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      Best Practice Management Software for Small practices

      Healthcare practices use medical practice management software to streamline their day-to-day processes, including scheduling, treatment planning, patient information management, and other back-office tasks. These systems promise more efficiency but can be sprawling and challenging to learn. The time clinicians require to become proficient with these Healthcare IT solutions can also disrupt the practice functioning until the learning curve is overcome, so there is a huge demand for user-friendly software that improves existing operations rather than obstruct them.

      There are multiple medical practice management systems available in the market that practices can implement to take the burden off their staff. Still, only a few cater to small healthcare facilities. To help you with this, we have covered some of the best Practice Management solutions that do not require a huge investment of effort and time on the part of staff among small practices. Let’s take a look at what a medical practice management system does and the best options that a small practice should consider adopting:

      Benefits of Practice Management Software

      A practice management system helps providers manage electronic health records (EHRs), track patient information, and control online billing management. Doctors, therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals can save time and treat more patients than they did earlier. Other benefits of these systems include:

      • Helps billers process reimbursements much faster and reduces the need for paperwork
      • Reduces time to complete daily tasks and improves process efficiency
      • Allows users to capture patient demographics, create progress reports, and track different processes
      • Enables practice staff to manage insurance processes and update patient information on a daily basis
      • Easily integrates with the daily processes of small and mid-sized healthcare practices
      • Offers features to streamline front desk tasks such as reservations or cancellations
      • Provides reporting and analytics on provider utilization and personnel productivity
      • Helps users ensure compliance with laws and regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

      The Best Practice Management Software for Small Practices

      CareCloud Central

      As a medical practice management provider, CareCloud really shines through. The company maintains a strong reputation for supporting users to stay organized and ensure high-level patient care. It easily tackles the problems faced by practices on a daily basis and keeps costs exceptionally competitive.  

      CareCloud Central provides a practice management system to streamline daily administrative and financial tasks while delivering a modern front desk experience. The platform includes drag and drop actions that enable users to understand the software with minimal training. This is extremely important as CareCloud’s software offers a lot of functionality across a wide range of services, from PM to EHR and billing.

      Overall, the practice management system by CareCloud offers a user-friendly experience for small practices and consolidates all information related to patients and doctors into a centralized platform.

      Greenway Health

      Greenway Health’s Medical Practice Management System offers a cloud-based integrated EHR, PM, and billing solution. The software includes over 4,000 customizable templates that cater to the needs of any clinical practice. This easy-to-use solution covers all aspects of population health, care coordination, patient engagement, and analytics for actionable insights. Moreover, it comes with a speech-to-text feature for transcription and dictating.

      Greenway Health EHR is intuitive and relatively easy to use, yet it requires extra training from the company’s trainers to walk users through the software’s long list of features. This ensures that practice staff gets proficient with the solution and that everyone is working efficiently with the system. Users can also customize templates to meet their unique requirements.

      Overall, the medical practice management system by Greenway Health comes packed with many useful features, and small practices may find the dictation functionality very handy, especially when users want to spend less time clicking through menus.

      Eclipse Practice Management Software

      Eclipse Practice Management Software offers an all-inclusive practice management, EHR, and billing solution that caters to small and multi-site practices. It is available as a download or run from the cloud platform.

      Originally designed to serve chiropractors only, the software has now expanded and includes a comprehensive set of features. The software offers tailor-fit solutions and works to accommodate records, notes, and analytics that work for different practices. It is also easy to use, requires minimal training, and offers excellent customer support. 

      Overall, Eclipse PM offers a comprehensive practice management solution and diligently utilizes user feedback to improve and expand its system. The vendor is an established name in the business who has built a robust PM solution developed from decades of experience.


      AdvancedMD offers an integrated practice management and medical billing system that is available as a standalone system or as a part of its suite of medical software services. It is ideal for small to medium-sized healthcare facilities. 

      The platform comprises three key elements covering reporting, billing, and front office. It can efficiently deal with multiple frontend office tasks and allows for a one-click display of patient information. On top of this, there are pre-designed benchmarking and reporting tools that enable users to improve performance and overall efficiency, both in terms of handling payment records and patients. AdvancedMD EHR also includes tools for charging payments and managing all aspects of billing and collections.

      Overall, AdvancedMD’s integrated practice management system is designed to run the gamut of practice needs. It is a user-friendly product that covers both medical practice needs and billing.

      Adopting a new practice management system is a significant investment of time and money for your small healthcare practice. Before signing up with a particular provider, request the representative to specify the support the vendor offers and any additional costs or services that may be considered beyond the standard support.

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