How to Find Best Software for Pain Management Practices?

How to Find Best Software for Pain Management Practices?

      No one-size-fits-all electronic medical records (EMR_ software solution can help you generate maximum utility for your healthcare facility. Specialty practice need to consider multiple aspects when selecting a medical software to ensure they keep on being competitive. Doctors who work in pain management facilities must choose a software that can help them deliver the best patient care possible.  

      This piece will be all about the best EMR for pain management practices, so if this is something that interests you, keep reading! 

      Best EMR for Pain Management Facilities

      Finding the right medical software for your pain practice is vital for providing quality care to your patients. You can compare the top software, their EMR pricing, features, and online reviews to make an informed decision. Listed below are some of the top EMR vendors for pain management.             

      • DrChrono EHR
      • eClinicalWorks Software
      • EpicCare EMR

      DrChrono EHR

      DrChrono EHR is a top-rated software solution that offers customized tools for pain management facilities. Thanks to its integration feature, you can integrate this software with any other system you use in your practice. It features e-prescriptions, patient scheduling, video visits, and direct messaging options that facilitate efficient pain management.  

      DrChrono reviews confirm that it is well-received by all its users and is regarded as one of the best medical software platforms for pain management. 

       You can also request a dree DrChrono Software Demo to learn more about this solution.

      DrChrono EMR Pricing Details

       DrChrono pricing range between $50 – $500/month. The vendor allows users to choose from four different pricing tiers:

      • Hippocrates
      • Prometheus
      • Apollo
      • Apollo-Plus

      eClinicalWorks Software

      eClinicalWorks EHR is another top-tier health recording platform that gives pain specialists complete access to each patient’s medical records – including allergies, medication history, and other notes.  

      The platform promotes patient safety by offering secure, app-based options for EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances). Its patient engagement tools are designed to focus exclusively on dosage adjustments, refills, and prescriptions. You can also request an eClinicalWorks demo to test-drive this product.  

      eClinicalWorks EMR Pricing Details

      eClinicalWorks cost starts at $499.00 per month.

      EpicCare EMR

      Epic EHR software solution by Epic Systems Corporation is one of the best software solutions designed for Pain Practices. This medical software platform allows specialists to customize the templates and interface according to the unique needs and workflow patterns of their facility. In eClinicalWorks vs Epic, we find eClinicalWorks fall short of the latter in multiple aspects, so we recommend you evaluate both products against your unique needs.  

      Epic EMR Pricing Details

      The pricing plan for Epic starts at $1,200.00 for their self-hosted solutions, and $500,000 for large hospitals and health setups. 

      To end the Discussion on Best EMR for Pain Management

      The best pain management software solutions are crossing borders with their combination of features, making the selection process all the more challenging. You can take help from this article to find a solution that works best for your facility. For more information, visit FindEMR and get in touch with our team of experts.  

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