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The Best EMR Software for Ophthalmology


      Nowadays, specialty medical practices like narrow ‘eye-doctor’ ophthalmology clinics prefer using dedicated EHR/EMR applications to optimize their workflows/manage their patient health record concerns. But some of these targeted software suites can put a lot of undue stress in terms of expense. So, the alternative for the clinicians on a budget is simple: General-Use EHR systems.  

      Ophthalmology and optometry provide a special set of challenges on the suitable software integration front, however, since their pinpoint diagnostics-focused requirements cannot be fully satisfied by a conventional EHR system.  

      The following five programsreviewed heremake for the leaders’ in the rapidly advancing ophthalmology EHR systems market. Their use comes guaranteed to streamline the processes of their implementing clinics. 

      Athena EMR

      For health systems and medical organizations across the US (around the world, in fact), Athena EMR software makes for a top provider of on-premise and cloud-based health IT solutions. The platform is committed to developing an ecosystem that offers top-notch, easily accessible, and environmentally friendly healthcare expediting’ facilities.  

      Key Features

      Patient Engagement  

      Athena allows users to deliver campaign materials and notifications to patients using masscommunication targeting. With their mobile devices, patients are enabled to communicate with doctors, examine test results, ask for prescription refills, and more. Patients, further, can opt to receive automated appointment, billing, and follow-up care reminders and notifications. 

      Appointment Scheduling  

      Athena EMR’s scheduling tools instantly collate and allow for a one-page listing/viewing of all appointments with the patient’s billing information. Further, they render both new appointments and patient registrations as simple executive processes. As a clinician, once you’ve scheduled patients, you may set up recurrent phone, text, or email appointment reminders. The system’s A/B testing features can help you determine which of these reminder techniques works best if you’re unsure (effective over the long-haul). 

      The scheduling function in Athenahealth, additionally, puts patients in direct contact with your office. It periodically prompts them to update their information and complete any required intake forms prior to visits. In this way, it makes clinicians cognizant of patients insurance details, copay, and deductibles before they checkin. Your front-desk personnel, further, may request on-site payment from patients using this information.  

      Athenahealth, on an all-embracing note, also allows users to create payment plans for patients who are unable to pay. 

      Athena EMR Pricing  

      To see what Athena EMR will cost your practice, you can schedule a 1:1 meeting with the vendor’s support team. Generally, the Athena EMR pricing depends on the size of your clinic.  

      Athena EMR Demo 

      A great way to familiarize yourself with the features of the software is to request a demo – available on this website.  

      Athena EMR Reviews 

      The bulk of Athena EMR reviews found on the internet (including the ones submitted on this platform) show that it is a satisfactory tool and many users like it for its ability to customize reports for every clinician based on the requirements of their practice. 

      Amazing Charts EMR 

      Key Features 

      Patient Engagement  

      With Amazing Charts Practice Management, you can electronically verify patient eligibility and claim status, rapidly spot delinquent claims, and uncover coding discrepancies prior to claims submission. The utility’s Dashboard FrontOffice Command Center functions as a kind of virtual office assistant, keeping an eye on things and alerting you through smart alerts only when patient data lapses call for your attention. This intuitive function prioritization gives you – the clinicianmore time to focus on your patients. 

      Patient Portal 

      Clinics using Amazing Charts are also given the option to run an integrated patient portal for patients to access from a distance. This allows them to securely interact with you in this way and communicate with you about their medical conditions as well as any further questions they may have about their visits, reports, and other events. 

      Patients may also read summaries of their doctor appointments, the outcomes of their clinical lab tests, and a range of other resources that can be used to educate patients about their health via the patient portal. 

      Amazing Charts Pricing  

      The Amazing Charts EMR pricing for the EHR product is $199 per month. On the other hand, the cost of the EHR product with practice management tools is $299 per month for every user.  

      Amazing Charts Demo  

      The Amazing Charts EMR demo can be used to gain insight into the product before you get started with it. 

      Amazing Charts Reviews 

      The Amazing Charts EMR reviews show that it is compatible with large practices and its system is also easy to navigate.  

      eClinicalWorks EMR 

      eClinicalWorks is a well-known EHR system that offers solutions for clinical recording, practice administration, patient interaction, and more. It serves about one million medical professionals worldwide. eClinicalWorks is used by medical offices to assist with duties including scheduling, revenue management, and data analytics. 

      Key Features  


      Users of the scheduling application may handle scheduling requests, add new patients, search appointments, and check up on current patients. The scheduling of resources and specialized equipment for clinicians like physicians, nurses, and other professionals may also be managed by users. 

      Virtual Assistant  

      The virtual assistant ‘Eva’ from eClinicalWorks EHR enables healthcare professionals to access a patient’s progress notes, flowsheet, or account balance. Along with providing instructional videos and other useful resources, the virtual assistant can also make appointments, compare side-by-side notes, and examine patient histories. 

      eClinicalWorks Pricing  

      The eClinicalWorks pricing of the EHR product is $499 per month and the cost of the EHR with practice management solutions is $599 per month.  

      eClinicalWorks Demo 

      The eClinicalWorks demos will help you see the specs from all angles. It will help you determine how you can use it for best practices, you can schedule an eClinicalWorks EMR demo through the website. 

      eClinicalWorks Reviews 

      According to the eClinicalWorks EMR reviews, it is a reliable tool for taking notes and managing patient records. It makes family history accessible for a more accurate diagnosis.  

      CureMD EMR 

      The CureMD platform’s EHR, billing services, and practice administration can all be accessible on an iPad through the Avalon app. This cloud based EHR system enables users to automate workflow by comprehending existing procedures and regenerating them with the aid of collaboration and automation technologies. By incorporating KPI displays, data mining reports, and billing methods, the learning process is also sped up. 

      Key Features 


      e-prescribing for controlled substances, prescription reconciliation, processing refill requests, and other services need connecting prescribers with pharmacies. Additionally, it connects users to thousands of pharmacies nationwide and offers access to information on the advantages and side effects of prescription medications. 

      Appointment Scheduling 

      Automatically manage workflows and appointments between locations. Utilizing color coding, doctors and specialized equipment are scheduled and matched. includes chain scheduling, automatic eligibility verification, family/group scheduling, repeating appointments, and SMS/email reminders in addition to waiting list management. 

      CureMD EMR Pricing  

      The CureMD EMR pricing details are not mentioned on the website. By filling in a form on the website you can receive a customized quote.   

      CureMD EMR Demo 

      To be able to apply the features of the software for best practices, you can watch a CureMD EMR demo. The demo for the CureMD software can be scheduled from the website. 

      CureMD EMR Reviews 

      The CureMD EMR reviews testify that it is good software because it has a customizable interface and supports various specialties which are challenging to find.  

      PrognoCIS EMR 

      PrognoCIS offers both cloud-based and locally hosted solutions for the demands of general practices and ambulatory specialized medical care settings. Offering editable templates, it enables doctors to customize their workflow to suit their own needs. Telemedicine, medical credentialing, e-faxing, and messaging are all supported and are device-compatible. In addition to enabling fast and simple billing administration, it effortlessly connects with PrognoCIS EHR. 

      Key Features 

      Eye Test Templates 

      Test results include 20/20 vision, the capacity to distinguish between different colors, a full visual field, proper eye muscle coordination, normal eye pressure, and normal eye structures. Eye test templates include tests for cataracts, diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, and macular degeneration. 

      Electronic Prescriptions 

      The days of patients having to see a doctor each time they needed a prescription or a medication refill are long gone. You may now prescribe a patient’s prescription online and send it straight to their preferred pharmacy for fulfilment and pickup thanks to PrognoCIS‘s cutting-edge technology. 


      Users claim that this is a very useful feature since it is advantageous to both patients and professionals. With a few clicks, you can prescribe drugs from anywhere. In contrast, your patients may get the prescription while relaxing in their own home. 

      PrognoCIS Pricing  

      The PrognoCIS pricing information is not available on the official vendor profile as it is customized for every practice to meet their requirements. The PrognoCIS EMR cost is calculated to suit individual practitioners and private clinics according to their teams.  

      PrognoCIS Demo 

      It is crucial to determine how the features and functions of the PrognoCIS software fit your medical practice. In order to understand the efficacy of the software, you can request a Prognosis EMR demo through the website.  

      PrognoCIS Reviews 

      The PrognoCIS EMR reviews show that it is user-friendly software for management practices. 


      The main conclusion to be drawn from this succinct overview of the major companies in the ophthalmology EHR industry is that the present market environment looks to be competitive with strong players that provide solid products. As a result, suppliers can experience pressure to innovate and further enhance their products in order to secure a secure position in this market. 

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