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Top 5 Mental Health EHR Software Comparison for the Year 2024

      It can be hard to run a private practice as a mental health practitioner. You have to take care of administrative tasks like setting up appointments, keeping records on patients, and making invoices. Without help from staff, you would spend most of your time and energy covering these operations instead of spending time with patients and getting a better idea of what was wrong with them. 

      EHR software for mental health can help your practice get past these problems. In addition, these tools have features made to make things easier for private practices that help people with mental health problems.

      CounSol is a web-based EMR platform for practice management and mental health care. It gives patients an online place to book appointments, submit insurance claims, and book group sessions. It also has a secure electronic journal where patients can write about their sessions. 

      With, mental health professionals can hold online video sessions with their clients, make treatment plans, and use client progress notes to keep track of their progress. Practitioners also have access to a client scheduler where they can set their availability and scheduling preferences. Patients can look at the calendars to see what times are free and book appointments. In addition, is a website that lets you get help by email, phone, or chat. 

      Praxis EMR

      Praxis EMR is software for mental health that uses artificial intelligence to learn how a mental health provider works and adapts to its specific needs. It learns from what has happened before and looks for similarities in patient records to make smart diagnoses. 

      Praxis has a built-in document manager called Scanaway that helps with scanning, imaging, and archiving patient documents and other sensitive files, which you can then import digitally. 

      It comes with a research tool called Praxis DataMiner that helps find medical information about patients in a particular area. Providers can use this information to do clinical studies and drug trials. 

      You can get help with Praxis EMR by email, phone, or chat. It runs on the web and has apps for desktop and mobile devices (Android and iOS). 

      RXNT EHR

      RXNT EHR is a cloud-based software suite for mental health that includes telehealth, medical scheduling, patient management, and electronic prescribing. For example, its EHR app lets doctors talk to patients online, look at their records and prescriptions, set up appointments, and look over lab reports. 

      RXNT EHR works with third-party video and audio platforms to offer live consultations. You can record these online sessions for future use. It lets providers share clinical data in real-time with patients. It has customizable data templates, smart forms, and short keys to make documentation easy. 

      RXNT EHR has support via email, phone, and live chat. In addition, it has an app for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. 


      TherapyNotes is a mental health EHR system for private practices based in the cloud. Its most important features are a patient portal, appointment scheduler, and medical billing. 

      With TherapyNotes, practices can make custom sign-up forms (to get information about patients), customize treatment plans for each patient, make progress notes, and keep historical charts and records. They can also set up appointments that happen repeatedly and remind patients of their appointments automatically. 

      TherapyNotes is certified by HIPAA and meets PCI data security standards. The tool has support via email, chat, and phone. It is on the web, and there is also an app for the iPad. 

      eClinicalWorks Pricing

      This EMR software brings forward two all-inclusive pricing plans. One is only a basic EHR plan those costs $499. However, the other plan adds practice management features to the EHR solution and charges $599. eClinicalWorks EMR emphasizes monthly-based pricing packages, which don’t burden practitioners’ shoulders. Users won’t be charged with any additional cost or implementation cost. They can also opt for its RCM solutions that charge 2.9% only.

      AdvancedMD EHR

      AdvancedMD has a particular EHR module for people who work in mental health. It lets you make the best workflows based on your current treatment plans and the specific needs of mental health patients and professionals. You can also use it in multi-specialty practices with mental health providers, which are becoming more common and an excellent way for patients to get help with their physical and mental health needs. 

      The AdvancedMD EHR can use a client’s answers to make a score that helps with a diagnosis with just one click. You can also use cross-cutting measures to find conditions that can occur simultaneously. Finally, you can also use tools like Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) charts and graphs to keep track of a client’s condition and progress. 

      Our Two Bits

      When looking for mental health EMR software, you should think about what your healthcare facility wants and needs and your problems. We hope this guide helps you choose the best option for your mental health practice. You can also schedule a demo to explore each software in detail.  

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