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      Which EMR is better? eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic

      Comparing EMR vendors is an engaging activity and helps point out meaningful commonalities and differences between the vendors. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it, but only if it’s done correctly. Otherwise, it will be nothing more than a time-wasting activity. So, here we have conducted a thorough side-by-side analysis of two of the world’s most-in-use EMR systems, eClinicalWorks, and Epic Care. You will be amazed to know that eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic EMR is an all-time hot topic for all healthcare practices.   

      So, in this FindEMR article, let’s see what’s peculiar about these two by comparing their features, pricing structure, user feedback, and demonstration capability.

      eClinicalWorks VS Epic at A Glance

      Before comparing both, let’s overview what these vendors are about and what they aim for:

      Overview of eClinicalWorks Software

      eClinicalWorks is a top-performing EHR solution that takes over a significant chunk of EMR market shares. Over 850,000 care providers and around 130,000 medical professionals rely on the effective services of this feature-rich platform. The primary aim of eClinicalWorks EMR is to bring forth a comprehensive platform that acts as a one-stop shop for all physicians.  

      This software unifies the EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle modules to ensure all tasks are managed appropriately. In addition, it removes the likelihood of mistakes by using one centralized location for the entire database, and doctors can consult it readily with no hindrance. eClinicalWorks is well-equipped with distinct features that foster in-depth client satisfaction.

      Overview of Epic EMR

      Epic Care wins the ground with flying colors when it comes to patient engagement and client satisfaction. Epic is a privately held EMR company providing innovative services to all users since its advent in 1977. It is the ultimate bet for practitioners seeking to modernize their clinical processes to score more potential customers. The software streamlines all tasks to boost clinical performance.  

      It is much more than a standard electronic medical record system. With this software, handling operational and financial tasks is a piece of cake. It works by introducing simplicity to all clinical procedures, from appointment scheduling to claims management. There is no feature this system doesn’t offer and thus is considered a full-pack EMR system.

      EHR Pricing Comparison: eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic

      Pricing is a must considering factor while conducting eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic EMR analysis. 

      eClinicalWorks Pricing

      This EMR software brings forward two all-inclusive pricing plans. One is only a basic EHR plan those costs $499. However, the other plan adds practice management features to the EHR solution and charges $599. eClinicalWorks emphasizes monthly-based pricing packages, which don’t burden practitioners’ shoulders. Users won’t be charged with any additional cost or implementation cost. They can also opt for its RCM solutions that charge 2.9% only.

      EpicCare EMR Pricing

      Unlike eClinicalWorks, this vendor has not openly disclosed its pricing plans yet. Epic EMR pricing plans range from $200-$500 per provider or roughly $1200 per year. We gathered as much information from user feedbacks on different web pages. This vendor offers providers monthly and yearly subscription options, and they can choose accordingly. Also, it doesn’t charge any additional cost, and its implementation is also free.

      Which Offers More Features? eClinicalWorks or Epic?

      It is not easy to decide between eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic if we look into the standard features. So we provided an in-depth view of their capabilities.

      eClinicalWorks Features

      • Free of cost transformation from any EMR vendor to this one by keeping all patient records intact.  
      • Enhances clinical efficiency by automating all administrative processes and streamlining overall workflow.  
      • Simplifies documentation management by uploading all patient records on portals automatically.  
      • It also helps with data entry and editing by featuring a personalized virtual assistant EVA to help dictate all information.   
      • It helps go virtual to achieve scalability quickly and increases clinical revenue.   
      • The system also offers a substance-controlled prescribing facility with effective medication dosage.  

      Epic EMR Features

      • Its far-reaching technology streamlines administrative workflow, including prescription refills, appointment scheduling, etc.   
      • Like eClinicalWorks, this EMR also offers speech recognition using Dragon instead of its speech box.   
      • It also boosts coordination with its effective interoperability capability by allowing seamless record sharing.  
      • Its telemedicine solution makes it convenient to expand clinical outreach to remote areas.   
      • It offers an innovative patient tracking functionality to keep physicians updated about their patient’s conditions.  
      • It has drag-and-drop capabilities and a single-click selection process to introduce simplicity in all operations.

      How to Make a Choice Between eClinicalWorks Software and Epic EMR?

      The easiest way to make an effective decision between eClinicalWorks VS Epic EMR is to read reviews left by users or schedule a demo with both vendors. Here’s the crux:

      eClinicalWorks Reviews

      Users say better than bad about this feature-rich software. eClinicalWorks reviews show that the software maintains the quality of all its capabilities. In addition, it helps with reports generations by offering an extensive kit of reporting tools for generating well-detailed reports and analyzing them. This system also facilitates users by making clinical processes portable through endless mobile compatibility.

      EpicCare EMR Reviews

      A solid client base backs this robust EMR solution. Users praise Epic care for its impressive features and intuitive dashboard. The solution brings all patient databases to physicians’ fingertips and helps develop effective treatment plans. Reviews of Epic Care EMR also talk about its utmost flexibility and customizability in all aspects. Also, its services add value to clinical reputation.

      eClinicalWorks Demo

      eClinicalWorks, a state-of-the-art solution, facilitates all care providers with a free demonstration ability regardless of their specialty. It also customizes the demo as per the client’s requirements.

      Epic Care Demo

      Epic Care lacks the custom demonstration ability but offers a full-fledged demonstration video to all users upon request. Epic Care demo is free and covers almost all valuable tools to attract the client’s eye.

      The Verdict:

      This extensive eClinicalWorks Vs. Epic comparison guide will significantly help all clinicians with the decision-making process. They can get a thorough idea about the similarities and differences of both vendors by having a detailed look at their functionalities and pricing structure. Also, we have shared the opinion of users having practical experience with both these systems.

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