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SimplePractice vs. TherapyNotes: Which One’s Right For Your Practice?

Both offer a ton of positives. However, it comes down to which software would be the right fit for the needs of your health and wellness practice. To that end, this side-by-side comparison can help you figure out if one of them offers what you need.

We’ve evaluated the price points, standout features, scalability, customer support, compliance mechanisms, and data security plans of the two systems. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the discussion!


Simple practice management software that adheres to HIPAA compliance standards. It is specifically crafted to cater to the unique needs of health and wellness professionals, including mental health professionals, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and speech-language pathologists.

By incorporating this software, practices can enable a paperless workspace and digitize multiple tasks, including patient appointments, communication, note-taking, and insurance billing, among others.


TherapyNotes is an electronic health record (EHR) solution specifically designed for behavioral health professionals, ensuring HIPAA compliance. Psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers, along with their administrative personnel, can utilize this solution to digitize operational tasks and reduce paperwork.

The software streamlines patient records and medication management, appointment scheduling, telehealth options, video conferencing, insurance billing, and more. It offers an efficient and streamlined solution for clinical operations.

TherapyNotes-Features 2

SimplePractice Vs TherapyNotes: Community Pulse

SimplePractice has an active and thriving user community. Its popularity among therapists, counselors, and mental health professionals has contributed to the growth of its user base. The software provides an online community forum where users can connect, ask questions, share tips, and engage in discussions.

The SimplePractice community forum is a valuable resource for users seeking advice, sharing experiences, and learning from one another. It allows practitioners to tap into the collective wisdom of fellow users and gain insights into optimizing their practice management.

On the other hand, TherapyNotes also fosters a software community, although it may not be as extensive as SimplePractice’s. TherapyNotes users have access to a dedicated support team for assistance with software-related inquiries. Although lacking a community forum like SimplePractice, their customer support team is known for being responsive and helpful.

Moreover, TherapyNotes offers webinars and training sessions to help users make the most of their software. These resources enable users to stay updated on new features, learn time-saving tips, and connect with other practitioners during live training sessions.

TherapyNotes Vs SimplePractice: Which One’s Cheaper?

Pricing is arguably the most important factor when you compare two EMR solutions, which is why it’s up first in this assessment.

SimplePractice vs. TherapyNotes pricing3

If you’re running a solo practice that has recently started out, you can expect the following monthly costs initially.

  • TherapyNotes: $49/Month
  • SimplePractice: $29/Month

Likewise, if your practice (be it a group or solo) necessitates appointment scheduling (including automated reminders), insurance, billing, documentation, and the capacity to include additional clinical and non-clinical personnel, the subsequent expenses for the initial user can be anticipated.

  • TherapyNotes: $59/Month
  • SimplePractice: $99/Month

Here’s a hypothetical situation…

A group practice with 2 clinicians using SimplePractice (“Plus” Plan) pays $158 a month. In case this facility expands to 10 clinical pros, they’re looking at a monthly bill of $630. On the other hand, TherapyNotes would charge $89 per month (“Group” Plan) from a group practice of 2 clinicians and $329/month from a collective practice of 10 clinical pros.

So, if you’ve been planning to expand, it’s crucial to consider the impact of adding each new member to your clinical and non-clinical team on monthly and yearly expenses.

Click on Get Pricing now to discover the best budget-friendly solution and receive a pricing quote tailored specifically to your needs.

SimplePractice Vs TherapyNotes: Standout Features

With pricing aside, let’s now compare the functionalities of TherapyNotes and SimplePractice. By the end of this section, you’ll have a fair idea if either software can meet your requirements.

EMR, Plans, And Notes

Both SimplePractice and TherapyNotes offer comprehensive EHRs, plans, and notes. SimplePractice users can opt for Basic, Advanced, and Wiley Planners at an extra charge of $15/month/clinician. In contrast, TherapyNotes lacks customization options for its note-taking feature. Both EMR solutions provide time-saving features like drop-down ICD-10 codes and autofill text fields.


Both TherapyNotes and SimplePractice offer telehealth services, with TherapyNotes charging $0.24 per hour for the same service. While effective, TherapyNotes’ telehealth tool is relatively intricate to set up.


On the flip side, SimplePractice maintains a consistent flat fee of $10 per month for telehealth services. Engaging in telehealth sessions is a breeze, requiring only a simple click on the calendar. Moreover, SimplePractice provides a mobile application that adheres to HIPAA regulations, allowing clients to effortlessly join video sessions using the app.

Billing And Invoicing

SimplePractice and TherapyNotes both provide extensive billing and invoicing functionalities. These systems effectively assist in managing payor billing and claims, while also offering credit card support for your practice. Furthermore, they offer convenient features such as the ability to upload billing information and access common services, ensuring smooth operations. Moreover, both systems allow you to easily request coverage reports and ERAs.

Appointments And Scheduling

SimplePractice and TherapyNotes provide comparable features for appointment creation and calendar management. Nevertheless, there exist distinctions between the two platforms. For instance, though both platforms offer appointment reminders, TherapyNotes charges a fee of $0.14 for each voice and text reminder sent. Additionally, TherapyNotes’ client portal does not allow clients to create or reschedule appointments, whereas SimplePractice’s client portal encompasses these functionalities.


Client Portal

The client portal of SimplePractice stands out as significantly more comprehensive when compared to TherapyNotes. A notable example is the enhanced convenience it provides to clients, allowing them to easily schedule, reschedule, and access billing and payment information within the SimplePractice portal. Additionally, SimplePractice offers the option for customers to participate in teletherapy services through its mobile application and client portal. Both systems enable clients to view and cancel appointments, as well as conveniently sign, view, or send documents.

Mobile Applications

SimplePractice has created a mobile application that offers a similar range of features, allowing you to easily manage your practice while on the go. This application enables you to handle your schedule, share and upload documents, manage documents, add or review progress notes, access client contacts and payment information, process payments, and check invoices. In contrast, as of now, TherapyNotes does not provide a dedicated mobile app.

Comparison Between SimplePractice And TherapyNotes: Use Cases

Now that you’re familiar with the primary features of SimplePractice and TherapyNotes, time to assess how they match up against one another in terms of user experience…

User-Friendliness/Ease Of Use

An efficient software application should be equipped with a variety of features that allow users to fully utilize its capabilities. Nevertheless, having a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate is equally important. SimplePractice and TherapyNotes serve as examples of user-friendly software, although SimplePractice has a slight advantage due to its more intuitive key user flows.


Our research uncovered that SimplePractice software had significantly fewer instances where users might experience confusion. Conversely, users may encounter obstacles or need to go through additional steps to access notes features in TherapyNotes.

Compliance Mechanisms

As a therapist, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations and safeguarding patient data is of utmost importance. SimplePractice is dedicated to maintaining HIPAA compliance and offers various tools to support your adherence to privacy and security requirements. These tools include secure messaging, electronic insurance claims submission, and customizable client consent forms, all designed to help you fulfill your regulatory obligations.

TherapyNotes also prioritizes compliance with HIPAA regulations and provides secure storage and transmission of patient data. They have implemented safeguards such as automatic logouts, audit logs, and encryption to safeguard sensitive information. Moreover, TherapyNotes allows you to customize security settings, enabling you to configure access levels for your staff as needed.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is crucial for any software system, particularly when you face problems or require assistance. SimplePractice provides outstanding customer support through phone, email, and live chat. Their support team is prompt, well-informed, and prepared to assist you in overcoming any obstacles. Additionally, they offer a wide range of resources, including video tutorials, webinars, and an online community forum.

SimplePractice vs. TherapyNotes-Customer7

TherapyNotes similarly offers responsive customer support via phone and email. They possess a comprehensive knowledge base with informative articles and video tutorials. However, a few users have mentioned experiencing slightly longer response times during peak periods.

Data Security

Ensuring the security of your practice’s data is of the utmost importance. SimplePractice prioritizes data security and utilizes industry-standard measures to protect your information. They employ data encryption, perform regular data backups, and utilize secure servers hosted in SOC 2 Type II compliant data centers. SimplePractice also conducts routine security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential risks.

TherapyNotes also takes data security seriously. They utilize SSL encryption to secure data transmission and implement regular backups to safeguard against data loss. Additionally, TherapyNotes undergoes third-party audits to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and maintains stringent physical and logical access controls to protect your practice’s data.

The Outcome

SimplePractice vs. TherapyNotes-Final Verdict

This guide provides a comparison of the notable features of SimplePractice and TherapyNotes, offering insight into the pros and cons of each system. It aims to help you evaluate which one suits your practice’s specific needs, particularly in addressing operational bottlenecks encountered by your clinical and non-clinical staff daily. For a thorough assessment and determination of the best solution, please refer to the use case comparison section.

We believe that this article offers sufficient information for you to make an informed decision. We highly value feedback from our readers, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. We also welcome suggestions for improvement, so please continue to provide them. Until our next update, take care and stay well!

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Completely paperless, remote access, good customer support, HIPAA compliance

Comprehensive features, easy-to-use interface, HIPAA compliance, Excellent customer support

$29 to $99 per month


Completely paperless, remote access, good customer support, HIPAA compliance

5 out of 5 (aggregate score)

$29 to $99 per month

Comprehensive features, easy-to-use interface, HIPAA compliance, Excellent customer support

4 out of 5 (aggregate score)


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