RISynergy Software

RISynergy is a web-based Radiology Information System built on SQL. This quality solution automates clinical operations like patient influx, workflow management, and bill processing. In addition, the RISynergy software offers an effective prescribing tool and allows for PACS data sharing.  

Film tracking, film control, transcription control, mammography, and inventory control are the state-of-the-art services of RISynergy EMR.  

It is equipped with biometric technology and complies with HIPAA rules and regulations. This platform is best suited for radiology clinics and hospitals. It adds value to the functioning of medical practices with features like claims management, insurance verification, productivity monitoring, and performance management reports. In addition, this software comes with an integrated patient database and helps conduct lab tests effortlessly, getting timely reports on the cloud.  

RISynergy Features: 

The top functionalities of the RISynergy solution are given below: 

Film Tracking: 

As radiology practices deal with imaging reports to support their treatment plans, providers need tech-savvy services to support their decisions. Therefore, the film tracking functionality of this vendor is of utter importance as it features bar-code tracking for mammograms and x-rays. RISynergy software helps practitioners make informed decisions by creating detailed reports on films. Besides that, in-house film jacket location, in-house transaction batch, and outside film transaction Quicklist services are also available.  

Inventory Management: 

Keeping track of inventory has never been an easy task.  But RISynergy keeps it simple for the sake of caregivers. There’s a barcode facility to keep logs of all purchases, quantity used, and monthly adjustments. Adding to it, there’s enterprise-wide automated quantity tracking on hand . Another quality fact about this service is that customizable product management reports are generated to record data breaks, stock on the list, and much more.  

Personnel Management: 

Monitoring radiology and clinical staff is a hectic task. But this robust platform takes the hassle out of this process by keeping all members updated regarding the patients. There’s a time card facility that automatically tracks the shift of all employees and records over time. This makes dealing with staff-shortage situations a hassle-free process. Then this tool generates “expiring personnel licenses” for better staff management.  

RISynergy Pricing: 

RISynergy shares no pricing details regarding its feature packages. Practitioners can request RISynergy pricing details from RISynergy by sending a request.  

RISynergy Demo: 

The demo of RISynergy software brings to light its effective modules. Clinicians can get deep insights into RISynergy software functionalities by diving into its enriched clinical modules. The RISynergy demo lets clients assess its compatibility.  

RISynergy Reviews: 

On average, RISynergy enjoys quality reviews and is highly recommended by medical professionals. Reviews illustrate that the RISynergy platform improves care services with its radiology-driven services. Additionally, the reviews demonstrate that RISynergy accelerates the growth of practices and provides care incentives to the providers. For more details, scroll down to the reviews section below.  

Our Thoughts: 

RISynergy is an ideal software a radiology-specific practitioner needs. The liability of this platform knows no bounds and thus gives providers room to enhance their care services. This MU-3-certified platform quickly responds to the client's needs and handles the workflow nicely. RISynergy improves the patient experience by meeting the individualized preferences of all medical professionals. 

RISynergy Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Is RISynergy and EMR or EHR?

RISynergy is a EMR (RIS) Radiology Information System.

What is the implementation process of RISynergy software?

Head over to the support team to get help regarding the implementation process of RISynergy software.

Which departments prefer RISynergy?

RISynergy is an on-premise, SQL-based radiology information system (RIS) for radiology centers and hospitals.

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RISynergy Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Seth Y.

Healthcare Clinic

1-10 employees

November 2022

Simple, elegant, and intuitive application!

The software is very simple to use, and this, according to me, is the best feature of the application. Being clueless and having no background in technology, I thought it would be difficult to adjust to new software. However, thanks to the department head who introduced us all to this application, which is very easy to understand with an intuitive user interface, Moreover, even the customer representatives were quite friendly and easily approachable. They listened to all my queries attentively, responded to the best of their abilities, and solved all their queries.

The only thing I think should be improved is that sometimes some erroneous messages appear quite often. As a result, I have to wait for the software to update so that the bugs are fixed in the new versions. So, I have to wait for the software to get updates, or else the bugs do not get fixed. Sometimes it gets frustrating to wait for the latest versions of the application to appear. I hope that this issue is looked into and resolved

Mariah Anderson

Nurse (Medical Practice)

Employees 50-99

November 2022

RISynergy is an excellent tool for our needs.

For the past couple of years, our hospital has employed RISynergy, and we have always been impressed by their capacity to meet your needs. People with an interest in radiology designed the product. RISynergy has demonstrated its ability to interface with nearly every EMR, PAC, and modality. Their assistance has always been fantastic. You won't be collared to death. The software has the ability to instantly generate a sizable number of informative reports.

We are presently using the extremely stable installed client version. Specifically, with regard to scheduling, there is a lack of interoperability with other important participants in the practice.

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