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CareLogic is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software designed for behavioral health and human services organizations. CareLogic EHR offers clinical documentation, patient scheduling, billing, treatment planning, progress notes, e-prescribing, client and family portals, and reporting features.  

CareLogic EHR also offers a patient portal where patients can communicate with you, view their health records, schedule appointments, and refill prescriptions. The patient portal gives patients 24/7 access to their health information. This EHR system is a cost-effective solution for behavioral health organizations looking to improve their clinical documentation and patient communication.  

Key Features  

Appointment Scheduling  

CareLogic EHR appointment scheduling feature lets providers quickly schedule appointments for their patients. The intuitive interface makes it easy to find available time slots, and patient information is automatically populated.  

Medical Billing & E-Prescribing  

The EHR's medical billing feature streamlines the billing process for behavioral health providers. The software offers a variety of reports to help providers track their billing progress and identify areas of improvement. The e-prescribing feature allows you to electronically prescribe medications to your patients. Healthcare providers can access a drug database, check drug interactions, and print prescription labels seamlessly.  

Documentation & Treatment Plans  

The software offers various clinical documentation templates to support behavioral health providers. You can customize the templates to fit each provider's needs and comply with HIPAA guidelines.  

The CareLogic EHR treatment plan feature lets you create individualized treatment plans for your patients. You can share the treatment plans with other care team members, and patients can access their treatment plans through the portal.  

Analytics & Reporting  

The analytics and reporting feature gives behavioral health providers insights into their clinical data. The software offers a variety of reports, including provider productivity, referral sources, and treatment outcomes. Providers can use the data to improve their clinical practice and better serve their patients.  

CareLogic EHR Pricing  

Based on the number of physicians and users, Carelogic EHR costs vary. In large medical practices, the cost is between $10k and $100k

CareLogic EHR Demo  

You can request and watch a demo of CareLogic EHR software to see if it would be a good fit for your organization. The software does not offer any free trial or free version.  

CareLogic EHR Reviews  

There are many positive reviews available online, with users stating that the software has helped them save time, increase efficiency, and improve patient care. Users also appreciate the software for its intuitive interface and ability to improve clinical documentation. You can read more reviews in our review section below.  

Our Thoughts  

CareLogic EHR is a comprehensive, cloud-based EHR system that offers a variety of features to support behavioral health providers, including clinical documentation templates, treatment plans, and progress notes. The software complies with HIPAA guidelines and is accessible on mobile devices. So, if you are considering an EHR system for your behavioral health organization, CareLogic EHR is an excellent option. 

Qualifacts CareLogic EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How CareLogic EHR software records patients' data?

CareLogic EHR records the patient data through these means: expandable storage, access and viewing, and tracking of patient notes, charts, and assessments.

Is CareLogic EHR software free?

CareLogic EHR is not free software, and the customer has to subscribe to use its services. CareLogic also does not offer any free versions of the software.

What is the implementation process of CareLogic EHR software?

The implementation process for CareLogic EHR software typically involves several stages, including:

Planning and preparation: This stage involves identifying the needs of the practice and determining how the EHR software will be used to meet those needs. The practice will also need to decide on a deployment model (e.g., cloud-based or on-premises) and establish a project plan.

Data conversion and migration: If the practice is switching from a different EHR system, this stage involves transferring patient data from the old system to the new one. This may involve cleaning and formatting the data to ensure it is compatible with the new system.

Training: Staff members will need to be trained on how to use the new EHR system, including how to enter and retrieve patient data, place orders, and generate reports.

Configuration and customization: The EHR software will need to be configured to meet the specific needs of the practice, such as setting up templates for patient encounters, customizing the user interface, and integrating with other systems (e.g., billing or lab systems).

Testing and validation: This stage involves testing the EHR system to ensure that it is working correctly and that patient data is accurate and complete.

Go-live and post-implementation support: Once the EHR system is ready, it will be implemented in the practice, and staff will begin using it to manage patient care. The vendor will provide ongoing support to help ensure that the system continues to meet the practice's needs.

This is a basic summary of the general process; it's suggested to check with your vendor the specific process they provide and the assistance they provide in each stage.

Who are the main users of CareLogic EHR software?

CareLogic EHR is utilized by more than 300,000 medical staff across the U.S. CareLogic EHR supports application laboratory integration, SOAP notes, progress notes, and electronic prescriptions. When CareLogic is integrated with patient scheduling, it gives front-office staff access to appointment reminders and allows them to schedule rooms.

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Qualifacts CareLogic EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Julianne T.

Mental health care

51-200 employees

January 2023

CareLogic is an amazing EHR for mental health providers.

We have received positive feedback from our users about the customization and flexibility of CareLogic. The way it operates just makes sense, and there’s an easy way to process claims from different fund providers, which I use the most. The CareLogic community is a fantastic feature to help the users learn anything they want, no matter their skill level. It really shows that the folks behind Qualifacts actually want to hear suggestions and criticism from its consumers. They arranged a conference recently, which was also very beneficial for my team, and they learned a lot. Our main reason for choosing CareLogic was basically to implement billing restrictions, and we have accomplished that.

Unfortunately, CareLogic is not without flaws. It often glitches out on me, which gets in the way of my work routine. And Pentaho is seriously unfriendly, and its reporting system is also full of bugs. And then there is a financial "lock" on some of the very useful features. CareLogic can offer a lot more, just not for free. And the functionality can't be optimized in its simplest form. Additionally, depending on your implementation team, you might or might not be aware of the features you have access to.

Steve A.

Mental Health care

200-500 employees

December 2022

Qualifacts review

We are a medium sized medical firm and Qualifacts, for us, gets the job done pretty well. Users can integrate CareLogic into their workflows to make their duties more efficient. These templates cater to numerous organizations working in the domains of mental and behavioral health. Many of their clients are professionals in therapy, psychology, substance abuse, counseling, and psychiatry. With its rule-driven validations engine, the program aids system administrators in monitoring their ongoing work processes and identifying mistakes in real-time.

All these interface features continue to work well for us, and we’re sure well be using the app for several years to come (provided the developer keeps out rolling new updates in UX and functionality).

There are not many flaws in the system, but in comparison to software like Microsoft Office or websites like Gmail, the interface seems outdated. The developer definitely needs to work on this.

Regina B.

Mental health care

51-200 employees

November 2022

It does the job and does it really well!

CareLogic may be used for a wide range of organizations, but I can affirm that it is just the right software solution for a community-based non-profit. We had looked at at least a dozen different software packages before finalizing CareLogic since it serves our everyday demands with perfection and even goes beyond that. It's not perfect, but it tracks records, allows access, and makes changes with near-perfect accuracy. We do a lot of different stuff with the help of different software, and CareLogic has fit right in while streamlining our duties.

It helps you collect and manage a lot of data, which is great, but then it lacks support for data retrieval and retrieving the data itself, which is very confusing. And the solutions they provide to our problems are mostly generic and don’t do much about the issue. If we could have had more analytical and technical support to help us achieve our quarterly objectives.

Kaela S.

NHS Contractor

201-500 employees

October 2022

Good UI and great training make CareLogic a strong contender.

CareLogic is great at accommodating any and all requirements of the healthcare sector by providing the necessary flexibility and modification possibilities. Moreover, it also allows smooth configurations for processing multiple claims from as many funding sources as needed. The UI is modern, and the software is lightweight. Navigation is very simple and requires almost no training for anyone to at least get started. And for training, the technical team is a standout feature of CareLogic. Working as an admin, I found the software to be very easy to operate, especially when onboarding new employees. State gatherings and yearly conferences are useful and fantastic for expanding our network.

The information simply cannot be shared as easily as I would have liked. And there is a fee to obtain the package that allows sharing. It has a lackluster patient portal, which is basically just not my cup of tea. However, they have kept our hopes high due to the patient portal revamp being mentioned on the 2023 roadmap.

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