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Rosemark is a web-based home care management solution that assists homecare businesses in evolving. With smarter solutions, clients can easily manage bills, payroll, data security, staff communication, and compliance, increasing the productivity of care facilities. Furthermore, the Rosemark system promotes agency growth by incorporating business-building tools. 

To prevent data loss, this solution includes data encryption, routine data backups, and Secure Shell password protection. Rosemark Family Medicine Solution aims to increase the efficiency of home care agencies in order to expand care services. To that end, the software offers best-in-class support services, promising to be a valuable ally in the agency's success. 

Key Features 

The top three feature-rich solutions from Rosemark EHR are as follows: 

Caregiver Management 

Rosemark offers one-of-a-kind hiring and HR solutions. As a result, care agencies can hire knowledgeable candidates, increase employee retention rates, and improve job satisfaction. Using Rosemark entails establishing a continuous communication channel. 

Clients can use the caregiver management module to run reports for expired credentials, reward top-performing caregivers, and set expiration reminders automatically. It also includes automated shift verifications, real-time check-ins, activity monitoring, and broadcast messaging services. 

Care Delivery 

The Rosemark family medicine solution improves care efficiency by deploying exceptional care tools and techniques. It also provides a complete client management solution with caregiver scheduling tools. 

Agencies can handle a variety of scheduling scenarios, record daily activities via mobile apps, review overtime scenarios, and much more. Furthermore, home care agencies can use this robust solution to find the best caregiver matches based on their skill sets. 

Operations and Reporting 

Rosemark EHR maintains a continuous information flow between all of its modules to eliminate errors. It includes electronic Medicaid billing, two-way Quickbooks payroll integration, and a variety of reporting tools and solutions. 

Agencies can export data for payroll processing and even create customized payroll reports for caregivers. Rosemark EHR also supports multi-location, in-depth data analysis, monitors performance metrics, drills down into log-in details, and so on. It even expedites reimbursements. 

Rosemark Software Pricing 

Rosemark has three pricing tiers, with monthly and annual subscriptions ranging from $10 to $15 per client per month. In addition, there is a one-time implementation fee. Click on ‘Get pricing” to get a custom quote for Rosemark software. 

Rosemark Software Demo 

Do you want to know how efficient Rosemark’s EHR is? Its demo will suffice because it is quite detailed. Click on ‘Watch Demo” to get a custom quote for Rosemark software. 

Rosemark Software Reviews 

According to reviews, the vendor optimizes agencies' productivity because it is enriched with eloquent features such as QuickBooks connection, Report-Hub dashboard, and health screening survey. Rosemark also provides industry-leading customer care service, which is backed up by a dedicated account manager, according to home care agencies. More information can be found in the comments section below. 

Our Thoughts 

Rosemark earns a distinct reputation in the industry by assisting agencies in developing customized care plans, managing caregivers, and synchronizing billing operations. In addition, because the Rosemark system uses flexible pricing models, homecare organizations can expand while keeping costs low. Rosemark is user-friendly software that includes modules for women's care. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Is Rosemark software free?

No, the software is not for free.

What are the pricing plans for Rosemark software?

It has three pricing strategies: EVV only, Standard, and Enterprise package. The EVV Only and Standard price costs $10 whereas Enterprise is $13.

What is the implementation process of Rosemark software?

The software has a great implementation procedure. It provides consultation to the users even before they buy the software and provides them with customer support and training as well.

Which languages does Rosemark software support?

The software supports the English language.

Rosemark Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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