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Which EMR is better? eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic

Conducting EMR vendors comparison is an engaging, ongoing activity that helps point out meaningful commonalities and differences between niche software options. And there is nothing wrong with the endeavor, of course; many (including us) would argue that the effort is necessary. But all this is applicable only when it’s done correctly. So, with the angling evident about what we’re going to do, we’ve conducted, here, a thorough, side-by-side analysis of two of the world’s – currently – ‘most-in-use’ EMR systems: eClinicalWorks and Epic Care. On an interesting side note, you may be amazed to learn that the eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic EMR differentiation is an all-time hot topic among healthcare practices!

Read on to know everything about their individual features, pricing (plan) structures, user feedback ratings/reviews, and field capabilities.

eClinicalWorks VS Epic at a Glance

Before comparing both, let’s start with an overview of what these applications are all about and what they aim for.


eClinicalWorks is a top-performing EHR solution that boasts a significant chunk of the global EMR market share. Over 850,000 care providers and around 130,000 medical professionals worldwide rely on this feature-rich platform to make do on their clinical workflows. The primary aim of eClinicalWorks EMR is to provide a comprehensive platform that acts as a one-stop work hub for all kinds of physicians.  

This software, specifically, unifies the customary EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle modules to ensure efficient task completion. In addition, it minimizes the likelihood of mistakes by using one centralized location for the entire database – a resource that doctors can consult readily with no hindrance. eClinicalWorks, on a whole, comes well-equipped with distinct features that foster in-depth user (and, in turn, patient) satisfaction.

Epic EMR

Epic Care, by way of popular opinion, takes the cake with flying colors when it comes to patient engagement and satisfaction. Epic is a privately held EMR company providing innovative services to its customers since 1977. It is the ultimate bet for practitioners seeking to modernize their clinical processes to score greater revenue opportunities (as a corollary of good service). The software streamlines all standard workflow tasks to boost clinical performance.  

Generally speaking, the software is much more than a standard electronic medical record system. With the interface, handling operational and financial tasks is rendered a walk in the park. It works by introducing simplicity to all clinical procedures, from appointment scheduling to claims management. All in all, there is practically no feature this system doesn’t offer; making its designation as a ‘full-pack EMR system’ warranted.

EHR Pricing Comparison: eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic

Pricing is a must-consider factor for conducting any eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic EMR analysis. 

eClinicalWorks Pricing

This EMR software comes in two all-inclusive pricing plans. 

One is only a basic EHR arrangement those costs $499. However, the other plan adds practice management features to the EHR suite and comes with a charge of $599. eClinicalWorks follows a monthly subscription payments orientation so as not to burden practitioners’ shoulders with overwhelming expense. Users, further, don’t have to put up with any additional hidden/ implementation costs. They can also opt for the utility’s RCM solutions at only a 2.9% charge.

EpicCare EMR Pricing

Unlike eClinicalWorks, this vendor has not openly disclosed its software subscription costs yet. Epic EMR pricing plans range from $200-$500 per provider (amounting to roughly $1200 per year – an assessment based on our online user feedback assessments). Epic, further, offers providers both monthly and yearly subscription options. Also, it doesn’t charge any additional cost, with its service implementation also being free.

Which Offers More Features – eClinicalWorks or Epic?

It is not easy to decide between eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic if we look into their standard feature offers. So, here, we’ve provided an in-depth look into their individual functions.

eClinicalWorks Features:

  • Free-of-cost transfer from any EMR vendor while keeping all patient records intact.  
  • Enhances clinical efficiency by automating all administrative processes and streamlining workflow  
  • Simplifies documentation management by automatically uploading all patient records  
  • It also helps with data entry and editing by featuring a personalized virtual assistant, ‘EVA’, that helps with the verbal transcription of all information   
  • It helps go virtual to achieve scalability quickly and increases clinical revenue   
  • The system also offers a substance-controlled e-prescribing facility that provides effective/suitable medication dosage recommendations

Epic EMR Features:

  • Its far-reaching technology streamlines the administrative workflow, including facilitating prescription refills, appointment scheduling, etc.   
  • Like eClinicalWorks, this EMR also offers speech recognition using Dragon instead of a dedicated speech box   
  • It boosts system/network coordination through its effective interoperability capability by allowing seamless record sharing  
  • Its telemedicine solution makes it convenient to expand clinical outreach to remote areas   
  • It offers an innovative patient tracking functionality to keep physicians updated about their patients’ conditions  
  • It has drag-and-drop capabilities and a single-click selection process to introduce simplicity in all operations

How to Make a Choice between eClinicalWorks Software and Epic EMR

The easiest way to make an effective decision between eClinicalWorks vs. Epic EMR is to read reviews left by the products’ actual users or by scheduling demos with both vendors. Here’s the crux:

eClinicalWorks Reviews

Users, generally, have a lot of good things to say about this feature-rich software. eClinicalWorks reviews show that the vendor maintains the quality of all its capabilities. In addition, it helps with report generation by offering an extensive kit of reporting tools for issuing well-detailed reports and analyzing them. This system also facilitates users by making clinical processes portable through end-to-end mobile compatibility.

EpicCare EMR Reviews

A solid client base backs this robust EMR solution. Users praise EpicCare for its impressive features and intuitive dashboard. The solution brings all patient databases to physicians’ fingertips and helps develop effective treatment plans. Reviews of Epic Care EMR also commend its ‘utmost flexibility’ and customizability. Also, its services are said to add value to clinical reputation.

eClinicalWorks Demo

eClinicalWorks, a state-of-the-art solution, facilitates care providers with a free, hands-on demonstration (demo) session regardless of their specialty. The vendor also customizes the offering in line with client requirements.

EpicCare Demo

EpicCare does not provide the above custom demonstration ability but offers a full-fledged tutorial video to all prospects upon request. This orientation offering is free and covers almost all tool features.

The Verdict

Based on our own estimations of the case and the input of an eclectic range of user reviews, we’re left to conclude that EpicCare offers more value for every spent buck than eClinicalWorks. The latter, however, is still a solid option for healthcare facilities to consider; especially the ones operating on a budget.

Free of cost transformation from any EMR vendor to this one by keeping all patient records intact.

Powerful API, billing/invoicing, electronic payments offer, and CNA tracking EMR.

4 out of 5 (aggregate score)

4 out of 5 (aggregate score)

$449 per month per provider

$1200 – $500,000
(upfront cost)

Free of cost transformation from any EMR vendor to this one by keeping all patient records intact.

Users say better than bad about this feature-rich software.

Charges $599

Free of cost transformation from any EMR vendor to this one by keeping all patient records intact.

A solid client base backs this robust EMR solution.

Charges $599

Side-by-Side Review

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    Feature Products


    Practice management, EHR, medical billing, and patient engagement tools.


    3.6 out of 5 (aggregate score)


    $485 – $729 per provider per month


    Patient intake, patient care, clinical charting, billing, and revenue cycle management.


    4.03 out of 5 (aggregate score)


    $249 per provider per month


    Solid appointment management, billing, patient tracking, claims management, and compliance tracking features EHR.


    4.2 out of 5 (aggregate score)


    Starting at $25/year (subscription)


    Cloud-based, ONC-ATCB certified EHR, patient scheduling, patient portal, & e-faxing.


    4.3 out of 5
    (aggregate score)


    Starting at $275 per month

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