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SpindleX is a cloud-based solution designed for radiologists and healthcare professionals to generate reports of stress x-rays of the spine. Its advanced AI capabilities allow it to identify important morphological features accurately and segment vertebral bodies. This enables radiologists to quickly generate comprehensive reports for spine examination in a fraction of the time. 

Spindlex medical software can detect and quantify several measurements of spinal impairment, such as sagittal rotation defects of vertebral motion segments, baseline angles, and convergence of baselines. It can also grade the severity of loss of motion and segment integrity. These results can be used to determine the proper treatment protocol and assess if surgical stabilization is needed. 

Key Features 

Ready-to-use Reporting Templates  

SpindleX EMR system is equipped with ready-to-use templates that can be easily personalized according to radiologists’ practice. The system helps users to quickly generate comprehensive reports of stress x-rays. 

Analyze Rotational and Translational Defects 

The tool can provide a comprehensive analysis of spinal rotation and translation defects that help radiologists interpret results easily and accurately. It simplifies the process of tracking mild to severe deformities in patients. 

Customize Reports and Images  

The system enables users to customize reports and images as per their preferences. It also provides a comprehensive visualization of the spine, allowing users to make accurate diagnoses and treatment suggestions based on images. 

Secure Storage and Sharing 

The data stored in the SpindleX EHR solution is highly secure. It allows users to share the reports with other healthcare providers securely. This helps in providing better and faster diagnoses to patients. It also allows users to access reports with an internet connection anytime, anywhere. 

SpindleX Pricing 

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SpindleX Demo 

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SpindleX Reviews 

SpindleX has received many positive reviews online, with users praising the easy-to-use interface, comprehensive reporting, and accurate results. Many users also state that the software has saved them time and money in their practice. Users also like the secure storage and sharing features of the software.  

You can read more reviews about this EMR system in our Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts 

By using SpindleX medical solution, healthcare professionals can quickly generate comprehensive reports for spine examinations in a fraction of the time and save money in their practice. We believe that SpindleX medical solution is worth its cost for any healthcare provider. It is equipped with ready-to-use templates, allows users to customize reports or images, and provides secure storage and sharing features. If you still need to learn more about the tool, we suggest you watch the demo, as this will help you make an informed decision about purchasing SpindleX medical software.

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