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TheraPlatform is an all-in-one software solution that combines EMR, Practice Management, and Telehealth functionalities within a unified portal. The application offers HIPAA-compliant solutions to help behavioral and mental health professionals manage day-to-day operations, optimize efficiency, and deliver the best possible patient care. It features a host of useful tools, including interactive therapy apps, therapy notes, billing automation, treatment planners, and e-claims.

This speech therapy EHR system offers end-to-end solutions to facilitate daily clinical, administrative, and financial operations. It supports templates for progress notes, discharge summaries, initial assessments, and treatment plans. Behavioral health professionals can also use the software to store patient charts and information electronically, including contact information, diagnosis, and treatment history.

Additionally, TheraPlatform software comes equipped with powerful billing modules that track and validate claims to reduce rejection rates. Its consent forms, client portal, and encrypted messaging functionalities enable better patient accommodation.  
Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

TheraPlatform software offers a centralized calendar to help therapists manage their schedules and availability. It helps streamline clinical documentation and book individual or recurring teletherapy appointments in one place. Patients can also access their medical records, get appointment reminders, and communicate with their providers through the client portal.


The medical software includes interactive whiteboard, stimuli-driven games targeting mental skills, in-session messaging, and teaching resources. Moreover, its screen sharing functionalities provide collaborative virtual therapy sessions. Therapists can also watch videos, provide one-on-one sessions, and update progress notes during consultations.

Billing Tools

TheraPlatform speech therapy system streamlines claims processing and billing to help users get reimbursed promptly. It creates and sends invoices while automating invoice activation, tracking client payments, and centralizing record transactions. Moreover, users can process credit card transactions to speed up the entire payment process.

TheraPlatform Pricing

TheraPlatform software is available on monthly or annual subscriptions. Further, the pricing for the vendor’s basic subscription plan starts at $29.00 per month.
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TheraPlatform Demo

Click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above to assess how intuitive the program is to use in real-time. The comprehensive TheraPlatform software will give you a visual walkthrough into the app’s core features and demonstrate how it will benefit your mental health practice. 

TheraPlatform Reviews

TheraPlatform has been well-reviewed across most accredited sites. Most users are happy with its comprehensive suite of teletherapy features, user-friendly interface, and billing modules.
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Our Thoughts

TheraPlatform is an all-encompassing medical software solution that offers a comprehensive suite of features to help therapists and behavioral health professionals. It automates administrative processes, streamlines clinical documentation, provides remote therapy sessions, and delivers high-quality quality care. 

Overall, it is worth considering if you are looking for a dependable practice management system for your mental or behavioral health practice.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does TheraPlatform have an app?

TheraPlatform is a desktop app with no Android or iOS mobile apps to date.

How do you use TheraPlatform?

Since it may be accessed via a browser on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, neither healthcare providers nor patients need to download any software.

How much does TheraPlatform cost?

$39 per month for up to 30 active clients. $60 per month for up to 50 active clients. $91 per month for up to 80 active clients.

Is TheraPlatform an EHR?

Yes, it is a practice management EHR.

Is TheraPlatform HIPAA-compliant?

TheraPlatform is HIPAA-compliant.

TheraPlatform Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

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