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Athena EMR Competitors: Analysis of the Top 5 Alternatives 

      “Data really powers everything that we do.”  

      Nobody could have said this better than Jeff Weiner, as nowadays everything depends on the data we maintain, from care coordination to revenue management.  

      Choosing the right electronic medical records (EMR) software is nothing less than a herculean task. You know that you need a product, but you are unsure of how to pick the right one out of the plethora of options available in the market.

      To assist you in making an informed decision regarding the best medical software integration for your practice, let’s take a look at Athena EMR’s competitors. 

      Cerner EMR 

      Cerner EMR is a cloud based program that improves operations and allows healthcare companies to provide better treatment for healthcare companies. It offers features like infographics, databases, and bookkeeping. With these features and up-to-date patient information, you can be sure to make the correct diagnosis and start treatment right away. Cloud integration gives you full control and access from anywhere. 

      Key Features 

      Document Management

      By automating the notes creation, invoicing, e-prescribing, and other documentation needs, you may reduce the amount of data input required from your practice personnel. You can save money on transcription costs and time on dictation by adding a digital layer that lets you keep, edit, and update records from anywhere in the world. 

      Patient Portal 

      Give patients a practical way of getting crucial medical information to and from doctors, pharmacists, lab technicians, and other care personnel. Reminder widgets with color-coded labels help a lot to let patients know about upcoming appointments, test results, and other messages. 

      Health Analysis 

      Cerner offers insights to assist companies in enhancing clinical, demographic, and financial health initiatives that assist users in identifying short- and long-term operational improvement possibilities. Healthcare institutions, employers, payers, and the government may create a data-driven culture thanks to its complete analytic offerings.  

      Cerner Pricing 

      Cerner offers customized price plans for different clients. All you need to do is get in touch with the Cerner sales team and they will provide you with a custom quote that is best suited to your requirements. 

      Cerner Demo 

      If you are interested in trying out the Cerner EMR and want to see how it can be used to improve your day-to-day administrative tasks, you can request a Cerner EMR demo. 

      Cerner Reviews 

      The Cerner EMR reviews state that the majority of users found it intuitive and easy to use. There are not many complex layers that require prior training to use it. It’s easy to figure out, even if a candidate has little-to-none experience with electronic medical records.

      eClinicalWorks EMR 

      eClinicalWorks EMR provides a complete approach for handling and managing health record administration. This software solution aids healthcare providers in achieving performance targets, enabling crucial efficiencies, and streamlining operations across the entire patient life cycle on a firm’s clinical and administrative sides. This lets doctors and practice managers focus on what’s really important: giving patients high-quality care.  

      Key Features 

      Hospital Management System 

      A complete solution that unites the many inpatient operations is the eClinicalWorks Hospital Management Information System (HMIS), which enhances operational effectiveness, streamlines processes, and makes it easier to provide high-quality patient care. The web-based eClinicalWorks HMIS takes care of all the clinical, administrative, and financial parts of an integrated health care delivery system. 

      Revenue Cycle Management   

      eClinicalWorks EMR utilizes computerized solutions for revenue cycle management. Daily revenue data may be accessed at the click of a button. By digitizing your current system, you can see how your business works, communicate clearly, review financial performance, and learn more about your finances. 

      Scheduling Tools 

      You can concentrate on providing outstanding service and fostering patient involvement by enabling employees to automate all scheduling responsibilities. Make it possible for people to arrange and cancel appointments online with ease. 

      eClinicalWorks Pricing 

      The eClinicalWorks pricing for EHR only is $499 per month per provider. The eClinicalWorks price for EHR with practice management solutions is $599 per month per provider. 

      eClinicalWorks Demo 

      You can schedule the demo through the official website if you want to learn how eClinicalWorks is compatible with your practice. The eClinicalWorks EMR demo will help you figure out how to use the system and incorporate it in your practice. 

      eClinicalWorks Reviews 

      Reviews of eClinicalWorks EMR say that it is intuitively designed software and covers almost all of the needs that you expect an EMR to cover. Its digital record library of patients’ history, family history, and doctor’s notes is really a great feature for both patients and healthcare providers.  

      Allscripts EMR

      Allscripts is not just an EMR software provider; it also offers a variety of consulting services to hospitals and health systems. Among these services are workflow optimization, best practices, medical education, infrastructure migrations, application administration, managed IT services and hosting, and best practices. 

      Key Features 


      The prescription range of electronic prescription solutions for clinicians from Allscripts is compatible with its EHRs and EHRs from other manufacturers too. The Allscripts services include electronic prescription of restricted substances, electronic prior authorization, patient access services for specialty medications, and medication adherence support systems. 

      Telehealth Functions 

      Allscripts EHR supports telehealth, enabling doctors to conduct remote appointments with patients. This is particularly helpful for patients who are unable to travel to their doctor’s office. 

      Appointment Scheduling 

      The appointment scheduler feature in Allscripts EHR enables doctors to examine available time slots and arrange appointments with patients. The scheduler sends appointment reminders to patients. This frees up time formerly spent booking and rescheduling appointments at the front desk. 

      Allscripts Pricing 

      Allscripts’ EMR pricing depends on each product and the number of clinicians that will be using the software. So, in order to get an accurate estimate of the Allscripts pricing model, you can contact the Allscripts sales team and get information regarding the plan you might be interested in. 

      Allscripts Demo 

      You can ask for an Allscripts EMR demo if you want to learn more about Allscripts and how medical health solutions can help you use the program in your clinic. 

      Allscripts Reviews 

      The Allscripts EMR reviews state that it is easy to implement and administer across the board. You can also manage prescriptions for your patients with a single click, and it is one of the most reliable EMRs available on the market. 

      Amazing Charts EMR 

      Key Features 

      Claims Management 

      Amazing Chart’s ‘CareTracker’ practice management enables the rapid identification of coding discrepancies before claims submission, the electronic confirmation of eligibility and claim status, and the straightforward identification of underpaid claims. Also, the Dashboard Front Office Command Center works like a virtual office assistant. Amazing Charts EMR keeps an eye on things and sends you smart alerts only when patient data needs your attention. This gives you more time to focus on your patients. 

      Patient Engagement 

      Amazing Charts EHR’s provide access to patient portals, putting people in charge of their medical information and healthcare requirements. 

      Medical Billing

      The Amazing Charts medical invoicing solution is a fully integrated RCM (revenue cycle management) service that manages the headache of billing for you at a lower cost than most third-party billers. Your practice can use it to increase collections, get a more significant proportion of claims paid on the first submission, and shorten the time to pay with payers and patients. 

      Amazing Pricing Charts 

      The Amazing Charts pricing for the EHR product is $199 per month, and the practice management product costs $299 per month for every clinician. 

      Amazing Charts Demo 

      On the website, you can try out the Amazing Charts EMR demo to see if it will work for your practice. 

      Amazing Chart Reviews 

      The Amazing Charts EMR reviews show that it is reliable and sturdy. It is a platform that can be used to manage electronic health records for large private clinics. 

      NextGen EMR 

      NextGen EMR is a healthcare software that helps ambulatory clinics simplify clinical treatment, population health, and financial administration. It includes industry leading features like analytics, financial services, and mobile solutions.  

      Specified account care, streamlined clinical functions, and automated registry reporting are all parts of the system that help ambulatory practices. 

      Key Features 

      Claim Management 

      NextGen handles the whole billing process, including verifying insurance, checking claims for mistakes, and sending out automated billing statements, to avoid losing money on insurance claims. 

      EHR Management 

      Users may additionally personalize medication information by modifying the formulary’s options. Users may arrange their view of medications by modifying some formulary parameters, such as showing chemical names, displaying OTC medications, and displaying display-only drugs. There are various templates available for selection. With these options, providers and doctors can set up their own medical records in a way that is easiest and best for them. 

      Customizable Interface 

      The cloud based EHR platform allows users to examine all pertinent information on a single screen. It is also customizable. Users can adjust fundamental parameters to access only the required material. Additionally, the first screen or dashboard may be modified in several ways. Multiple modules may be chosen for arranged display, including issues, workflow, medications, and allergies.

      Pricing for Next-Generation EMR 

      The NextGen EMR pricing can be customized based on the size of your practice. You can choose NextGen Office, which is suitable for practices with up to 10 people in their team, or NextGen Enterprise, which supports more than 10 clinicians. Users, on the other hand, say it has three main plans with different prices for doctors and nurses. 

      • NextGen offers part-time physicians and nurses with up to 100 claims each month. 
      • It is designed for physicians and nurses with up to 400 monthly claims.  
      • The MediTouch EHR/PM Unlimited is a suitable alternative for customers who desire an unlimited plan for claims and interactions (physicians at $549 per provider, per month; nurses at $449 per provider, per month). 

      Next-Generation EMR Demo 

      To experience how NextGen can improve your medical health practice, you can schedule a NextGen EMR demo by going to our demo page. 

      NextGen EMR Reviews  

      A majority of Nextgen EMR users claim that it is a reliable and easy-to-use EMR for keeping track of health records, managing patient billing, and scheduling appointments. 


      Although Athena offers outstanding EMR, it may not be suitable for everyone in the healthcare industry. There are some serious heavy-weights, each with well-crafted features that cater to specific niches and specializations. These Athena competitors are cutting-edge when it comes to ease-of-use and compatibility.  

      Athenahealth is one of the oldest players in the EMR industry and still offers a far more efficient and user-friendly experience than the majority of EMR solutions. It is simple to set up thanks to its cloud-based framework. It works well, overall, for most healthcare settings, but there is definitely room for improvement (especially when it comes to its customer service). 

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