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SYSTEMS4PT software is a comprehensive outpatient rehab solution designed for physical therapy clinics, streamlining patient care and administrative tasks. This integrated platform offers electronic patient intake, scheduling, electronic medical records (EMR), outcome tracking, and reporting.  

It also provides billing information with AI-driven claim prioritization, MIPS QCDR submission support, and treatment plan templates for efficient care. Additional features offered by SYSTEMS4PT include e-faxing, appointment reminders, and a scanning module to improve accuracy while enhancing patient engagement and financial management. 

What Is SYSTEMS4PT Best For?  

One of the reasons SYSTEMS4PT software stands out from the competition is that it excels in offering a single database integration, unifying the billing module with EMR. This integration brings several advantages for both healthcare providers and patients, simplifying administrative processes, reducing errors, and enhancing efficiency.  

SYSTEMS4PT Pricing  

The software’s pricing is customized according to the needs of the practice. Contact our team to get your personalized quote.  

SYSTEMS4PT Integrations  

The vendor has not disclosed specific third-party integrations.  

How Does SYSTEMS4PT Work?   

The following guide will help you get started with SYSTEMS4PT software: 

  • Log in to the dashboard using your credentials 
  • Enter and view patient data, including patient's demographics, medical history, billing information, and treatment plans 
  • Schedule patient appointments efficiently with the integrated system 
  • Access and complete documentation with ease, saving time and reducing errors 
  • Utilize the built-in management reporting tools for data-driven decisions 
  • Schedule appointments using the in-built calendar and color code them for your ease 
  • Use the built-in compliance checker to ensure clean claims and maximize collections 
  • Populate templates with clean CPT codes, auto-fill with maximum, legitimate charge capture, adhere to payor regulations, ensure billing accuracy and compliance 
  • Generate reports and utilize the software's insights for informed practice management decisions 

Schedule a SYSTEMS4PT demo to get further insight into the platform's working.  

Who Is SYSTEMS4PT For?  

 The integrated software is ideal for physical therapists in small to mid-sized clinics.  

SYSTEMS4PT Features  

Some of the notable SYSTEMS4PT software features are mentioned below:

  • Patient Portal 

The integrated patient portal offered by SYSTEMS4PT enhances patient experience by allowing pre-visit registration forms to be completed before the evaluation. Patients can conveniently answer questions about their health history, medications, specific conditions, and pain level from the comfort of their home. Additionally, it is a HIPAA-compliant platform that automates the documentation process, generating defensible medical records that demonstrate medical necessity. 

  • QCDR MIPS Submission 

This feature streamlines the process of collecting and reporting MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) data. With MIPS compliance and integrated payer rules into billing, it also allows automatic collection and submission of MIPS data through a CMS Qualified Registry and QCDR. SYSTEMS4PT also monitors and analyzes the CMS Final Rule to optimize your reimbursement.  

  • Patient Scheduling 

The patient scheduling feature empowers front desk staff with efficient appointment management tools, minimizing wait times and streamlining payment collection. The color-coded system quickly identifies patient types and critical appointment details, such as phone numbers, copays, and remaining visits. It offers direct timeslot booking, fast appointment scheduling, automated reminders, and the ability to track cancellations and no-shows.  

  • Management Reporting 

SYSTEMS4PT equips physical therapy clinics and practitioners with essential business intelligence to facilitate data-driven decision-making for effective practice management. By tracking patient progress, treatment plans, and comprehensive patient data, this feature offers valuable insights into patient trends, treatment efficacy, and areas for improvement. Physical therapists can make informed decisions, adapt treatment plans, and enhance patient care. 

  • Documentation 

This feature offers smart and simplified patient record-keeping through pre-built or customizable physical therapy plan of care templates. This one-click, automated documentation process identifies and captures key patient information. This includes demographics, medical history, billing details, condition specifics, functional assessments, and therapy goals.  

SYSTEMS4PT provides a library of industry-standard templates that populate clean CPT codes, ensuring adherence to Medicare's 8-minute rule and other payer regulations. Additionally, the custom CAD (Computer Aided Documentation) Bar significantly reduces documentation time compared to other EMRs. 

  • Outcomes Tracking 

SYSTEMS4PT empowers physical therapists to enhance patient care by monitoring progress and making data-driven treatment decisions within a single, efficient platform. This feature provides various built-in outcome measurement tools, offering over 27 Functional Outcome Tests with standardized measures.  

These measures include well-known assessments such as the Oswestry Disability Index, the DASH (Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand), and the Lower Extremity Functional Scale. Customizable templates also enable the creation of treatment plans tailored to various patient populations, allowing for different outcome tracking based on patient needs.

Is SYSTEMS4PT Right For You?  

If you are a physical therapist looking to streamline your outpatient rehab clinic's operations while enhancing patient care and outcomes, SYSTEMS4PT software may be an ideal fit for your needs.  

It is a comprehensive software solution that centralizes billing and electronic medical records (EMR) in a single integrated database, simplifying administrative processes and reducing errors. It ensures clean claims and optimizes collections by leveraging AI-driven analysis and innovative database integration.  

Whether you are a small or mid-sized outpatient rehab clinic, SYSTEMS4PT offers a tailored solution to enhance both patient care and operational efficiency. 

Still not sure if SYSTEMS4PT software is the right choice for you? Read SYSTEMS4PT reviews or contact us at (315) 215-3447 to explore personalized solutions and make an informed decision for your outpatient rehab clinic. 

SYSTEMS4PT Pricing Plans  

 SYSTEMS4PT software cost breakdowns are tailored to adjust to your organization's specific requirements. 

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Today's most popular FAQs

How much does SYSTEMS4PT software cost?

The pricing for SYSTEMS4PT software depends on the unique needs of the organization. Contact our team for personalized SYSTEMS4PT cost breakdowns that best address your requirements.

Is SYSTEMS4PT software cloud-based?

Yes, SYSTEMS4PT software is a cloud-based software.

What are the main features of SYSTEMS4PT software?

The main features of SYSTEMS4PT software include Medicare compliance, progress note, patient portals, documentation, outcomes tracking, management reporting and more. 

What level of support does SYSTEMS4PT software offer?

The level of support offered by SYSTEMS4PT software includes live chat, email, phone, and online resources.

Who are the main users of SYSTEMS4PT software?

The main users of SYSTEMS4PT software are practitioners in small to mid-sized physical therapy clinics looking for the best software for their setup.

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