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Top 6 EHR Software Pricing Analysis

      As the number of EHR users in the HIT market grows quickly, so do the number of vendors who sell these EHRs. As a result, there are a lot of EHR companies out there, and it can seem complicated to pick the right one. 

      The price of the item is just one thing to think about. You also want to ensure that your EHR vendor will be around for a long time. This will save you money, time, and trouble switching to a new system. 

      Here are the top 6 EHR software with pricing analysis to help you choose the ideal one for your practice.  


      eClinicalWorks is a popular EHR system that is used by nearly one million medical professionals around the world. It has tools for clinical documentation, practice management, patient engagement, etc. eClinicalWorks EHR is used by medical practices to help with scheduling, managing revenue, and analyzing data. 

      Like other similar software, eClinicalWorks lets you chart and document medical information, so you don’t have to write it down by hand. Healthcare organizations use eClinicalWorks to make more money and improve the quality of their services and care. The EHR software costs $449 per provider per month, but if you also want a practice management system, it will cost you $599 per provider. 


      athenahealth EMR is the best at performance management and reporting in the business world. With athenahealth’s wide range of solutions, practices that want flexible, in-depth reporting and personalized consultation will be in good hands. 

      Within the athenaClinicals EMR system, you’ll have access to all the tools a practice might need. For example, there are tools for making charts, taking notes, e-prescribing, and working with other systems. In addition, the athenahealth medical practice management software has tools for registration, scheduling, and communicating with patients. 

      athenahealth’s pricing depends on your practice so that you can contact the vendor for a specific quote. The price of an EHR is usually based on the cost per doctor per month, which is billed once a year. You can also set up administrative accounts. 


      NextGen Enterprise has many features for more extensive outpatient facilities, such as practice management, charting, telehealth, a patient portal, analytics, etc. This EHR system is made for both single-specialty and multi-specialty practices. It handles clinical and administrative tasks like making appointments and keeping track of money. 

      NextGen EMR helps doctors save time and give accurate, high-quality care while making more money and making patients happier. In addition, a mobile app and workflows make things run more smoothly. Overall, NextGen is a popular choice for ambulatory practices that want an EHR to help them get the best clinical and financial results. The cloud-based EMR from NextGen makes implementation quick and easy. You can finish the whole process in two months or less. The software is not the easiest to use, but it is affordable, costing $299 and $549 per month.


      Cerner EHR was made for and by doctors to give practices of all sizes a fully functional piece of medical software that works across all specialties. 

      Cerner’s Ambulatory solution lets doctors and practice staff access information about patients and do workflows on mobile and tablet devices. It also enables them to dictate by voice. In addition, you can change all of Cerner EHR workflows to fit the needs of more than 55 different medical specialties. 

      Cerner Ambulatory includes ePrescribe, nCode, electronic lab requisition, and results analysis, all of which are meant to save time when making a diagnosis and reduce the chance of a mistake. When it comes to how much Cerner costs, it is clear that it is cheaper than most EHR software. Prices start at $25 per month but can go up or down depending on your business needs. 

      Practice Mate

      Practice Mate EHR by Office Ally is free software for managing a practice. It also has an option for an electronic health record that is affordable and complete. It is used by more than 330,000 health care providers in the United States. The web-based software has all the features needed to run a practice, like scheduling patients, reminding them of appointments, billing, and making reports. 

      Office Ally EHR is what EHR 24/7 is, and it costs about $30 per provider per month. There are no fees for Practice Ally, Clearinghouse, and the patient portal. Practices that use EHR can also use Clearinghouse, their main product, for free. Users can send claims electronically to more than 5,000 payers, enjoy fewer denials because claims are checked automatically before they are sent, and track the status of each claim. When you watch the Practice Mate demo, you can see all the software’s features. It also offers phone and email customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


      DrChrono is almost unbeatable for new medical practices because it is easy to use and doesn’t cost too much. Access to DrChrono’s set of EMR and medical practice management tools usually costs between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars per provider per month. 

      DrChrono EMR has powerful tools for scheduling appointments, billing, reminding patients, and reporting. But it’s important to note that DrChrono limits the number of patient reminders at lower price tiers. This could be a problem for practices that are growing. 

      DrChrono’s two most expensive plans come with advanced billing tools and a top revenue cycle management service. DrChrono will also take care of your accounts receivable, claims, and performance reports at the very top level. 

      DrChrono is easy to use and affordable whether you choose the basic EMR and PM tools in the lower tiers or the more advanced features in the higher tiers. With DrChrono, your small or new practice can save hours and grow without breaking the bank.

      Final Thoughts

      We hope this guide helps you select the most cost-effective EHR software for your practice. However, the pricing for each software varies, so it is best to schedule a demo and explore each software firsthand. 

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