ProtonPACS Software

ProtonPACS is a powerful image archiving and communication system that assists healthcare organizations in managing image access, distribution, and storage. The digital platform improves workflow efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent manually entering patient information. It has features like data compression, voice recognition, reporting on diagnostics, comparison views, image management, mobile access, and more.

The application includes a diagnostic viewer with all of the tools required by medical providers and radiologists to create key images, perform image reconstructions, modify picture layouts, optimize images, and measure critical data points. It integrates with information systems using HL7 and allows radiologists to generate reports for referring consultants using an integrated speech recognition engine. Clinicians can also use the software to manage AE titles and do auto-routing and remote system monitoring and auditing.

Furthermore, ProtonPACS software includes a comprehensive set of features that allow radiologists to review reports and deliver approved studies. It gives users the option of on-premise or cloud-based deployment.

Key Services

PCS Integration

ProtonPACS EHR software is compatible with a variety of medical imaging and radiology systems. This service provides medical experts from various departments with the ability to access and analyze medical images at any time. Also, it only takes a few seconds for doctors to get images from the software.

Image Evaluation

ProtonPACS software includes powerful image analysis functionality that allows technicians to zoom in on images for a closer look. It also lets them put the images back together so they can look at and analyze them better, which is very important when diagnosing patients.

Easy Access to Patient Data

This image archiving and communication system allows for instant access to patient reports and images. It enables users to electronically share test results with other facilities. Using mobile devices, the practice's staff can easily send in reports, store or share pictures, and view them from a distance.

Pricing for ProtonPACS Software

The vendor has not made the details of ProtonPACS subscription plans public. According to user reviews, the ProtonPACS software cost structure is based on a fee-per-study pricing model. You can contact Radsource to get a customized quote for your healthcare company.

ProtonPACS Demo

Simply scheduling a demo will allow you to see the ProtonPACS software in action (click the corresponding button above or on this page). A thorough ProtonPACS demo will allow you to examine the product in greater depth and see how simple it is to use.

ProtonPACS Reviews

ProtonPACS EMR has received high marks for user satisfaction. Many people have said nice things about this app's easy-to-use interface, powerful reporting tools, and wide range of image analysis features.

Our Thoughts

ProtonPACS is a versatile image archiving and communication system that allows for the rapid and easy retrieval of medical images. This powerful medical imaging technology can be a very useful tool for providers who want to make images easier to access and improve the way they manage data.

We recommend trying out the software demo to see if it meets the needs of your practice.  

Today's most popular FAQs

Does ProtonPACS Software offer an API?

No, ProtonPACS does not provide an API.

Does ProtonPACS support mobile devices?

ProtonPACS supports the following devices: 
iPhone, iPad, and Android.

What Languages does ProtonPACS Software Support?

ProtonPACS supports the following languages:


What level of support does ProtonPACS offer?

ProtonPACS offers the following support options: 
Phone Support and Email/Help Desk.

Who are the typical users of ProtonPACS Software?

ProtonPACS has the following typical users: physicians Freelancers, Mid—Size Business, Small in Business hospitals, imaging centers.

ProtonPACS Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

ProtonPACS Software reviews

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