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Which EHR is Best to Improve Your Mental Health Practice?

      Mental health has an impact on all aspects of our life. Hence, to give a sense of peace to you and your patients, EHR software is there to meet your various administrative needs with its simple-to-use, totally customizable solution. Furthermore, each medical software is designed to meet the specific requirements of your psychiatry practice. Hence, we have prepared summaries of the best mental health EHR to help you narrow down your search. 

      Best EHR For Mental Health Practices

      TheraNest EHR

      TheraNest is medical software that has multiple features to help you get more work done in less time. For example, the electronic health record system allows you to set short- and long-term goals along with your treatment plan to ensure your patients are on the correct path. Other features include a client portal, quick credit card payments, filing of insurance claims, telehealth, etc. It is an all-rounder system that manages all areas within the practice, whether small, large, or independent.  

      If you are interested in purchasing this EHR, you can check out their free demo to get a better idea if it suits your psychiatry practice. Its price is determined by the total number of your active customers. The starting price is $39 monthly.  

      TherapyNotes EHR

      TherapyNotes is one of the widely trusted EHR systems to manage your administrative duties within the behavioral health practice. If you own multiple practices at different locations or need to access vital patient records remotely, TherapyNotes is the most suitable choice. It offers features such as a patient portal, effortless scheduling tool, insurance claims verification, customized psychotherapy notes, and much more.  

      This medical software is appropriate for all sizes of mental health practices. In case of any queries, you can check out the free trial of the software. The EMR pricing for TherapyNotes varies with the number of clinicians, with the initial price being $59 per month for a single clinician.  

      NueMD EHR

      NueMD is a modernized EHR software built for small and medium-sized practices. You can easily manage your daily business tasks with this easy-to-use system. It offers primary features such as a client portal, limitless appointment alerts, scheduling, quick processing of payments, etc. For example, you can send your patients a free voice, email, or text reminder to make sure they show up on time once an appointment is scheduled.  

       On top of everything, NueMD complies with HIPAA security rules. If you want, you can access a free demo to see these features for yourself.  

      Our Recommendation

      By improving your present workflow, an effective EHR software can help you enhance your profitability and quality of care. We strongly advise scheduling a trial before obtaining any of the EHR systems. As a result, you’ll be able to see if the electronic health record fits all of your practice requirements. Before deciding on the best EHR for your mental health clinic, we suggest reading as many EMR software reviews as possible from our FindEMR website.  

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