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Sammy EHR is an electronic health record, practice management, and medical billing software. It is a well-equipped robust software that enables enhanced patient engagements and it provides its services to small and mid-sized practices. Sammy systems EHR is not complicated and is very to the point platform that enables daily tasks to be carried out easily.

Sammy EHR includes a number of useful features and offerings and makes life easy as it allows easy storage of data, data, or images that could also be imported or exported to charts with ease. Sammy EHR reviews the user’s progress and activity which helps them remain up-to-date knowing who entered, modified, or deleted data. Data like x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, pictures, etc. could easily be imported into charts. Sammy systems EHR enables physicians to easily capture information, store images, and also review past diagnosis.  

Sammy EHR software enables users to keep a check on their clients’ insurance eligibility with just a click. The chances for denial of a claim or the probability of a mistake are very thin as it prompts users of any errors in the claims.

The software updates the demographic information of patients and allows clinicians to repeat previous notes with just a single click. SammyEHR also comes with a patient portal so that patients can view lab results, access information about their appointments scheduled with the medical history, and other relevant information. Patients can also send an appointment request and fill intake forms using this secure patient portal. Medical experts can easily import MRIs, x-rays, ultrasounds, pictures, etc. into individual patient charts.

Sammy EHR software updates patient’s records and their demographics and it enables practitioners to repeat a note with just a single click. The EHR offers a patient portal with its offerings which allows patients and doctors to remain in touch, patients can receive and read lab results on it, share information, and message doctors. They could also fill in appointment requests and book them. They could also get their e-prescriptions online on them.

Sammy EHR Pricing: The pricing plan for this product starts at $349 per month.

Sammy EHR Support: support offered via phone during business hours.

SammyEHR Pros: Sammy EHR software provides clinicians with top services and keeps them up-to-date to make their daily tasks easy and streamlined. Moreover, customer care is good and responsive.

SammyEHR Cons: Screen navigation is hard sometimes and could be improved. The software slows down sometimes plus it has offered limited templates.

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