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Popular EHR Software Pricing: An Overview

      NCBI (National Library of Medicine) research shows that around 57% of primary health care physicians relied on EHR (Electronic Health Record) in 2013. The number of users has only grown ever since. While using an online medical health software can offer management tools, one should know which one would have the best value for your practice.  

      The following article will compare the top 6 EHR software in the light of their features and prices.  


      A market leader among independent medical offices is eClinicalWorks. It covers every facet of patient care, from scheduling and check-in to paperwork, labs, prescription, invoicing, and follow-up is under full control due to its cutting-edge technology and innovation. Furthermore, it offers free hospital interoperability via the countrywide networks of CommonWell and Carequality. 

      Cloud-Based EHR 

      Providers can access patient data anytime, anywhere using a web browser on a PC or Mac, a smartphone, or an iPad. They also benefit from simple documentation and the newest in interoperability. Additionally, it adds features for improved patient engagement, a better knowledge of population health, and a renewed focus on patient safety around EHR.  

      Moreover, providers can quickly access records using the PRISMA health information search engine. It will help them build a searchable timeline of patients’ history. eClinicalWorks combines data from Carequality, Common Well Health Alliance networks, and wearable devices of patients too.  

      Patient Engagement  

      Patients have unprecedented access to personal health information, visit summaries and lab results. They can also use the Patient Portal to schedule appointments online via ‘healow Open Access’, manage their prescriptions, and communicate with their doctor.  

      In addition, patients can confirm and check in for medical appointments online with healow ‘CHECK-IN’. They can examine their demographic information during check-in, verify their insurance coverage, sign consent forms, complete surveys, pay copays and unpaid balances, and evaluate their medical history, including any allergies, hospitalizations, and previous surgeries. 

      eClinicalWorks Pricing  

      The eClinicalWorks pricing has two options. For users who are only looking for EHR services, it offers a plan that costs $499 per month. The EHR with Practice Management option is billed at $599 monthly.  


      Athenahealth is an electronic health record (EHR) system for medical practice management. The medical billing capabilities are all included in the ‘athenaOne medical’ software package from athenaHealth. 

      EHR Services 

      With Athenahealth, practitioners can utilize simple procedures to speed up clinical tasks and obtain more thorough patient data during consultations. It combines real-time data and insights from the network of around 135k clinicians for accurate treatment.  

      During patient interactions, you will spend less time recording and getting side-tracked. Pre-encounter preparation tools and adaptable procedures provide more effective, precise documentation. 

      Improved Patient Engagement 

      With the help of our powerful patient engagement tool, you can spend less time and effort managing your patient population. ‘athenaCommunicator’ equips patients with resources that motivate them to manage their clinical and health information actively.  It also makes it simpler for patients to comprehend and submit online payments for their invoices. Patients can make payments using the Athenahealth mobile and internet solutions whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. 

      AthenaHealth Pricing  

      AthenaHealth maintains a tailored approach toward pricing options. It strives to meet the requirements of your organization and customize a plan suitable for it.  


      The NextGen software offers ambulatory care and state-of-the-art EHR. It covers various specialties like neurology, cardiology, geriatric, and cardiology.  

      Robust EHR 

      The NextGen EHR has an intelligent health IT system to help you run a productive healthcare organization that efficiently fulfills the demands of doctors, employees, and patients. Its single, integrated platform allows providers the flexibility and efficiency they need while giving patients the communication and convenience they want.  

      The EHR system integrates automated reporting to help you stay aligned with regulatory requirements and maintain commercial-quality initiatives. In addition, it streamlines workflows to reduce the administrative burden.  

      Coordinating Care 

      By giving caregivers individualized care tools, the NextGen ‘Population Health Care Coordination Solution’ enables them to offer comprehensive, coordinated patient care that aids practices in identifying patient needs and communicating them at the appropriate time to the appropriate individuals. 

      NextGen Pricing  

      The NextGen pricing is not available on the official website. You can contact the sales team if you are interested in getting started with the NextGen system.  


      It is a goal for Cerner to provide healthcare management tools to practitioners. It offers EHR management and can be used to streamline workflows. 

      Better Patient Engagement  

      Oracle’s Cerner has the ‘Cerner Consumer Framework’, which is an open ecosystem that enables healthcare companies to transform the patient portal into a digital front door and digital practice to put the patients at the center of their healthcare experience. 

      A web-based system called ‘HealtheLifeSM’ from Cerner allows for communication and engagement between health care companies and the population they serve. To assist patients in actively managing their health, it combines the standard functions of a patient portal with engagement technologies. 

      Laboratory Solutions  

      Cerner’s Laboratory solutions aim to streamline manual tasks in the lab workflow and facilitate information sharing. 

      Through frequent software updates and ongoing strategic relationship development, it constantly seeks to increase functionality and usability inside the laboratory. 

      As part of the laboratory and healthcare system workflow, innovations like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking are created and made available to assist clinicians with positive identification duties. 

      Cerner Pricing 

      The Cerner pricing is available upon request. It is a customized cost that depends on your practice size and requirements. 

      Practice Mate

      The Practice Mate EHR lets users access data anytime to ensure that health care provision is not affected. It is a tool that can be used to schedule appointments and manage electronic bills.  

      24/7 EHR 

      We think an EHR system should enable healthcare professionals to work more efficiently. Office Ally provides a solution that enables you to rapidly and effectively capture and submit the data necessary for value-based incentive programs for Meaningful Use and MACRA/MIPS (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act).  

      The EHR offers a customizable interface to support all types of specialties. It can be used to access real-time reports about patients to manage treatments.  


      ‘PatientAlly’ is designed to work with Practice Mate and gives practitioners the chance to enroll patients using the patient charts. This feature sends notifications and reminders to patients and practitioners to keep both parties informed. It can also be used as a portal to schedule appointments with a quick and seamless interface.  

      The online bill payment and payment history allow you to manage medical finances right from the software. Moreover, its intakes documents to streamline clinical paperwork before the patient visits the medical officer.  

      PracticeMate Pricing  

      The Practice Mate pricing is not available on the official website.  


      The DrChrono software is a digital health technology company that facilitates practice management, medical bills, and electronic health records.  

      EHR System 

      The DrChrono cloud-based EHR has top-of-the-line technology to take your charting to the next level. You will have access to tools like free drawing, medical speech-to-text, lab ordering, e-prescribing, and more, right from your chart, to reduce time-consuming tasks. 

      Experience the effectiveness and integrity of your health records as a result of one platform’s seamless integration of patient engagement, billing, and EMR, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or the web. 


      You may organize and carry out virtual visits straight from your EHR with DrChrono ‘Telehealth’. You may schedule online appointments and send automatic emails to your patients using our HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly Video Visits without needing extra software, downloads, or time-consuming set-ups. Learn how using your EHR to do Video Visits improves patient care while saving you time and money. 

      DrChrono Pricing  

      The DrChrono software has four payment options: Prometheus, Hippocrates, Apollo, and Apollo Plus. The costs are not specified on the website as they are customized based on the practice.  

      Concluding Remarks 

      It is essential to analyze medical health software’s focal features before settling for one. Likewise, it depends on the level of your practice and which pricing plan you are comfortable with. It is an investment for your practice, in the end. Therefore, you should be willing to purchase software that will eventually add value to patient care systems. 


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