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Mental Health EHR Software: A Detailed Comparison

      A mental health EHR (Electronic Health Record) aims to provide both comprehensive and efficient record tracking/treatment options for patients’ behavioral health. When it comes to important features such as the supply of psychiatric SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) notes templates or an ONC-ATCB-certified EHR, standalone or general health care solutions can often fall short. A dedicated mental health software fills this gap.  

      Using the said utility, therapists, doctors, and other behavioral health professionals can streamline their front-office and patient-facing operations, ensuring adherence to statutory requirements and commercially relevant standards, as well as fostering work-interoperability.  

      This article provides a comparative analysis of five top-tier mental health EHR software applications with all-encompassing interfaces.   

      Comparing the Top 5 Mental Health EHR

      Praxis EMR

      Praxis EMR is a web-based mental health software that provides on-premise support and web-based functions.  It skips templates and relies on AI to learn how each doctor works and adjusts to a user’s specific demands.   

      Key Features  

      Concept Processing   

      The application’s ‘Concept Processing’ technology is embedded into its interface through its intelligent AI, allowing users to create customized records.   

      Praxis Agents  

      Another feature that makes Praxis EMR stand out is its ‘Praxis Agents’ integration that learns from user behavior. Agents are smart messengers that are a step ahead of executive processes and know how best to implement. They can automate processes such as sending event reminders to the clinic and staff.  

      Practice Advisories 

      Practice Advisories are also integrated within the system to help practitioners make data-driven and helpful decisions to maintain the health of the patients. This feature provides decision support, manages treatment protocols, and provides point-of-care therapy.   


      The Praxis EMR demo is accessible after filling in the form available on the product’s official website. 


      For Praxis EMR pricing, users can contact the sales teams for a customized cost offer.  

      RXNT EHR

      RXNT EHR is a cloud-based mental health software that comes complete with telemedicine, appointment scheduling, patient management, and e-prescribing tool options. 

      EHR App  

      Its EHR app aids practitioners in scheduling appointments, accessing past information and prescriptions, contacting patients digitally, and requesting and reviewing test results.  

      Patient Interface  

      This feature enhances the way patients engage with healthcare by facilitating them with top-notch methods of billing. Moreover, there are options to schedule appointments. Patients, further, are provided access to vital information such as lab results or other medical information within minutes.   

      Real-Time Communication 

      For live consultations that can be recorded for later use, RXNT EHR seamlessly connects with external video and audio systems. This enables real-time clinical data sharing between doctors and patients. Additionally, the application offers customized data templates, smart forms, and short keys to make documentation user-friendly and reduce time spent on administrative activities.  

      RXNT EHR Demo  

      The RXNT EHR demo can be scheduled through the product’s official website. 

      RXNT EHR Pricing  

      There are four RXNT EHR subscription options starting from $170/per month. is a cloud-based mental health practice management system. It provides EMR tools, including client notes and insurance claims.  

      Patient Interface  

      The application offers an online patient interface for scheduling appointments, submitting insurance claims, and scheduling group sessions. Patients can also use the software’s encrypted e-journal  to write entries on their sessions.  

      Treatment Customization 

      Using, mental health professionals can hold online video conferences with their patients, design personalized treatment programs, and keep tabs on their progress using client-progress notes. Additionally, practitioners have access to a client scheduler where they can specify preferences for timing and availability. Patients, correspondingly, can check their calendars to see who is available and make appointments. Demo  

      Besides informative slides, the demo also provides a secure portal to access the software tour. Pricing  

      There are four pricing plans – with the basic offer starting from $49 per month. 


      TherapyNotes is a cloud-based EHR system created for streamlining the workflow of private mental health practitioners. Patient scheduling, medical billing, and a dedicated patients portal come as some of its main features.  

      EMR Suite  

      Using the application, practitioners can personalize patient treatment plans, make progress notes, develop custom sign-up forms to collect patient data, and retain historical records and charts. Additionally, they can set up automated appointment reminders/prompts for patients as well as repeat appointments.  

      Data Security 

      TherapyNotes is HIPAA-compliant software that also complies with PCI regulations to ensure that all sensitive client data remains secure.   

      TherapyNotes Demo  

      If you want to learn how to use the interface, please schedule a TherapyNotes demo. 

      TherapyNotes Pricing  

      Besides the option of a free trial, users are offered three TherapyNotes pricing plans starting at $49 per month. 

      AdvancedMD EHR

      AdvancedMD EHR provides an all-in-one medical office platform to make it simple for physicians to manage their entire practice (in single or multiple locations), along with the patient’s experience.  

      Customizable Workflows  

      Users receive scheduling, charting, billing, precise reporting, and user-friendly patient engagement features. Further, the patient management interface offers essential functions such as patient messaging, form intake, online scheduling, and reminders.   

      Patient Record 

      AdvancedMD EHR is equipped with many tools that support billing, charting, and patient relationship management. Moreover, it focuses on unifying management so that all the elements in a clinician’s workflow correspond with each other. Meanwhile, the patient telemedicine feature helps to minimize overall practice costs while simultaneously facilitating a high level of patient care.  

      5 Key Features of Good Medical Health EHR Software

      There are a few key features that will help you determine which medical health EHR can be the right companion for your medical practice:  

      1. Efficient EHR/EMR   

      The mental health industry’s ability to produce, securely store, and access patient information is a critical EHR feature; one amply provisioned by the bulk of the options listed above.   

      2. Mental Health Support   

      Software for mental health must support disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, counseling and therapy, and behavioral rehabilitation. This entails incorporating features particular to these medical disciplines (e.g., specialty-specific EMR templates and GAF charts).  

      3. Assessment   

      Providers should be given documentation of the intake assessment to aid them in choosing an appropriate course of therapy. Mental health cannot have a one-solution-fits-all approach as each patient case is unique. To ensure that you can treat each patient according to their needs, the software should be able to provide all the crucial documents required for a given treatment.   

      4. Treatment Plan  

      The software should be able to help you design a treatment plan that is suited to your patients. Their symptoms, as well as life circumstances/underlying conditions, should be taken into consideration for assigning prescriptions; something that an EHR interface (worth its subscription dollars) should provision.  

      5. Mental Health Code Integration   

      Because most medical billing applications incorporate pre-programmed ICD codes for diagnosis and treatment, they are well suited to accelerating the revenue cycle. The billing software integrates specialized codes that are relevant to the mental health industry. Consequently, these codes enhance the accuracy of expense management for mental health providers. The behavioral healthcare claim submission is also improved.  

      Choosing the Right Mental Health EHR Software


      Mobile App 

      Customer Support  

      HIPAA Compliance  

      Praxis EMR 




      RXNT EHR 











      AdvancedMD EHR 




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