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SequalMed by sequel pomegranate health systems inc is a software system designed especially for healthcare practices, it is an integrated system which includes practice management, billing services, electronic health records (EHR), and also scheduling services. It is an efficient solution for practitioners as SequalMed makes sure that the implementation time and learning time for the software are quick. SequalMed covers over 30 specialties and has been offering its services to physicians and also billing companies for the last 20 years. It provides excellent services and helps physicians increase their productivity in their businesses. The software includes templates for a number of specialties like cardiology, surgery, podiatry, urology, and infectious diseases.

Sequal-pomegranate health systems reviews have been seen to be positive over the years mostly and people using it seem to be satisfied with the services that they have to offer. The providers offer a variety of options for the software users can either choose stand-alone SequalMED EHR software or they could use the Practice Management services or they could even combine both of them. The system comes with the offering of e-prescriptions and through the patient portal, SequalMed keeps the doctors and patients well connected as it enables them to share files and messages easily.

This HIPPA compliant EHR software centralizes data into a central location keeping it safe and secure which also makes it easy for healthcare specialists to collaborate easily regarding different patient activities. SequalMed EHR also offers integration and collaboration with a number of labs.

SequelMed EHR Pricing: Sequel Pomegranate Health Systems Pricing Information is not available publicly; users can contact the vendors directly to inquire for pricing details.

SequelMed EHR Support: Online support is offered during business hours.

SequelMed EHR Pros: Sequel pomegranate health systems cost is low as compared to other products in the market and it offers a number of features with the option of customization in many of them

SequelMed EHR Cons: SequalMed’s support team needs a lot of improvement and the system itself faces some issues regarding speed and bugs. The software does not run remotely on an iPad or iPhone and also faces issues running on dragon. The platform also needs to be optimized for making lesser clicks to do simple tasks

Deployment: Installed - Windows

Sequel Systems EHR Software reviews

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