Pulse EHR Software

Pulse EHR is HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based medical software that provides complete practice management for small to large healthcare organizations. This solution-based software is specifically designed for medical professionals, such as physicians, sole practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and other medical setups. It increases staff productivity through different integrated practice management tools and features. It has detailed EMR within the system. It streamlines clinical patient flow by managing patient admissions and discharges. You can improve clinical quality and provide better customer and patient care. 

This SaaS software is compatible with all Windows, Linux, and web-based devices. It helps provide clinical services to patients in a better way. It provides complete revenue cycle management to improve profits and reduce mass losses for the organization. 

Key Features 

Complete Patient Workflow Management 

It offers a streamlined patient workflow. You can track patient responses and change patient schedules. It allows complete editing of the patient records with the EMR and change patient schedules. It allows complete editing of the patient records with the EMR. You can attach images and notes, E-prescriptions, and other details to patient records. The comprehensive software tracks patient visits records and checks their follow-up schedules. 

Patient Self-Service Portals 

EMR Pulse Software has a fully dedicated patient self-service portal that provides administrative elements for seamless patient management. It provides auto-admissions, scheduling, appointments, and the sharing of information. You can verify patient eligibility for admission easily through the platform. Patients can leave reviews and feedback for better CRM management. Patients can control how much information they provide to the software. 

Lab Reports Integration 

It manages to reconcile patients with healthcare organizations. It easily allows lab integration to share reports, charts, and medical results. The medical records get attached to the patient's records automatically. You can search drug details, patient details, and charting details through the EHR Medical software. 

Pulse Medical Software Pricing 

The Pulse price is currently unavailable. You can get custom quotes, module details, and complete Pulse cost plans by clicking on the "Get Pricing" button above. 

Pulse Software Demo 

The EHR does not offer a free version yet. Click on the "Watch Demo" button to get deep insights and feature lookups via a live Pulse demo. 

Pulse EMR Software Reviews 

The software has been rated five stars across the internet. It has positive reviews from all users and has been listed as one of the top EHR software packages. It is a medical CRM software that offers post-reimbursements and claims management.  

You can look at more Pulse reviews and user insights by going through the Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

Pulse Medical Software is an ONC-ATCB-certified practice improvement software that provides audit trails. It offers customizable report templates for a personalized patient experience. The platform offers two-way communication channels for file sharing, reporting, and image attachments. It is a complete patient records software that provides extra storage. 


Today's most popular FAQs

What are the pricing plans for Pulse EHR Software?

The pricing of the software starts at $99 a month. For further information, you can click on the "Get Pricing" option to get an insight into the pricing quotations.

What is the implementation process of Pulse EHR software?

The company offers the option to get in touch with the sales team even before buying the software. It also provides a free demo option to potential clients. Once purchased, the application provides training as well as customer support to quickly respond to client inquiries.

Which operating systems does Pulse EHR Software support?

The software supports two on-premise operating systems: Windows and Linux.

Who are the main users of Pulse EHR software?

The Pulse EHR software is mainly used by both administrative and clinical staff.

Pulse EHR Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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Pulse EHR Software reviews

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