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SynaMed is electronic health software that provides software solutions to all medical specialties. The software enables users to carry out daily office work easily and efficiently. SynaMed EMR software is cloud-based and could even be deployed on-premise. SynaMed EMR software is an ONC-ATCB compliant software solution that automates daily tasks for practitioners where they can easily book appointments, send out confirmation calls, easily enter data, it also includes computerized provider order entry (CPOE). The platform is also HIPPA compliant due to which users can easily carry out audit trails and electronic eligibility checks. Not only practitioners benefit from using SynaMed but also their clients as SynaMed offers its clients with an efficient Patient portal where the patients can easily read test reports, book appointments, get e-prescriptions, and much more.

The software is ICD-10 certified and matches all industry standards. Patient data records are extremely safe and secure as the software complies with all HIPPA requirements.  The software is also certified for Meaningful Use allowing users to make reports that are eligible for government incentives. User forums and request trackers are also available in SynaMed,

SynaMed EMR software solution could cater to any specialty in the industry. With its practice management, electronic medical records, and the patient portal it provides a complete solution to any practitioners. SynaMed automates data entry and daily tasks which allows the users to streamline workflow and increase effectiveness.

SynaMed EMR Software Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available. The users can directly contact the vendor to get pricing information or they could even request a quote by clicking the “Get Pricing” button.

Support: Support is offered through phone and email.

SynaMed USP: It provides a multiple tab functionality that allows users to multi-task for added efficiency.

SynaMed Advantages:  SynaMed EHR software reviews suggest that the software enables users to work simultaneously on multiple screens. They can also make customized reports and documents.  

SynaMed Limitations: SynaMed EMR software cost is high and their customer support has a great margin for improvement.

SynaMed EHR Software reviews

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November 2020


Good Software with a flat learning curve.

Customer support.

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