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Sigmund Software is a cloud-based platform that offers a wide range of features to support medical businesses of all types and sizes. With Sigmund, medical organizations can complete all tasks in-house, from data collection and analysis to patient care and management. The software provides automated data collection points and insightful infographics that help businesses view patients’ charts more holistically and improve outcomes. 

Within one software, Sigmund EMR provides a complete workflow-management engine, a client-facing portal, and a mobile app. It also allows businesses to manage an efficient revenue cycle and improve care coordination while maintaining compliance. The medical application’s data collection capabilities enable businesses to evaluate trends, intervene more effectively with at-risk patients, and improve the quality of medical care. 

Key Features 

Appointment Scheduling 

Sigmund EHR offers an appointment scheduling feature that allows patients to choose their appointment times. This not only gives them the convenience they need but also helps to reduce no-shows. In addition, the feature allows you to send automatic reminders to patients, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments. As a result, this simple feature can have a big impact on your practice. 

Claims Management 

The software also offers a claims-management feature to help you submit and follow up on claims with insurance companies. This feature includes a submission form and a claim scrubber. The submission form lets you enter information about your claim, including the date of service, provider, diagnosis, and treatment. The claim scrubber helps you keep track of your status, so you can follow up with the insurance company if necessary. With Sigmund's claims management feature, you can be confident that your claims are handled promptly and efficiently. 


Sigmund allows for the electronic prescribing of medical prescriptions. This feature helps medical organizations save time and improve accuracy by eliminating the need for handwritten prescriptions. In addition, e-prescribing enables businesses to track prescription fill rates and identify potential problems with patients’ medication adherence. 

Sigmund Software Pricing 

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Sigmund Software Demo 

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Sigmund Software Reviews 

Several users have positively reviewed the software for its features and benefits. Many users like the tool for its ability to automate data collection and help businesses view patients’ charts more holistically. Other users found the software helpful for managing an efficient revenue cycle. More reviews about this medical app can be found in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

Overall, Sigmund software offers a variety of features that help medical organizations manage their workflow and keep track of their patients. The platform is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of medical businesses, with new features being added regularly. We believe that Sigmund is a valuable tool for medical businesses of all types and sizes and is worth considering. You can view its demo to make an informed decision yourself. 

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Sigmund software offer a free trial?

No, the software does not offer a free trial to its potential customers.

Is Sigmund software an EMR?

No, Sigmund software is an electronic health record (EHR) system.

What is Sigmund software mainly used for?

The software is mainly used to provide behavioral health and addiction therapy solutions to clinical, medical, and back-office teams.

Which languages does Sigmund software support?

The software has numerous languages including English, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, French, German, Portuguese, and more.

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