RelayClinical EHR Software

What is RelayClinical EHR Software?


RelayClinical EHR software is a cloud-based electronic health record software (EHR) that assists medical officers, healthcare providers, and ambulatory technicians in organization and coordination. Assisting solo doctors and managerial staff in their everyday affairs, RelayClinical EHR helps clinicians in appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, medical billing, physician scheduling, and compliance tracking.

RelayClinical EHR software helps the managerial staff order treatment, organize test results, issue referrals, and share medical records across various EHRs and medical practices. It has an information exchange feature that allows clinicians working under a domain to exchange medical data with other health systems. 

RelayClinical EHR software provides efficient functionality required by ambulatory services to qualify for Meaningful Use incentives offered by their government. RelayClinical EHR also comes as a Software as a service (SaaS) and could be integrated with other workflow software. 

What is RelayClinical EHR Software Best for?

RelayClinical EHR software surpasses many implementation and investment funding problems associated with other EHR systems. RelayClinical EHR is equipped with a modular system that allows users to customize their system by only paying for the needed features. This makes RelayClinical a good option for medical practices requiring specific functionalities to fill the gaps in Meaningful Use Strategy. 

It also assists its users by providing a RelayClinical EHR Tutorial. Overall, it helps streamline the hospital workflow by allowing the practitioners to carefully manage their Practice Management systems (PM).

RelayClinical EHR Pricing

The vendor has not provided sufficient information about the pricing plan of RelayClinical EHR software. 

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RelayClinical EHR Software Integrations

RelayClinical EHR software comes as Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and efficiently integrates with various workflows employed by different practitioners. The integration allows practitioners to send patients' medical records and reports for easy access across different EHR solutions. This feature helps the software retrieve medical data, healthcare information, and hospital records. 

RelayClinical EHR software is cloud-based and can be accessed on desktops or mobile phones.

How Does RelayClinical EHR Software Work?

To access RelayClinical EHR software, follow these simple steps;

  • Buy a subscription to RelayClinical EHR software. Sign up with your personal information in the designated slots
  • Customer support provides you with credentials specifically curated for each user
  • Click on the Activity Dashboard. Select the patient profile you wish to access. Upload, renew, or alter the patient information
  • Access features such as patient orders, patient history, e-prescriptions, e-billing, claim management, and follow-ups to seamlessly handle workflows

For further information and details, tap the Watch Demo button to acquaint yourself with RelayClinical EHR.

Who is RelayClinical EHR Software for?

RelayClinical EHR software has been specifically curated for solo doctors and healthcare facilities of all sizes. It assists users belonging to small, medium, and large businesses depending upon their requirements. Moreover, it assists in the everyday functioning of ambulatory services, helping it qualify for the Meaningful Use Incentive offered by the government.

RelayClinical EHR Software Features

The following are the features of RelayClinical EHR software:

  • E-Prescribing
    RelayClinical EHR software allows prescribers to send an accurate prescription letter directly to a pharmacist without needing a handwritten prescription. This improves the quality of patient care.
  • Patient’s visit documentation
    RelayClinical EHR helps medical officers document the visits of patients. It ensures efficient record-keeping and documentation both in person and online. This feature could also provide a detailed medical history of visiting patients.
  • Chronic Condition Management
    RelayClinical EHR is equipped with Chronic Condition Management that helps exchange and update information of critically ill patients. This feature ensures timely medical assistance to the chronically ill.
  • Record sharing
    RelayClinical EHR helps healthcare providers share the medical history and patient’s information with other healthcare providers if needed. 

How is RelayClinical EHR Software Different from Other Software?

RelayClinical EHR software is different from other EHRs as it provides a modular solution to its users that helps them customize their system and only invests in the features they need. It also offers a carefully designed RelayClinical EHR Tutorial to assist first-time users with easy access to their software.

Is RelayClinical EHR Software Right for You?

If you’re looking for an affordable electronic health record system to streamline your medical workflow, RelayClinical EHR software may be a good choice. Moreover, it can be supported on desktop and mobile phones. 

If you’re still unsure, click the Watch Demo button above and dive into the RelayClinical EHR demo for free.


  • RelayClinical EHR software provides tailor-fit features that help each user in adopting the software according to his requirements
  • It can be adopted by organizations of any size


  • Users have reported glitching and lagging in its working
  • Vendor has not shared any pricing details. This drawback may slow down its purchase

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does RelayClinical EHR Software cost?

RelayClinical EHR software offers a free trial to its users. As for the pricing details, the vendor has not communicated a viable pricing plan.

Is RelayClinical EHR Software cloud-based?

Yes, RelayClinical EHR software is cloud-based. This feature helps it store a bulk of information while ensuring safety.

What are the main features of RelayClinical EHR Software?

RelayClinical EHR software has multiple features, such as appointment scheduling, compliance tracking, handwriting recognition, inventory management, a patient portal, a self-service portal, etc.

What level of support does RelayClinical EHR Software have?

RelayClinical EHR software provides 24-hour support round the clock via email and phone.

Who are the main users of RelayClinical EHR Software?

RelayClinical EHR software has been specifically curated for solo doctors and medical officers. However, it extends its services to medical organizations of every size.

RelayClinical EHR Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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