Speedy Claims Medical Practice Management

Speedy Claims Medical Practice Management Software also known as SpeedyClaims is a practice management system that caters to the needs of small practices and single-provider offices. It is a cloud-based system and could also be deployed on-premise. It’s a complete speedy solution as it allows the fields to be automatically filled when the user makes a new form. It comes with a variety of features like medical billing, practice management, and claims management. The software automates and makes it easy for practitioners to complete their daily tasks which enables them to increase the efficiency of their patient care. SpeedyClaims provides users the option of printing their CMS 1500 forms or sharing them electronically. It also provides the option for customization where the practitioners could customize the software to best suit their needs.

SpeedyClaims allows users to save patient claims in a list so that keeping track of payments is easy, plus SpeedyClaims completes the claims automatically based on the information previously provided. The provider is efficient and responsive and makes sure they make recommendations and suggestions from their users so they could incorporate changes in their offerings to improve their software and their users’ experience.

Speedy Claims Price: Pricing information is not available publicly; users can contact the vendor directly to inquire about pricing information.

USP: Medicare claims processing guide is included in SpeedyClaims and a year of software updates as well.

Speedy Claims Free Trial: Available 

Support: Support is offered via phone and email.

Product Advantages: The software features calendars that include insurance data for patients and companies, databases for providers, patients, and a list of diagnostic codes.

Product Limitations: The electronic billing feature not supported by all medical billing and medical claim clearinghouses.

Speedy Claims Medical Practice Management reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews



Private practice

2-10 employees

November 2020


I love it the software is a lifesaver it is very user-friendly.

I don't think something really needs to change.

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