SmartCare EHR software

What Is SmartCare EHR?  


SmartCare EHR is a cloud-based practice management solution that enhances clinical workflows. Explicitly designed for behavioral health and human services organizations, the EHR system ensures administrative efficiency and patient data security. The software offers revenue cycle management, medication management, scheduling, and more. 

What Is SmartCare EHR Best For?  

SmartCare by Streamline Healthcare Solutions is known for its intelligent clinical care management functionality. This feature helps create a seamless flow of demographic and clinical data throughout various process stages. This includes intake, assessment, care plans, services, progress notes, and results. With streamlined clinical documentation, users can efficiently access accurate clinical information without redundant data entry. 

SmartCare EHR Pricing  

Pricing depends on your practice's specifications. For a customized quote, click Get Pricing now! 

SmartCare EHR Integrations  

The vendor has not disclosed any information regarding its third-party integrations. 

How Does SmartCare EHR Work?  

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard after logging in: 

  • Update patient records and create schedules 
  • Streamline billing and claims processing for efficient revenue cycle management 
  • Create progress notes to track patient health over time 
  • Enhance patient-provider communication with the integrated patient portal 
  • Directly send e-prescriptions to pharmacies, reducing paperwork and errors 
  • Utilize the system's reporting and analytics tools for insightful data analysis 

Want to see the software in action? Schedule a free SmartCare EHR demo now and learn more about its features. 

Who Is SmartCare EHR For?  

SmartCare EMR software caters to small- to mid-sized organizations, including: 

  • Behavioral health 
  • Substance use disorder 
  • Foster care and adoption 
  • Intellectual/Developmental disabilities 
  • Managed care 

SmartCare EHR Features  

SmartCare EHR software offers the following key features: 

  • E-Prescriptions 

The feature simplifies the prescription process by allowing healthcare providers to generate electronic prescriptions directly from the system. E-prescriptions reduce the risk of errors and enhance patient convenience. Providers can quickly access patient medication histories, check for potential drug interactions, and send prescriptions directly to pharmacies. 

  • Telehealth 

Telehealth enables healthcare professionals to conduct virtual appointments with patients, ensuring that medical care remains accessible even when in-person visits are not feasible. The platform offers healthcare services like secure video conferencing, file sharing, refill requests, and real-time communication, creating a seamless telehealth experience for providers and patients. 

  • Patient Portal 

With this feature, patients can access their medical records, review treatment plans, and securely communicate with their healthcare providers. External providers can also get in touch with current healthcare practitioners and get access to client information. The portal also allows patients to request appointments, access test results, and receive important health information, enhancing transparency and improving healthcare outcomes. 

  • Appointment Scheduling 

Healthcare providers can efficiently schedule and reschedule appointments, reducing wait times and ensuring patient care runs smoothly. The calendar integrates with other features, such as telehealth, allowing providers to seamlessly schedule virtual appointments and track in-person visits. 

  • Business Intelligence Module 

SmartCare EHR includes a comprehensive business intelligence module that provides data-driven insights to healthcare organizations. The software allows users to analyze and visualize clinical and operational data. This feature empowers administrators to optimize workflows, improve resource allocation, and promote informed decision-making with quick data reporting and analytics tools. 

  • Revenue Cycle Management 

The software streamlines the financial aspects of healthcare practices through its revenue cycle management feature. This includes billing, claims processing, and payment management. By automating these processes, the platform reduces administrative burdens, minimizes billing errors, and accelerates revenue collection. It also enhances compliance with healthcare billing regulations, ensuring practices receive the reimbursement they deserve. 

Is SmartCare EHR Right For You?  

Are you looking for an EHR solution that manages medical operations, billing procedures, and appointment scheduling efficiently? SmartCare EHR can be the ideal choice for you. This software assists managed care organizations in optimizing their daily tasks to enhance patient care quality. 

Through intuitive dashboards, users can access patient information and track practice activities. SmartCare EHR prioritizes data security and complies with HIPAA regulations, ensuring reliability. 

Still not sure about the software? Contact us at (315) 215-3447 , and our support team will guide you in making an informed decision. 

SmartCare EHR Pricing Plans   

Pricing depends on the specific needs of your organization. 



  • Ease-of-use: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.
  • Expensive: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.

SmartCare EHR software Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics

Today's most popular FAQs

How does SmartCare EHR help health systems?

SmartCare EHR provides a range of capabilities to help streamline practice management, including revenue cycle management, treatment plan documentation, e-prescription, business intelligence tools, progress notes, electronic signatures, calendar management, and individual client templates.

Is SmartCare EHR cloud-based?

Yes, SmartCare EHR is cloud-based.

What languages does SmartCare EHR support?

SmartCare EHR supports the English language.

What level of support does SmartCare EHR offer?

SmartCare offers fax, email, form submission, and phone support.

What type of pricing plans does SmartCare EHR offer?

The software offers practice-specific pricing plans at a very reasonable price. For a custom SmartCare EHR cost, contact us now.

Who are the typical users of SmartCare EHR?

SmartCare EHR is explicitly designed for behavioral health and human services organizations.

SmartCare EHR software reviews

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