TheraNest Mental Health Software

What Is TheraNest? 


TheraNest is a practice management software designed to streamline operations for mental health professionals, such as therapists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors. The software offers features to manage client information and scheduling. TheraNest also provides telehealth and managed billing services to improve outcomes, increase satisfaction, and reduce costs.  

With TheraNest's user-friendly platform accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, mental health professionals can focus on delivering the best care to their clients while the software takes care of the rest. 

What Is TheraNest Known For?  

TheraNest is known for its comprehensive practice management features, such as scheduling, billing, and client notes. The software is also popular for its telehealth services that enable therapists to offer virtual therapy sessions to clients. 

TheraNest Pricing  

TheraNest offers a range of pricing plans depending on the number of active clients. TheraNest pricing plans are as follows: 

  • $39 per month for 30 Active Clients 
  • $50 per month for 40 Active Clients 
  • $60 per month for 50 Active Clients 
  • $91 per month for 80 Active Clients 

For up to 100 active clients, click on Get Pricing for a customized quote. 

TheraNest Integrations  

TheraNest offers seamless integration with: 

  • Apex 
  • Waystar (Zirmed) 
  • Availity 
  • Wiley Practice Planners 

How Does TheraNest Work?   

Here's how you can get started with the software: 

  1. Log in using your credentials 
  2. View Today's Client Appointments from the dashboard, where you can add notes, create invoices, and accept payment 
  3. To view the calendar for the entire month, click on the calendar tab from the dashboard. You can also manage your clients' schedules and appointments, including changing upcoming appointments 
  4. View and edit a patient's information by entering Progress Notes and scrolling to the relevant patient 
  5. Click the Billing Tab to view patient balances and payment history for Daily Billing Reports 

You can also watch a TheraNest demo to learn more about its functionalities. Click on Watch Demo now! 

Who Is TheraNest For?  

TheraNest is ideal for mental health practitioners. It is used by: 

  • Solo practices 
  • Medium practices 
  • Group practices 
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Educational organizations  

TheraNest Features  

TheraNest features can aid in managing your mental health practice. Following are some of them: 

  • Counseling Progress Notes 
    TheraNest provides DSM-5-ready individual and group notes with diagnostic codes available and easy to pre-select. You can use templates for progress notes, initial assessments, treatment plans, and discharge summaries. You can also monitor and update treatment plans with goals and objectives and create custom forms to fit your needs. 
  • Billing Tools 
    With TheraNest, you can easily create, print, and email invoices and superbills. The software provides batch invoicing and statements to easily print, email, or add multiple invoices to the Claims Awaiting Submission page.  
    You can securely charge multiple credit cards simultaneously to quickly process and apply payments to open invoices with batch statements. TheraNest also offers a credit card processing service with no complex application process or gateway fees, merchant account fees, or additional fees. 
  • E-Prescribe 
    TheraNest allows you to manage medications, write prescriptions, and handle refills from inside the software. You can easily write controlled-substance prescriptions with streamlined multi-factor authentication. You can also access automatic point-of-care tools to support clinical decisions, including drug-drug, drug-allergy, dosing, and contraindication checks.  
  • Scheduling 
    You can create individual, group, telehealth, and multi-staff appointments and filter the calendar by service type, staff member, and location for easy viewing. Recurring appointments can be set up in the calendar, and specific rooms can be assigned to appointments to prevent double bookings. 
  • Client Portal 
    TheraNest's client portal allows clients to fill out, sign, and submit intake forms online. Customized therapy intake forms can be designed using pre-built or customized templates to meet the therapist's specific needs. The client portal invitation emails can be customized, and client records and intake forms are automatically synced with TheraNest. 

Is TheraNest Right for You?  

Are you a mental health professional seeking an integrated solution to manage your practice? TheraNest is the ideal platform for therapists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors to make their practice administration smoother. It has all-encompassing features that help you easily maintain client data entry, schedule appointments, and handle billing issues. This software will significantly improve your efficiency while also streamlining workflow. 

If you are still unsure about the benefits of this practice management software, check out TheraNest reviews to gain insight into the user experience.  

TheraNest Pricing Plans

  • Subscription
  • Ideal for
  • What’s included*
39 / month
30 Active Clients
  • Unlimited staff members
  • World-class customer support, including live phone support
50 / month
40 Active Clients
  • Full-featured calendar that keeps you organized
  • Automatic email, phone, and text appointment reminders*
60 / month
50 Active Clients
  • Client Portal with client self-scheduling
  • Customizable Intake Forms
91 / month
80 Active Clients
  • Integrated credit card processing that allows you to store and charge cards
  • Batch Payments feature for easy payment collection
100 Active Clients
  • Robust reporting features with over 25 reports available
  • Eligibility Checks for TheraNest Pro and TheraNest Enterprise (Apex Customers Only)

*features included with every plan

TheraNest Mental Health Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Telehealth services for virtual therapy sessions
  • E-prescription for managing medications


  • Customer services can be slow at times

TheraNest Mental Health Software reviews

Overall Rating

18 Reviews



Christine P. Rhodes, LICSW


May 2022

Saves time and money.

The simplicity of frequent invoicing, as well as planning of treatment and reports, is extremely beneficial. I use the insurance details on a regular basis, and the ERA and payment plans save me time and money.

I'd like to adjust the configuration of the home screen set up so that I can customize the look and feel.


Amanda Rickard, PsyD, LLC


May 2022

Great software.

I appreciate how easy it is to use, as well as the excellent customer service and all-inclusive functionality.

None so far.


The Adolescent Center


April 2021

Poor customer service.

For all of our clinicians in the business, it is reasonably straightforward and simple to use. The smartphone application does not have a lot of functionality though.

It takes two weeks for their customer service department to respond. If you intend on using it for a small clinic with a few clients every month, it will suffice; however, if you plan on using it for billing, ERA's, and other administrative tasks, avoid it. Their team is completely unhelpful.




April 2021

Printing notes made easy.

Session reports follow a framework that incorporates recovery goals and allows for 90-day updates. I can also print notes and care plans directly from the application.

If I don't save first, I lose data when I turn to a different section of the file. When I change sites, I wish the system could autosave my data.


Christian Counseling Associates


April 2021

TheraNest Overview.

The software is fantastic in addition to excellent customer support. It's also much easier on our budget because we're charged per client rather than per counselor. The functions are ideal for our private practice. The availability of the non-profit discount is also beneficial.

The counselor will benefit from having the device automatically display the day of the week together with the scheduled appointment on the appointment screen. It doesn't have this feature yet.


Joyful Nutrition/Courageous Hearts Counseling


April 2021

Life saver.

I admire the simplicity of use, the acceptance of credit cards, and the excellent customer service this software provides. I run a dietitian and counseling practice, and I can manage both of them efficiently at the same time using the custom templates provided in the software.

To be honest, I can't think of anything I don't like about this software. I really like how they are continuously developing and making changes.


Good*Talk Counseling


April 2021

Love the ease and reliability.

It is extremely user-friendly and practical. I was nervous about the corporate side of starting my own private practice, but now I feel like a pro. I still have a lot to learn and understand about this software, but it has made the responsibility of managing my practice more professional and ethical.

There are some bugs, but it's nothing serious. I'd like to be able to turn a client to telehealth from my smartphone more quickly, and a family portal with a single login would be helpful too. However, these can be easily overcome.


Life Support Therapy Services


April 2021

Limited functionality.

It's user-friendly, and settling bills with insurance companies is a hassle-free process. It also saves a lot of time, by checking for common mistakes, before submitting the bills.

There is no way for me to track whether or not I have already billed a client. If TheraNest doesn't start automatically noting down these details, then I would have to start manually documenting them.


Adult and Child Mental Health Care


April 2021

Made life simple.

I appreciate how they are constantly working to improve the program. TheraNest is a great tool for my practice because it is both innovative and simple to use. I appreciate the customer service and assistance I've received when needed.

More individual customization is something I'd like to see in this software. I've offered a few ideas, and while I recognize that I can't change much, I admire that they listen to me and respond appropriately.


Dr. Tiffany Jones JCPS


April 2021

Great practice management tool.

It is the best practice management software that has ever existed. It offers billing that publishes statements, reconciles accounts, and also delivers statements to the customers through email. Moreover, It provides you with a cool graph that shows you how much amount you owe and just how much you've collected. Wiley's notes and recovery plans are fantastic.

It can be a little overwhelming when you initially start using it, but with practice, you get the hang of it. Not being able to transfer data from the previous software I was using was a bit frustrating as well.

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