE, all clicks have the capability to add a narrative. Simple to explore. Connection to PDMP and E-scripting. My overall experience has been incredible. It helps me follow the rules and guidelines. I enjoy navigating through the system due to its ease. It is a productive tool.

The psych assessment has a lot of narratives, although it is efficient.


Coastal Mental Health Center

11-50 employees

March 2019


On understanding the flow sheet, it has all the subtleties you need a telephone number, patient name, who they’re seeing, alerts, remarks, and co-payments that don't permit you to go to the next phase until it has been paid. The advantage I have is I could contact the patient with data on one page and if the patient has a co-pay I don't need to move to another page.


Jennifer Lee

Mental Health Care

1-50 employees

March 2019

excellent product

Pronto EM is a friendly system. What I like about it is for example If a patient has a copay it will not let you check in the patient until you have collected the copay. There are so many good things about this system that I will just keep on writing about it You have the alert system which helps you as a reminder when you need any information, document or any other request from a patient..

I honestly don't have anything that I do not like from Pronto EMR.


Coastal Mental Health

2-10 employees

March 2019

Mental Health

Pronto EMR has been an extremely extraordinary EMR for me as it helps me save time. I can easily track client progress. I get the time and liberty to make notes which are crucial for my work with my clients. My overall experience with this EMR has been positive.

There a couple of places inside the system where I might want to alter my notes, but I am unable to do it.

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