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PsychConsult is an EHR solution created to cater to the needs of behavioral health practices. It is a leading solution for drug abuse and addiction treatments. This flagship product improves the lives of millions of patients globally. PsychConsult providers software is a dynamic platform and works well for inpatient, outpatient, and residential care programs. In addition, the vendor features intuitive clinical services supported on Saas and a self-hosted format.  

This robust platform is a fully integrated EHR, RCM, and practice management system. PsychConsult software assists behavioral health practitioners with a patient-centered approach simplifying documentation and other clinical processes. Furthermore, PsychConsult offers pre-defined assessments and configurable treatment plans that add value to the patient experience. It even allows tracking test orders to ensure optimal care is delivered to patients. 

PsychConsult Features: 


This intact healthcare solution presents an impeccable visualization feature. Psychiatrists can easily interpret patient information with the help of graphs. The graphs are basically drafted on patient clinical summaries, and thus providers can assess patients’ health and progress easily. There’s no need to go through entire patient records to evaluate the progress rate of patients. This data visualization makes treatment planning simpler for the care providers.  

Instant Alerts: 

PsychConsult EHR surely knows that drug dosage matters a lot in addiction treatments. Thus it comes with a built-in drug interaction checking system. It runs reports and highlights the drug tolerance and allergy information of all patients. PsychConsult software helps providers by sending alerts for harmful drug interactions and incompatible drug dosage while the prescriptions are generated.  

One-Click Access: 

Psychiatrists need to have entire patient relevant information at their fingertips to process the diagnostic treatments. PsychConsult provider solution combines all information such as patient vitals, notes, problem lists, and lab results at a centralized location. This crucial data is just a click away for medical professionals and helps document clinical files for assessment and ongoing treatments.  

PsychConsult Pricing: 

The PsychConsult pricing are not made public. Requests need to be sent to the vendor to inquire about the price details.  

PsychConsult Demo: 

Scheduling a demo with PsychConsult EHR medical professionals can assess all its integral functionalities. Using it, psychiatrists can even decipher the learning curve of this vendor.  

PsychConsult Reviews:

PsychConsult is backed by exceptional reviews. The psychiatrists state that this flawless vendor helps them with clinical decision-making by offering an encounter navigator. Also, it manages appointments, analyzes financial data, handles receivables, etc to stramline the clinical workflow. There’s much more reviews about PsychConsult, like highlighting its drop-down interface. Learn about that from the reviews section below.  

Our Thoughts:

The PsychConsult software is an intact behavioral health solution designed on a user-friendly interface. The platform offers care-centric services to manage medication orders and ensure consistency in care outcomes. Being an all-inclusive solution, PsychConsult seamlessly integrates with third parties, offering drop-down menus and bills management services to nurture scalable platforms.

Today's most popular FAQs

Is PsychConsult Provider Software only used for Psychiatry?

PsychConsult Provider Software can also be used for psychiatry, behavioral healthcare, addiction treatment, and social service organizations.

Is PsychCounsult Provider software easy-to-use?

Yes, PsychCounsult Provider is an easy—to—use software.

What are the pricing plans of PsychCounsult Software?

PsychCounsult software pricing is not provided on the company website. Contact the vendor to get your pricing details.

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PsychConsult Provider Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Jake L.

Medical Practice

15-25 Employees

November 2022

A complete EHR all-rounder

This software may not be the best out there, but it definitely performs well enough that it becomes quite possibly the only comprehensive solution for a medical practice, making their workflows fast and efficient. In addition to what it does on its own, the software can interact with third-party software such as Microsoft Dynamics to provide additional accounting functionality, for example. I love that I can approach the customer team and even their development team directly to influence the outcome of an update they are working on and ask for on-demand tweaks that enhance functionality.

It gets confusing if you don't know exactly what to do and what not to do. The layout is very poor, and things do not naturally make sense. You'd think a feature should be accessible from this particular screen, but you won't find it there. It appears to be a little out of date to me, especially when compared to more recent tools like Prism. Only the most trained amongst us are able to use it effectively since the interface is not something that is easily understandable by everyone.

Jane T.

Medical Practice

30-50 Employees

November 2022

I loved its bed management feature

It is very specific software and might not be for everyone. But it is a great fit for us, and I personally use it for the bed management feature, which is really simple and straightforward. PsychConsult is further simplified thanks to routine training and tips from the support staff we receive. It is great to store documents for the long term, and we have benefited from the system's ability to store clinical and administrative documents. There's so much more to this software, and we're ready to explore it further and take full advantage of all that Askesis has to offer.

They have a good working support system, but it is routinely slow to respond. It is expected since the client base they have must be enormous, but some issues do require urgent support, but unfortunately, that's not possible. I have no other complaints regarding customer support, which has been fantastic once they do decide to help you out. Another issue is that using their reporting module requires you to have a full-time SQL or Crystal Reports developer on staff. We had to hire one, which was an added cost we weren't ready for.

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