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10 Best Healthcare Software for Medical Professionals

      It’s no secret that general practitioners can save a lot of money by ditching paper records and switching to digital health repositories to manage their patients better. Providers can see more patients thanks to the efficiency of healthcare software systems, which boosts their overall revenue. In addition, the software simplifies appointment scheduling, billing procedures, and various other concerns that form part of the daily clinical workflow. 

      This article will discuss the top ten healthcare software applications available in the market along with their top features. We will also look into their pricing model so you can decide which one is worth the investment.  

      So…let’s dig in! 

      athenahealth EMR

      athenahealth EMR is one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective EHR solutions for medical practices. While enhancing your clinical productivity, the program allows you to provide high-quality treatment to your patients. Additionally, athenahealth will expertly manage your administrative and financial responsibilities with its fully integrated system. 

      athenahealth’s cloud-based practice management software includes complete patient access, processing of claims and clearinghouses, and payer reporting. Patient engagement, population health management, medical billing, revenue cycle management, Epocrates, and other educational apps are additional services provided by the software. 


      The monthly subscription cost of athenahealth EMR begins at $140 per provider and increases with the number of providers. Depending on the number of sessions attended, training prices range between $500 and $5,000. 

      In addition, you receive a free 30-minute EHR demonstration, which lets you determine whether the system is suited for your practice and can practically improve patient care. 

      Kareo EMR

      Kareo, a Tebra Company, provides web-based EMR, medical billing, and practice management, and is utilized by tens of thousands of physicians in the United States. This solution is appropriate for small practices and billing services. With Kareo EMR, practices may schedule patients, verify insurance, manage overdue accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, and generate individualized reports, among other functions. 

      After registering, software deploying facilities can be up and running within 48 hours. The system begins at a reasonable monthly subscription with no commitment, no setup expenses, and no maintenance or software update concerns. 


      The monthly price for Kareo starts at $125.00.  

      AdvancedMD EMR

      Various medical professions can use AdvancedMD’s EMR and practice management software. The cloud-based interface allows you to access patient data from any location with internet access. Further, it is one of the comprehensive cloud-based EHR Software solutions, with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly interface and robust capabilities that you can tailor to match the needs of your practice. The program also comes with multiple templates for various healthcare facilities. 

      AdvancedMD EMR provides a quick review of each patient’s cards, which detail prescriptions, diagnoses, and a general health overview. You can also share educational resources with the patient through the patient portal by adding them to these quick assessment checks. 


      AdvancedMD’s feature-rich package costs $729 per doctor. You can, however, simply subscribe to the practice management software for $429 per provider per month.  


      Amazing Charts EMR

      Amazing Charts, developed by a practicing family physician, is an electronic medical records (EMR) solution that fulfills the needs of independent practices. It provides customers with a comprehensive system for managing charting, scheduling, e-prescribing, coding, interoffice messaging, and other tasks. 

      Amazing Charts also has a practice management (PM) solution that connects with the EMR for clinical documentation and financial management processes. In addition, the integrated billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) module allows practices to manage the entire patient visit with a single system. 


      In terms of Amazing Charts EMR cost, the program is not prohibitively expensive and falls around the lower half of the price spectrum for EHR software. The pricing of this software starts at $39 and only increases depending on how many features and capabilities you want from the software.

      eClinicalWorks EMR

      The award-winning Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system from eClinicalWorks is more than just a way for your practice to go paperless. This next-generation technology can help you save money, increase efficiency, and improve security. Using cutting-edge technology, the eClinicalWorks EMR will assist your clinic in meeting its aim of providing the finest patient care possible. 

      The eClinicalWorks EMR system streamlines and simplifies patient encounters. Further, it provides both on-site and remote access to patient records, medical history, previous visits, prescriptions, allergies, labs, and other information. In addition, practices can contact referring physicians and submit secure notes and clinical data using the interface.  

      The capacity of eClinicalWorks EMR to monitor and coordinate patient care makes it a highly useful tool for improving overall patient health while lowering costs and creating a more efficient medical practice. 


      eClinicalWorks EMR costs $449.00 per month per user. You have to pay additional charges for added features.  

      UroChart EMR

      IntrinsiQ’s UroChart Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is customized for urologists. It was developed because the traditional way of keeping patient records was not thought good enough. UroChart cloud-based EHR Software has a specialty-specific interface made by urologists to help align workflow, integrate operations, and improve patient care. 

      The customizable interface and flowcharts make it easier to get more work done. UroChart EMR captures data and gives patients access to their clinicians through an integrated patient portal. Patients can use this facility to access their files, diagnoses, and prescriptions. They can also make appointments and ask for refills on their medications. 


      UroChart pricing is not available to the general public, so you have to contact the vendor directly.  


      Acumen EMR 2.0

      Acumen EMR Software is a cloud-based software solution for all sizes of nephrology practices. This ONC 2015-approved Electronic Health Record Software has long been accessible. The care team can instantly share HIPAA-compliant papers, clinical reports, and patient information. 

      The Acumen EMR software’s goal is to simplify medical practices’ daily operations. It helps patients and nephrologists communicate better. You can also connect to hospitals, dialysis units, labs, and practice management systems to access additional services. 


      To find out how much Acumen EHR costs, you must go to the company’s website and contact the vendor. But many users say that the price of the software is fair and comparable to other options on the market. 

      Nextgen EMR

      The best thing NextGen EMR Software does is help ambulatory care providers of all sizes. However, reviews of NextGen EMR say that you can also use the software in small practices. The software works with a Practice Management System, a Patient portal, and a Medical Billing solution to help you streamline your work. 

      NextGen has software that runs in the cloud, so you can use it anywhere and anytime through the web. This software also comes with free training, so the people who work in your practice can quickly learn how to use it. It also has customer service that has won awards. 


      The price of the NextGen EMR changes depending on how many doctors in your practice use it and how many claims are sent each month. Therefore, there are different price ranges for doctors and nurse practitioners. You can ask the vendor how much it costs by contacting them. 

      Meditech EMR

      Meditech software for hospitals is one of the best EMR programs that help healthcare facilities run their daily business. Meditech software can help healthcare providers of all sizes and specialties. In addition, the EMR makes charting and recording, scheduling, and managing revenue easier. 

      Also, Meditech EMR lets you record and chart patient information electronically, which increases efficiency, brings in more money, and improves the quality of care. It also helps organizations handle tasks for patients at home, like ordering medications, setting up appointments, paying bills, and keeping track of paperwork. 


      The Meditech Software cost is not available online. However, you can get a quote by contacting the vendor through the website. The price of an EHR model depends on many things, like the specific features of a specialty and the number of providers in the setup. 

      Nextech EMR

      The Nextech EMR Software is used in many different areas of medicine, such as Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Orthopedics. You can also choose an integrated suite that includes an electronic medical record, a practice management system, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement. 

      With the web-based Nextech EMR mobile app, you can check appointments, look at patient profiles, and get all EMR information from anywhere. The iPad software is made to look and feel like a paper charting system. It lets you add photos of patients to make it more personal and lets you write directly on images and graphics. 


      The company does not share the pricing model publicly. Please contact the vendor for a detailed pricing model.  

      Final Thoughts

      Every medical practice is unique, and we suggest you schedule a demo before purchasing an EMR. This helps you analyze the software in real-time to decide if it fulfils your needs. You can also read EMR software reviews to see what current users have to say about the software.  

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