Q.D. Clinical Software

What Is Q.D. Clinical Software? 


Q.D. Clinical is a comprehensive EMR system designed to help medical professionals streamline their workflow and improve patient care. It features clinical documentation, lab order tracking, practice research, built-in image system, drug interaction checking, appointment scheduling, and self-service portal. Q.D. Clinical offers a user-friendly interface and secure environment to practices. 

What Is Q.D. Clinical Software Best For? 

Q.D. Clinical accommodates medical professionals who prefer taking pen-based entries. As a result, practitioners can take notes and create documents electronically with the help of either their fingers or a stylus, thus decreasing the time spent typing out records. 

Q.D. Clinical Pricing 

Q.D. Clinical cost varies depending on the size and needs of a practice. As the vendor has not publicly disclosed its pricing information, you can click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button at the top for a custom quote. 

Q.D. Clinical Integrations 

Q.D. Clinical is a complete EMR system and can be integrated with a host of billing systems, importing patient demographic data and exporting charge codes. However, the vendor has not listed the integrations on its website. 

How Does Q.D. Clinical Work?  

Here’s how you can get started with Q.D. Clinical: 

  1. Create a Q.D. Clinical account 
  2. Configure preferences such as practice type and workflow 
  3. Identify medical specialties and customize templates 
  4. Add users, assign roles, and set up permissions 
  5. Customize the user interface to accommodate different users 
  6. Add custom data fields and create custom forms 
  7. Access reports to review patient visits, income, expenses, and more.

To learn more about how the software works and its functionality, click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button.  

Who Is Q.D. Clinical For? 

Q.D. Clinical can be the perfect solution for all medical practices, offering hundreds of macros tailored to primary care and most specialties. Additionally, you can create your own custom macros that can help you streamline your workflow. 

The software is also designed to accommodate multiple providers in the same practice, so physicians, nurses, and clinicians can easily monitor and manage patient care as a team. Furthermore, if you run multiple small- to medium-sized facilities, you can use Q.D. Clinical to keep track of all patient information in one secure system. 

Q.D. Clinical Features 

Some of the most pertinent features of Q.D. Clinical EMR software are listed below: 

  • Built-in Image Management System 
    Whether you want to store medical images, documents, or other types of records, Q.D. Clinical has an advanced image management system to keep them safe and secure. 
  • Email System 
    Q.D. Clinical also has an integrated email system, enabling you to send patient messages and keep the staff in the loop. You can even set up reminders and track patients who are no-shows. 
  • Lab Order Tracking 
    With Q.D Clinical, you can track lab orders, making sure that all the necessary steps for ordering and delivery are properly completed. Thus, you can prevent duplicate orders and reduce errors. 
  • Clinical Documentation 
    The EMR software helps you track all clinical data, including treatments, medications, patient notes, care instructions, lab orders, and customizable letters to insurance companies. This allows you to provide accurate and timely patient care. 
  • Audit and Compliance 
    Q.D. Clinical complies with all record audit and group Q.A. standards, ensuring that you have everything you need to comply with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. You can keep records of the medical, allergy, and referral lists. 

Is Q.D. Clinical Right for You? 

Q.D. Clinical received a 5-star rating for general design features from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) in "Family Practice Management." Furthermore, it also offers add-ons like scheduling and a PDA application. You also have the option to set up Q.D. Clinical in multiple locations and have them connected, allowing you to scale as you grow. Many Q.D. reviews also mention that the software is easy to use, secure, and comprehensive.

If you're a practice looking to leverage the power of an advanced EMR system, then Q.D. Clinical could be the perfect solution for you. Start today by clicking on the ‘Watch Demo’ button and see how it fits your needs. 

Q.D. Clinical Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Q.D. Clinical Software cost?

The pricing plan for Q.D. Clinical varies depending on the number of users and features. Click on the ‘Get Pricing’ button at the top for a custom quote.

Is Q.D. Clinical Software cloud-based?

No, Q.D. Clinical is a desktop-based software and doesn't require an internet connection. It can be installed on a local computer or server.

What are the main features of Q.D. Clinical Software?

The main features of Q.D. Clinical software include patient charting, scheduling, clinical documentation, image management system, email system, customization for all specialties, auditing and compliance, and more.

What level of support does Q.D. Clinical Software offer?

Q.D. Clinical supports users via phone and email. You can also opt for the Annual Support Plan for 24/7 customer service that works around physicians' schedules.

Who are the main users of Q.D. Clinical Software?

The main users of Q.D. Clinical software are medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and clinicians who need to track patient information and provide accurate care. Ideally, this software is best suited for small- to medium-sized clinics.

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Q.D. Clinical Software reviews

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