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ProviderSuite is a comprehensive platform that rose to the ground by combining practice management and billing services. It is commonly known as PracticeAdmin. The vendor is designed to set things straight for the administrative department of medical practices. This leading care solution empowers front-desk managers with intuitive tools so they can work the way they want. Implementing PracticeAdmin is the simplest way of running practice with precision.  

Reducing human-eye errors, it mitigates billing complexities. Its high-capacity billing module boosts the income to uplift revenue generation. Scheduling appointments is also a piece of cake with this practice management software. The salient offerings of Practice Admin that make it vets the first choice are;  built-in ICD-10 tools, automated insurance verification, and re-submission of claims. It is perfect in every sense and nurtures optimized workflows.  

ProviderSuite Features

Out of all the features of ProviderSuite software, these are the most impeccable ones.  


Accounts receivable management is child’s play for this practice management software. It administers the best A/R tool to handle the receivables. In addition, the practitioners get to manage their accounts with a successful medical billing company. This service reduces manual labor, promotes workflow efficiency, and boosts transparency keeping the claims in the work buckets.  

Patient Registration

This painstaking task is made simpler by this patient intake management software. ProviderSuite offers top-notch services to register patients within minutes. It's not about basic registration. The vendor checks the insurance verification of all patients and automatically populates data on the web. It helps maximize reimbursements with effective patient data handling.  

EMR Integration

It is a one-in-a-kind service offered by PracticeAdmin Solutions. The software supports a broad range of interfaces for EMR integration. This way, the software combines the management facilities with the healthcare ones making patient care its key priority. Additionally, this service is backed by military-grade data security, NPIS database updates, and patient data transfer facilities.  

ProviderSuite Pricing 

Pricing details of this robust platform are nowhere to be found on the web.  To get the latest cost details of this practice management software, one has to contact the sales team.  

ProviderSuite Demo

Practitioners can see this platform in action by scheduling a demo. The demonstration tutorial of ProviderSuite is well-detailed, and all its salient features are explained in an exemplary manner. Care providers can get a keen idea of the vendor’s functioning by watching its demo.  

ProviderSuite Reviews

Practice Admin is the vets first choice, which is proved in the review section. The physicians are all praises for the best-of-breed administrative services of ProviderSuit. The users appraise its impressive interface, EMR integration, and accounts receivables management the most. Providers claim that their overall experience with ProviderSuite software was beyond satisfactory.  

Our Thoughts 

In our opinion, this practice management software is all one needs for efficient administrative task handling and revenue maximization. It is solution providers look up to enhance their staff efficiency as it automates complex administration. Handling delicate processes like payment collection accounts receivables is no big deal for physicians with this solution by their side.

ProviderSuite Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Is ProviderSuite and EMR or EHR?

is an EMR solution, integrated with EHR.

Who are the main users of ProviderSuite EMR?

Medical billing professionals, either running their own businesses or working at medical practices, and primary care facilities of all sizes.

ProviderSuite Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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ProviderSuite Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews



Dental Clinic

4-8 Employees

February 2023

A game changer for our practice

My dental clinic practice is fairly small. However, I was experiencing several challenges in terms of managing its different aspects. It was becoming quite frustrating to provide treatments and manage administrative tasks at the same time. Using ProviderSuite has been a game changer for both me and my staff. The customer support is excellent. They offered comprehensive training to get us started. As the software has streamlined many of the administrative processes, I can now focus more on my patients, and my staff finds it much easier to manage their tasks.

So far, our experience has been great with the software. I can genuinely see the difference between before and after we started using it. The only problem I can think of is the response time of the customer support team. They do provide solutions to the issues we face but take too long to respond at times. When you have an active practice, this becomes challenging. I would really like to see improvements in response times. Apart from that, I am quite satisfied.



10-15 Employees

November 2022

A well-balanced combination of features and services

I have been using ProviderSuite for several months now. And I am quite impressed with how well the different features work for us. I really like the interface and that I can customize some details to fit my practice. Integration with a few third-party applications also went well. Also, the customer support team has been very helpful. They got us started with the software almost seamlessly, and they have resolved any issues that we shared. I believe I am managing my practice much better with ProviderSuite.

There is no doubt that my practice management processes have improved after using ProviderSuite. However, I did find the software to be expensive. But I have considered it an investment because I believe I am receiving the benefits I was seeking. I am mentioning the budget issue because some practices may consider the cost to be expensive. One other problem that I have faced is that the transaction history screens are difficult to understand. But that could be just an individual issue on my side.

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